The Other Side

Chapter 10

It had been seven whole days since Callen had heard from his father.

If the antidote had worked, he was still alive.

Callen had been to the house looking for him, but there was no sign that Gavril had gone home after vanishing with Vasile from the boatshed. Eric had checked his cell phones' GPS and it had been disabled. They had seen the van leave from the boatshed with Vasile inside, but then Eric had lost it.

The others were starting to worry.

Callen wasn't talking, except to give one word answers to specific questions and bark out orders for their latest case. He wasn't even talking to Nell. He'd stopped going round her apartment after work and didn't go up to see her at lunch in OPS, unless he was in there chasing Eric on leads he didn't have.

He had known that Gavril was angry.

He'd seen that as Gavril had sent Callen back to the mission with Nell. Now Callen was sure Gavril had been mad with him. It had to be the way he had treated Nell. Maybe his dad thought he would be abusive to his grandchild and had decided that his son allowing himself to get addicted to Dextroamphetamine meant he was weak and not worth his time. Gavril had stayed long enough to heal and now he was done with his sorry excuse for a son and had moved onto other things.

Let's face it, Callen was scared.

Scared of being rejected again, scared of being alone, scared of being worthless, scared of hurting those he cared about. Mostly he was scared of losing his family again.

He needed a way out!

Hetty was worried.

She had tried every contact she had to find Gavril and nothing. She watched her Senior Agent withdraw into himself and she was worried.

She'd seen him put his walls up but she hoped that Nell would be able to break through them.

But then she had seen this morning's altercation and this threw her, Nell had come out of ops and walked to Callens desk to give him a file. She had placed her hands on his shoulders and he had flinched shrugged her off and walked out of the room leaving her standing there stricken as Kensi had come over and walked with her to the couch. Kensi had held her as Nell cried into her shoulder and Deeks had gone running after Callen.

Five minutes later, Deeks had returned sporting the beginnings of a black eye.

Sam got up "Hell!" He said and headed off after Callen.

Nell looked up at Kensi, "Do you think he's taking those drugs again?" She didn't want to think he was, but hitting Deeks was definitely out of character.

Kensi shook her head "Whatever is going through his head it isn't that!" She said not entirely believing her own statement.

"Miss Jones, Come have a cup of tea." Hetty said and took her into her office.

"I...No ,thank you Hetty." Nell said not wanting to leave until she had seen him again.

Sam came back. "He's gone." He said and headed up to OPS with the others following. "Eric can you check the outside camera's see if you can find Callen?" He asked.

"He left about 10 mins ago. Took his car." Eric said tapping on the keyboard following the cars movements.

Hetty came up to OPS. "This is serious," She said placing Callens badge on the table between them, and his cell, but not his gun.

"He's quit!" Nell said in a small voice and sat heavily on her chair.

"He didn't leave his gun." Kensi said in a small voice. "We have to find him!"

A message came up on Nell's phone.

'Not quit, just taking care of business. Will be back. Love you both. G.'

She showed the other agents. Who relaxed a bit.

"Anybody have any idea what this is about?" Hetty asked.

Callen stood there after he had hit Deeks. 'What the Hell are you thinking!' he said to himself.

He had to get out of this mindset. Deeks was doing his job reminding him he had more to live for than just himself now. He needed to apologize.

He started to head after Deeks then his cell beeped.

'I'm alive. At warehouse 1, killing Vasile...SLOWLY :) .Don't tell the others. This is family business.'

Callen realized he needed this too. So watching them, all try to take care of Nell he cleared his cell of messages and took out the SIM card and left it with his badge on Hetty's desk. There was no way he was doing this as an agent. This he was doing as a Comescu.

He pulled his car up outside a run down warehouse and went inside.

Gavril was sitting at a computer monitor watching the unconscious body of Vasile lying on the table in the other room.

"I thought you were dead," Callen said angrily wiping away a tear of relief that escaped on seeing his father again.

"No, but this needed to be done, to keep you and our family safe." Gavril said. Putting a comforting hand on Callen's arm. Callen pulled away, "I'm an NCIS agent, I should arrest you!"

"Then do it. Unless you agree that this needs to end." Callen had to agree with his father, Vasile deserved to die. But his instincts as an Agent warred within him.

"I...I can't," He admitted, "but I could lose everything over this."

"Family is worth it." Gavril stated and Callen nodded. "I gave you up to protect you are you willing to do the same for your child, to keep it safe?" Gavril asked him.

Callen sat down. Was he willing to leave his child, like his father had left him to keep him safe. If he let Vasile go he would have to, if he killed him he might have to. He nodded slowly, "I understand the choice you had to make now," He said quietly.

Not thinking he picked up Gavril's phone while he father removed the device Vasile was strapped to and sent Nell a text.

'I love you. I'm sorry. G.'

He put the phone down. Thinking, hoping, that Deeks would do as he had been asked and would protect Nell and his child with his life if necessary.

He got up and followed his father into the room with Vasile.

Gavril got a knife and while Vasile was passed out started stripping the skin from the soles of his feet.

"So," Callen said putting up his walls, "What are we doing now?"

"You'll like this, we strip the skin off his feet and place him on a chair. We don't even chain him up for this." Gavril gave Callen a cold smile. "Then we soak the floor in isopropyl alcohol and salt. Then we put some food and water over there. He hasn't eaten for 3 days so he should be hungry by now."

Callen nodded, that was a whole new level of creepy, but Vasile did deserve it. He turned and saw the camera, "What's with the recording?" He asked.

"It will be sent to all of Vasile's contacts, His network will be shut down and NO ONE should ever come after me or mine again." Gavril said.

Callen actually shivered. He wondered if this was a Comescu thing or if maybe there was a whole other side to his father he didn't know about. He had to admit right now even he was scared of him. A small part of him hope the CIA knew about this, and it was sanctioned, unofficially of course but if it was he would feel better, and there would be hope that maybe he could come back from this and be with Nell again.

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