The Other Side

Chapter 12

Callen woke up with a huge hangover, and grimaced as yesterdays events played through his head.

He looked over from the sofa in the motel room he was in and saw his father and the other two men talking in the corner.

"I'll call the director, there has been a breach," one of the men said.

"Director Vance?" Callen asked groggily trying to get his head around the whole situation.

The other man smiled, "Not likely." He sniggered.

Gavril cut him off with a glare. "Enough, you contact the Director, I will talk to my son." He dismissed

Callen sat up and dragged a hand across his face, "Dad, I need to know what's going on why did my team shoot you, why did they shoot at us."

Gavril grabbed a chair and sat in front of Callen, "Grigore, right now we are on the FBI's most wanted list, for Vasile."

"Great! I've lost everything," Callen groaned putting his head in his hands. The realization that his team wanted to kill him and that he couldn't be with Nell was too much to bear.

"No, you don't understand, I am still working for the CIA, this is a black op. I have been under orders." Gavril grasped his son's hands trying to make him see. "There has been a breach, I don't know what yet, the other Agents are sorting it out now. This was all sanctioned."

"So I will get to go back to my team?" Callen looked hopeful and then realized he had shot at them. "I shot at them though, what if I hit anyone, I just saw you get hit and I panicked."

"It was just a flesh wound, not so bad." Gavril admitted.

"So what the hell do I do know?" Callen yelled at his dad, "I've lost my job and Nell and my kid and although you may be able to sort out the job part how do I know she'll even want me back after this...I WISH YOU HADN'T COME BACK!" He stormed off to the bathroom and slammed the door.

Gavril sat there, it was the first time Callen had yelled at him, granted he had expected it sooner, but hopefully he would understand that 'his' director had a certain way of getting things done.

Callen sank to the floor in the bathroom; He couldn't believe he had just told his dad what he had. He sat breathing heavily trying to get some control over his emotions.

He got up and splashed cold water on his face and then walked out to face his father.

Gavril looked up as Callen came back out.

"I just need to not be kept in the dark. I had years of that from you...and Hetty...I don't deserve any more." He said quietly.

"The Comescu case wasn't being wrapped up quick enough," Gavril explained slowly, "Then I was taken and you had your...problems, with your team. Our director needed to send a message to everyone who worked with the Comescu's, this is a black OP. Putting us on the most wanted list sends the message all around the criminal underworld. That along with the video should effectively shut down the Comescu Empire from anyone who even thinks about resurrecting it."

"So we can go back?" Callen asked his heart lifting at getting to see Nell again.

"Soon, my son." Gavril reassured him.

"What about my job and Hetty?" Callen asked

"It will be ok, for now all we have to do is avoid your team and keep off the FBI radar." Gavril told him. Callen looked at him skeptically, The FBI will be easy, my team...not so much." Callen said a hint of pride in his voice.

The other two men entered the room. "Sir, orders from the Director stand, lay low for now if captured usual procedure."

Callen looked, "Usual procedure?" He asked.

"One, don't get captured if you can help it, Second, Don't talk!" Gavril told him. "Until this is over that applies to you too son."

Callen gave him an annoyed look, "This is why I quit the CIA, bunch of smucituras."

Gavril raised and eyebrow, "Language!"

"Really!" Callen smirked back, "you don't agree with me?"

"Well, yes, but this needs to be over and finished, before your child is born." Gavril said, Callen couldn't help but agree with him. He made a decision and decided whatever the CIA were up to, he was in so he could, in the long term be there for his child.

Vance was fuming with Hetty, "What's wrong with your team they were inches away and they LET them get away!"

"Leon..." Hetty said her voice full of warning, "They went from rescuing their team leader to having to arrest him in seconds, despite the fact that Mr. Callen..." Leon cut her off, "Comescu!"

She took a breath and continued, "Mr. Callen, got away now, does not mean they failed. I for one will be willing to lay blame as soon as I find some, so Leon, if you will go my team can get back to what they do best." She scolded him and had some satisfaction in seeing him squirm; she looked over to Eric who cut the connection.

She walked out of OPS and looked over the rail as Sam, Kensi and Deeks entered the bullpen and flopped dejectedly into their chairs.

They all avoided looking at Callen's desk. Hettys heart broke for them, She knew how big a betrayal this was for them, Nell especially who was in the corner quietly drinking a tea and watching them.

Sam spotted her first and went over to give her a hug, as he did so she broke down and sobbed, "Sam, Why has he done this, I saw the video's...its awful!"

Sam just held her he didn't know what to say.

Kensi looked up as Hetty entered the Bullpen. "Hetty! What the HELL is going on!"She was furious and managed only just to keep it in check.

Hetty looked at them all "Miss Jones, I'm afraid I have to show them the footage, you may wait down here and I'll send someone when it's over."

Nell smiled; she really didn't want to see that again so she sat on the couch as the others went upstairs for the briefing.

Eric sat at his terminal and input the data needed to bring up the footage again, the others could see how uncomfortable he was about doing this. Hetty turned to her agents, "The footage your about to see came to us this morning, the FBI have put Mr. Callen and his father on their Most Wanted list."She told them. Then she nodded at Eric who ran the footage.

Hetty watched the team as shock and then horror crossed their faces at the torture they were witnessing finally at the end seeing Callen walk in front of the camera and say something to his father, Kensi broke down in tears, "He...Callen..He was there? He did that?" it went against everything she knew about him. Sam and Deeks turned to her, "There has to be an explanation right?" Sam asked Hetty

"I'm sure there is Mr. Hanna, but to find it we have to bring Mr. Callen and his father in first."Hetty said. Sam nodded "Eric do we have anything on the SUV?" he asked.

Eric shook his head, "No but Callen sent Nell a text from a burn phone I have just got the GPS from it." Eric looked up. "It's a motel, The California beach motel on Highland."

The others headed off.

Callen was jumpy, he had no way to explain to his father what it was that was eating at him, and He kept walking up to the curtains and then cleaning his gun.

"We'll be moving again after dark. Stop fidgeting." Gavril said.

Callen smiled imagining what his father would have been like when he was a kid and was really fidgety. "I've got a bad feeling." He admitted.

"Hopefully we'll be out of LA soon so you won't feel so bad, I will have to check in soon, how about you get something to eat," Gavril said wanting to distract his son. Callen grabbed a beer and a bag of chips from the counter, and sat on the bed.

Callen lay back on the bed and closed his eyes trying to remember Nell's face and her laugh anything just to keep him sane.

He jumped as the door to the room was kicked in and Sam yelled, "NCIS FREEZE."

Gavril looked at his son and nodded.

Callen put his hands up, "I know who you are Sam." He smirked. He turned as Sam put him in handcuffs.

"Aminiti-va, Nu spune nimic!" Gavril said.

"Nu va faceti griji ca nu va." Callen shot back.

"What was that?" Deeks asked but Callen looked away as he and Gavril were herded off to the boatshed.

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