Fun story to read

chapter 2

dean jr is drivig in the car and gets stuck in a traffic jam

″oh come on!″ he exclaims

he tries the radio but it doesnt work, ″i swear to god!″

he slumps on the steering wheel, then he sees something, a box of some kind

he grabs it.

its a box of cassette tapes.

″oh hell yes″ he says he sees a posted note on it and takes it off looking at it, it says, ″ALWAYS remember driver picks the music shotgun shuts his cake hole″

dean jr smiles a little

he takes out a bad company cassette and puts it in, the song bad company plays, he smiles and rocks out to it

a few minutes later the traffic breaks up and he starts driving.

he drives then gets to a boarding school

he gets out

hes about to knock on the door

and it swings open hitting him in the face

″hey u assbutt!″ yells dean jr

″dean?!″ says a girl at the door ″i havent seen u in like 3 years’

″yeah, yeah, yeah″

″i need to tell u something big″ says dean jr

″so do i″ says the girl

″ur gonna think i’m insane″ says dean jr walking in without even asking

″dean i’m ur cousin u can tell me anything″

″yeah sammy i know,″ dean jr sits down

sammy sits down next to him

dean jr looks sammy right in the eyes

″my dad and ur brother were monster hunters″

″oh i know″ says sammy crossing her legs

dean jr stares at her

″why was i not told?″

″over protective″ says sammy and shrugs

dean jr groans

″well were gonna go looking for them″

″ok, thats what i was gonna do″ says sammy

″ok lets do this!″ says dean jr and gets up

sammy packs her stuff

″ok ready″ says sammy and grabs her computer


dean jr runs out sammy follows

″oooohhhh″ says sammy when she see’s the car

″ikr?″ says dean jr very happy

″but i’m driving″

he smirks

dean jr hops in and sammy gets in the passenger side

*time skip*

″dean where are we going anyway?″ says sammy looking at the map

″finding a place to eat and then a place to sleep

″tell me if u find anything sammy

″ok deanie″ says sammy and smiles

dean jr groans

sammy laughs

they stop at a restaurant and a waitriss walks over to them, dean jr says ″were cousins″ instantly

“so,u from around here?”

″nah, just going on my road trip, with my cousin sammy″



dean jr and sammy walk to the table with the waiter

i take out a note book and pen “so what do u guys want?”

″i’ll take a root beer″ says dean jr

″iced t for me″ says sammy

“ok” i write that down on the notebook

she walks away and after a few minutes and comes back with the drinks

″thanks″ says dean jr and winks at her

“ur welcome”

″yes″ says sammy ″thank u″

“so uh what do u want to eat?

″i″l take a double bacon cheese burger with everything on it and extra bacon″ say sdean jr

″i’ll take a salad″ says sammy

Later the girl comes back with the food.

″yummmm″ says dean jr

″thank u″ says sammy

“ur welcome!” she walk away

dean jr eats

sammy looks through the jornal as she eats her salad

dean jr drinks his root beer, his mom calls

dean jr tentatively answers ″y-yeah mom?″

“hey so where are you..?“the mom asks

″i.....i put a note, i....i’m doing what my dad did, i’m gonna find him’′ says dean jr

“oh..... ok!” she says

''a-are u mad?''

''no...'' she sighs, ''ur just growing up so fast''

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