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Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

the song wrong side of heaven play loudly

*it shows a boys room*

*very gothic, and posters everywhere

u see a boy head banging to the song

hes singing it too VERY off key

his mom comes in and stands in the door way, ''dean!'' he doesnt anser, ''dean jr!''

he fumbles with the radio and turns it off startled

″uhhh yeah?′

“sorry to scare you but im gonna go to work” says his mom

″oh ok bye mom!′ says dean jr

“bye” she says and walks out

″byeeee″ dean jr says

*1 hour later* dean jr gets up bored

he goes outside

‘wheres my bike?’

he looks around

he sees his bike by the door

he grabs his bike

he stares at the garage door remembering what his mom said about not going in the garage

″what could be in there?″ he says outloud

he sighs and texts his mom asking when she’ll be back

she doesnt answer

″wow so much for being my mom″

he moves his bike out of the way

″fuck this i’m doing it ive waited long enough

he lifts up the garage door to find something covered in a tarp

he flips on the light

he walks over

and yanks the tarp off

″awesome!″ he says seeing a beautiful car (aka Baby)

″this car.... wow″

he finds a posted note on the trunk of the car

″take car of her or i″ll haunt ur ass″ it says

dean jr smirks sadly knowing this was probably his dads car

he never met his dad but his mom speaks highly of him

″maybe thats why she didnt want me in here″ says dean jr

the he hears his mom coming home, the garage door is closed

he holds his breath

he quickly puts the tarp back on and goes in side

he goes up to his room

he stares up at the ceiing

″why the fuck am i not tried?′

he pulls out his phone and looks through stuff

he smiles at his phone

his mom comes in

″hey i’m home, what have u been doing all day?” his mom says

″oh!″ he puts his phone down, ″listening to music″

″and riding my bike

″cool’ says mom, ″ok well i’m going to bed so night″ she smiles

″night″ he says and watched her walk out

when she leaves dean jr gets up and changes his clothes

he pulls out a notebook he had found in the car

he flips on his light and goes through it

finally understanding what it was

this wasnt fake

this was real

he had done his research

he pulls up a mug shot he found and compares at to a photo from the jornal

″oh yeah thats him″

dean jr goes through a report

″dean winchester at age 27 was telling the police it was a shapeshifter

he reads outloud

″and he went missing at about 17 years ago″

″the way he went missing is unknown

dean jr gets up and packs up some stuff in a bag

he throws the bag over his shoulder and goes down the steps

he writes a note and puts it on the fridge

the note says ″i got work to do″

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