Take it back

Chapter 6

Gibbs looked at the piece of paper, stunned.

Then to everyone's surprise, without a word or an order, he put it in his pocket.

"Boss?" Tony said with his hand halfway to his bag.

"Tony I want you and Ziva to find out everything you can on this Phoenix, background, and description everything!" He growled.

"On it." Tony said and both he and Ziva went to work.

"Russ, Keep a note of everything Phoenix does. I want full details when I get back." Gibbs ordered.

He grabbed his Sig out of the drawer and stormed off to the elevator.

He got into his car and headed out of the navy yard.

Tim was getting more wasted at the time went on, he was still sober enough to get the information he needed from the NCIS database, but he realized someone had spotted him.

"Shit!" He swore and started to cover his tracks, he left obvious clues where the Fake Phoenix had been and tried erasing where he had been in the past.

He had hoped that by taking the day off he would have had more time to clear up this mess.

He reached over and knocked the bottle over onto his computer just as it beeped to let him know he was being tracked. Sparks flew as he tried mopping up the alcohol he lost his temper and roughly grabbed the laptop off the table and dumped it in a bucket of dry rice he kept for drying out his hardware.

Unfortunately, this meant he missed the computer beep.

Had he been thinking straight he would have never missed it.

"I got something." Tony said and Ziva's head shot up. "It's an old report a description of Phoenix." He read. "Late Teens'- early twenties. Long brown/blonde hair. Scrawny most distinguishing features thin scar on face and piercing blue eyes."

Ziva looked to see if there was a picture but short of a sketch, there was none.

"This is from someone who actually saw Phoenix?" Ziva asked.

"Yes, it was given to…." Tony looked for the name. "Clayton Jarvis!"

"The, Clayton Jarvis?" Ziva asked "SecNav?"

"Yeah apparently he was head of the FBI's Computer Analysis and Response Team back in the day; his main focus was catching the group Phoenix Fire after they hacked the Pentagon. They caught one guy who gave Jarvis the description but no one knew the kids real name so he never got caught." Tony told her.

"I'll bet this Phoenix guy could have been Tim's hero." Ziva laughed.

"Maybe that was why he rushed out of here." Tony said, although he thought it was more likely that the events of the past few days in Tim's life were really the cause for the junior agents' absence.

Gibbs' car screeched to a halt outside Tim's apartment block.

He jumped out and ran up the stairs to his door.

Banging loudly practically knocked the door down.

"WHAT!" Tim yelled from behind the door. The anger on his face changed as he opened the door and realized who was on the other side of it.


"What the hell are you up to Tim?" Gibbs growled as he pushed his was into the apartment.

"Russ Brown, found you on the computer. Are you working for this Phoenix group? Were you a part of it?" He yelled at him.

Tim shook his head and started to shake.

"Goddamn it Tim! I can't help you if you don't talk to me." Gibbs softened his tone. "Tim, you need to tell me what you know so I can help you."

"I'm not working for the Phoenix group." Tim said thinking 'Rule 7 is very useful!'

"You need to come in. We need to sort this out before you are implicated in this." Gibbs said concerned. "Are you sober?" he said smelling alcohol on Tim's breath.

"If you mean can I drive, no." Tim giggled, "I don't have a car anyway."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow at the giggle, "Yeah, you CAN'T drive in that state. Come on. I'm bringing you in."

Not thinking Tim nearly held out his wrists. However, he quickly covered the movement up and grabbed his bag instead.

Gibbs looked at the computer in the bucket of rice, "What happened to that?" He asked.

"It got drunk!" Tim giggled.

Gibbs grabbed it, if anyone decided to search Tim's apartment he did not want the laptop around. He wanted to believe that Tim had nothing to do with this. Nevertheless, Russ had come up with Tim's address and being honest with himself, he had to admit, Tim could do it.

"Come on Elf lord." He said pulling Tim out of the apartment.

Halfway down the stairs his phone rang.

"Gibbs." He said.

It was Tony he filled him in on what they had found out about Jarvis and Phoenix's description. Gibbs listened and then hung up.

He looked over at Tim.

He saw the scar on Tim's face and wondered for a brief second if he was Phoenix, but then he saw Tim's green eyes and shook his head.

He breathed a sigh of relief and got in his car.

Russ looked over at Tony, "I have a picture." He said. Both Tony and Ziva stood up and walked to the plasma.

"It's very grainy but it is the only photo the FBI have of Phoenix." He pulled it up and they looked at it.

Tony's mouth dropped. "Is that?"

"Tim!" Ziva exclaimed.

Gibbs stopped when he saw the picture on the screen in the center of the bullpen.

"What?" Tim said following Gibbs around the corner.

He halted and looked at the picture of himself on the screen. "Shit!" he exclaimed.

"Is that you?" Gibbs asked.

"I…..I can explain?" Tim said his statement sounding more like a question as he tried to think of a way out of his predicament.

Gibbs whirled on him. "You told me you were not working for the Phoenix group!" He said.

"I'm NOT Boss!" Tim said. "Phoenix didn't do this!"

"Don't protect him!" Gibbs growled, "The guy is a criminal, he needs to be arrested."

"Fine!" Tim snapped grabbing his laptop and slamming it onto Gibbs' desk. "Put that in evidence. And you'll need these." He slammed his gun and badge on the desk.

The others stood there shocked.

"So," Tim said glaring at Gibbs the drink fueling his anger, "You wanna slap the cuffs on me or shall I do it myself."

"Tim, calm down, I know you're not thinking clearly. We just need his name, you won't be arrested for protecting your friend, just tell us the name of Phoenix,"

Tim looked at his co-workers and said "Timothy McGee."

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