The Other Side

Chapter 11

Nell jumped as her phone beeped; she opened the text even though she didn't recognize the number.

'I love you. I'm sorry. G.'

She jumped up and practically threw her phone at Eric. "It's a message from Callen, trace it Eric you have to find him!" She headed to Hetty office to let her know that she had heard from him. By the time she arrived back in OPS Eric had an address for them. The others were standing around Eric looking at the screen as Eric zoomed in on the location from a nearby camera.

They all watched as Callen walked out of the warehouse. Put his hands on his knees and vomited. He was clearly shaken and the others looked concerned for him. Callen picked up the bottle of Russian vodka he had with him and took a huge swig. Spat it out and took a second and swallowed.

The two men standing guard on the building looked at him impassively as he ended up sat on the floor in front of them taking another drink.

"Oh," Nell said and sat heavily in her chair, her heart breaking at the obvious pain he was in.

"Where is he?" Sam asked.

Downtown Los Angeles East 25th street recycling center, it's owned by the Comescu's. They have a warehouse at the back of the plant.

"Mr. Hanna, bring our boy home, then we will find out what's going on."

Sam nodded and with Kensi and Deeks in hot pursuit they headed out of the door.

Callen had watch Vasile scream for 5 hours and he'd had all he could stomach. He turned his back on his father and grabbed the bottle of vodka his father had been drinking from and went outside for some air.

The lack of the sound and the smell of blood hit him and he vomited in front of two of the guards, he gave them a look as if asking them to make a comment but they stayed silent.

A thousand thoughts whirled through his mind, He had just helped his father torture his cousin, granted the guy was evil, he had threatened HIS family not just himself and his father but during the torture Vasile had threatened Nell and his unborn baby, but doing that to a man...what did that make him?

He took a huge swig of Vodka and winched as it burned his throat, it helped a bit he admitted the sounds of Vasile's screams after he had walked through the alcohol/salt solution to get to food and water and then later as Gavril had released about 200 rats into the room that nibbled on the blood on Vasile's feet made him shiver. It had been a blessing when Vasile slipped into unconsciousness 5 minutes ago.

He loved his father, God, he had spent his whole life waiting for him, but this scared him.

More than anything he knew how much like his father he was.

He knew he couldn't go back. They had stolen a prisoner from federal custody and had tortured him, maybe even to death.

The next time he saw his friends they would be coming to arrest him. 'Wow,' he thought, 'I'm screwed!' every step he took he could feel himself turning into his father. The worst part was he was sitting here trying to work out how he would be able to watch his child grow up without being seen and how he would work in the background to keep both Nell, his child and yes even his team safe.

Hetty slammed her fist on the table and glared at Director Vance.

"We need to talk to him first!" She argued.

"No! Hetty," Vance countered back, "Callen and his father are responsible for the abduction of Vasile Comescu, you've seen the video they posted for anyone who would even think about targeting the Comescu family now."

Hetty had to admit when Vance had sent them the video, even she had trouble not being sick at the sight of Vasile screaming in pain as the acid had hit his body and to see him covered in rats with bleeding feet in the second video to be uploaded had nearly made her faint. Nell had run crying from the room as Callen's voice was heard in the background.

"As of now Grigore Callen Comescu and Gavril Comescu are on the FBI's most wanted list. When your agents catch up to them they are to bring them in and if possible rescue Vasile Comescu." Leon cut the call and Hetty turned to Eric, "Let them know, Mr. Callen and Mr. Comescu are now to be brought back to the boat-shed for questioning. After that they are to be handed to the FBI"

Eric nodded and passed on the news, Hetty left to find Nell and do some damage control.

Gavril put the phone down as Callen stumbled back into the warehouse.

"We have to leave, NOW!" He grabbed Callen by the collar.

"What's going on?" Callen asked.

"I've been informed that the FBI have put us on the most wanted list, for the kidnapping of Vasile."

"Great!" Callen growled.

The two guards outside, rushed to Gavril's black SUV and one stopped to yell in the door, "Sir!"

Gavril grabbed his son, Callen rushed outside to see Sam, Kensi and Deeks take cover behind their car as Gavril's men opened fire on them, "NO!" Callen yelled and tried to stop the men from firing on his team.

Gavril pushed Callen out of the way as a bullet came heading his way and he went down.

Suddenly much to his teams surprise Callen was barking orders at the men to get Gavril into the SUV and Callen himself was firing back at his team.

They stopped firing in shock as Callen jumped in the SUV and gunned it through the gates of the recycling plant and onto the freeway.

"Eric, Find that SUV!" Sam ordered as he chased him.

"Kensi you and Deeks head into the warehouse see if Vasile is in there."

Kensi and Deeks opened the door and the smell of blood hit them, Deeks went in first, "Clear!" He called and Kensi followed him in.

"Marty!" Kensi breathed as she saw Vasile. She actually felt sick at the sight of him covered in rats.

Deeks grabbed a broom and went in as Kensi called Eric to send an ambulance.

Kensi shook as she helped pull Vasile's unconscious body from that hell hole. "Callen did this?" She was totally out of her depth, "Deeks, what the hell is going on here?"

Deeks grabbed a first aid kit and just shook his head, "I don't know... Eric make sure Sam knows. We have Vasile."

"Deeks I just heard from Sam, They lost him on the freeway." Eric told him.

"Damn!" Deeks swore; this was getting messier but the minute.

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