Take it back

Chapter 8

Gibbs followed Tim into a conference room and stepped back as Tim rounded on him.

"How long have you known?" He snarled.

"I swear I didn't know until the other day after Tony took you home. I got a letter in the mail from your mom." He pulled the letter out and handed it to Tim.

Tim took the letter and shakily opened it, He recognized his mom's handwriting his fingers traced the writing on the envelope but he could not bring himself to open it.

"So when I was ranting about how my father wasn't my father and how some other bastard was my father…..you knew and you didn't say then?" The hurt was evident in his voice.

"I didn't know how." Gibbs admitted.

Tim stood up, "I need to be on my own, and I don't want to be there when you have to tell the others, just how big of an asshole are you?" He sat back down and glared as Gibbs left.

Ducky looked at him as he walked back into the bullpen. "Jethro?" he asked.

"Well, he's inherited my stubbornness." Gibbs said.

"Where's Tim?" Vance asked.

"Conference room, he's fine… He's not going anywhere." Gibbs said.

"Dorneget go and stay outside conference room one, If Agent McGee tries to leave the building stop him." Vance ordered Ned as he walked by.

Ned headed up as ordered and Vance turned to the others.

"Well Agent Gibbs I think it's time for an explanation, Don't you?"

He sat them all down. "Look I'm not going to go into why I did what I did, but I did know Evie McGee and I am Tim's biological father." Gibbs said.

"Is that why you had him transferred from Norfolk?" Vance asked.

"No, Tim's a good Agent; I didn't know he was my son until a few days ago." Gibbs admitted.

"Was that the letter you received?" Vance asked remembering Gibbs' reaction to the letter.

"Yes, but I know Tim and father or not I still say he isn't responsible for this latest murder with the lieutenant."

"I think we should question Tim first and find out exactly what he knows." Vance replied.

"Fine." Gibbs snapped, "But I don't want Jarvis questioning him. You do it Leon, you know him." He suggested.

"Ok," Vance agreed, "You can watch in observation, I don't want you interrupting for any reason, do you understand Gibbs?"

Gibbs nodded. "Tony you and Ned bring McGee down to Interrogation." He told his SFA. Tony got up and went to get him as Abby grabbed Gibbs by the arm and walked him to interrogation.

"Soooooooo, Timmy's a Gibblet. It's going to be awesome." She gushed.

"Abbs, Tim's not all that thrilled; he needs space to get his head around this." Gibbs warned her.

"Why would he not be thrilled, you're his father, you're way better than Shane McGee!"

"I don't know Abbs, but don't push him please." Gibbs pleaded; Abby hugged him as they left the elevator and went to her lab. Although being Abby once she got there she went into her office, pulled up the camera in the interrogation, and sat down ready to watch the show.

Jarvis followed Tony to the conference room and pushed past Tony to enter first.

"You're going to interrogation, Phoenix you will be going down." Jarvis turned to Tony "Cuff him."

"I don't think that's….."Tony started.

"I'm the Secretary of the Navy, if I tell you to handcuff someone you handcuff them!" Jarvis said.

"It's ok Tony," Tim said and held out his arms, "You're walking me past unsecured computers I need to be handcuffed."

Tony looked upset but he handcuffed Tim and together they walked to interrogation.

Other Agents stopped to watch them. Some started whispering and Tony glared at them.

Gibbs looked stricken as Tim walked into interrogation handcuffed.

Tony walked into observation and Gibbs rounded on him, "What the hell Tony?"

"Jarvis made me." Tony said, "I hated it as much as you do, he made me walk him through the bullpen rather than take the back elevator."

"Where is he?" Gibbs growled

Tony pointed to the window, as Jarvis sat down in the corner.

"Mr. Secretary, I would prefer to conduct this interview myself." Leon said pointedly.

"Tough, I spent years trying to catch him; I will be here for this." Jarvis said pulling rank.

Tim sat there and just closed off. From her lab, Abby could see what he was doing. He had gotten to the point where he was over processing all the information he had.

She was worried and headed to observation.

Tim sat there he could not believe that a week ago his life had been normal.

His boss had been his boss, his dad as nasty as he was had been his dad.

His mom had been alive and he had been a federal agent.

Now, His life had been turned upside down. His boss was his father….How did that happen? He was not sure he really wanted to know.

His ultimate boss, SecNav wanted him locked up for a murder he had not committed and for hacking; he had done as a kid. Moreover, he knew his tenure as a federal Agent was over. There was no way he could go back to the job he loved.

It was all gone; there was no need to fight anymore.

"Are you the Hacker wanted by the FBI in the 80's known as The Phoenix?" Vance asked.

Tim looked up at him and nodded. "I was, I haven't Hacked as The Phoenix since I left MIT."

"Are you responsible for the group Phoenix Fire?"

Again, Tim nodded.

"You hacked the Pentagon in the '80's and you hacked them last month. Did you order the attack and murder of Lieutenant Evans, because she found out who you were?"

"NO!" Tim said shocked.

"Where were you on the 28th of last month?" Vance pushed.

Tim clammed up. He knew where he was, but he could not tell them.

"Tim, if you expect us to help you, you need an alibi for the night of the 28th." Vance said more gently.

"I was helping a neighbor." Tim said.

"Is there anyone who can corroborate that? What were you doing?"

"I…..I Can't….." Tim clammed up, "No, I cannot prove what I was doing on the 28th. There is no one who can corroborate where I was. I would hope my past record as a federal agent would be enough for you."

Gibbs thought back the 29th was the day Tim had come to work with unexplained bruising. He had said he had slipped but now he was not so sure.

"Tony did Tim say anything about that day to you?" he asked.

"No he was very quiet that day."

Abby tugged on Gibbs' arm, "I promised not to tell, and Gibbs if I tell you he won't speak to me again."

"Abbs. If you don't tell, Tim will go to prison."

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