The Other Side

Chapter 13

Callen used to love the boatshed, the smell of the water and the wood and the relaxed atmosphere he had even slept here a few times.

Right now he'd have given anything not to be here.

Sam sat him down in the interrogation room, "I'm gonna take these off, are we good?" he asked Callen.

Callen nodded curtly but never said a word.

"So what did your dad say to you as we were leaving?" Sam asked.

Callen leaned back and smirked, but didn't say anything. Sam bit back the urge to yell at him.

"G. Come on talk to me." He pleaded.

"Fine!" Sam stood up and walked out and brought in Gavril, he sat him in the other chair. "Maybe you'd like to fill me in?" Sam said to Gavril. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Callen.

"Ai spus ceva?" he said to Callen

"Nu."Callen replied and Gavril smiled.

Sam just looked mad, Callen could see Sam's tell the little vein on his forehead that started to throb as he got mad and he smirked.

"Fine the FBI can have ya!" Sam stormed out.

Hoping that Callen had caught his 'tell' and that Gavril and Callen would talk while alone. They had fixed the Camera in the interview room so the light was off and Callen would think it wasn't recording.

Gavril turned to Callen, "Crezi ca e suparat?" He grinned.

Callen smirked back at him, "doar un pic."

Callen sat up straighter and looked Gavril in the eye, "Astfel vom ajunge la avocet la inca?" He asked.

Gavril shook his head, "Nu inca, directorul a spus sa astepte pentru FBI-ul, apoi au venit dupa ca ajungem avocatii sa-l suni. El va veni apoi in si spune-le despre operatiunea negru."

"Great!" Callen said not happy about not being able to tell his team.

Gavril just sighed and let his son get on with working out what was eating him.

Sam turned to the monitor, "Did you get all that?" He said to Eric.

"Got it running it through a translation program now?" Eric replied.

Eric smiled at the first bit of the translation came up on screen.

"Ok, so Gavril asked if Callen thought you were mad and Callen said just a bit." He grinned.

"OK Eric, So anything useful in there?"Sam asked again.

"Apparently they are waiting for the FBI to arrive and then they are planning on getting lawyers and having the director call about a black op?" Eric said confused.

"Can't be Vance..." Sam mused, "He sent us after them, and do you think this is a CIA thing?" He asked the others.

"Eric can you get Hetty?" Sam asked. He waited as Eric called Hetty.

"You think this is a sanctioned operation?" Kensi asked.

"I don't know." Sam replied "But if it is, why are they on the FBI's most wanted list?"

"Mr. Hanna," Hetty said behind Sam who jumped and looked at the screen, "Hetty is there any chance this is a CIA operation?" He asked.

"It may be, but off the books, I will call the director of the CIA and find out. In the meantime Mr. Hanna, try and get more out of them, I know they are both stubborn but maybe they will say something." Sam nodded, he wasn't too hopeful but he figured they should try.

"So, "Sam said sitting down in front of the two men, "Black CIA OP?" he asked and smiled to himself as Callen's eyebrow shot up although he masked it quickly Sam knew he was on the right track.

"I got all day G, So why not just talk."

Callen smirked there was no way he was talking he leaned back and put his feet up on the table.

"Come on G. Hetty'd kill you if she saw you doing that."

Kensi opened the door. "Sam, the FBI are here." Callen put his feet down and he and Gavril reached for there wallets and slapped identical cards down on the table. "Lawyer." Callen said. Kensi gave Callen an annoyed look and snatched the cards off of the table and walked out.

"Sorry guys," Sam said to the FBI agents, "They've lawyered up. Can't do anything till they get here."

"Can't we just send 'em to Guantanamo?" The taller of the two agents asked.

Sam grabbed him and forced him up against the wall, "YOU are not getting near my partner." He said.

The other agent raised an eye at that, "Your partner?"

"Until I'm told different Callen is still an NCIS agent," Sam growled. Deeks put an arm on his shoulder to calm him down.

"Mr. Hanna," Hetty voice made him jump again, "Is absolutely right and you don't mess with my agents."

The two FBI agents stepped back and took in Hetty. "No ma'am" They said in unison.

"Aww ain't that sweet," Deeks quipped.

Hetty shot him a look and Deeks backed off as Sam and Kensi grinned at him.

Hetty walked into the interrogation room and both men instantly straightened up and looked guilty.

"Mr. Callen I know we've had that conversation about how you should not use my tables as a footstool before."

Callen looked at the ground, "Sorry Hetty."

She sighed and sat at the table. Then she slid a folder over to Gavril. He opened it and looked at the contents, "Really?" He said looking at her.

"Yes, The CIA have disavowed your actions." Hetty looked at them "You need to trust me if you're going to get out of this."

Callen looked hurt at the fact she could even think he didn't trust her. He looked at Gavril pleading, "I need to tell her." He said.

"Wait." Gavril ordered, and Callen shut up. Then Gavril turned to Hetty, "When will our lawyers be here."

"They are coming, The FBI would like to talk to you," Hetty asked.

"We will talk to you...only you...after our lawyers have been."Gavril told her. "Henrietta, if our many years of friendship mean anything to you, trust me on this one."

Hetty nodded, "Very well but if you don't have a reasonable explanation after they've been then I will turn you over to the FBI without hesitation."

She stood up to leave.

"Hetty, Nell here." Callen asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry Mr. Callen, she is still at OSP." She felt for him as she saw his face fall, but she remained as stoic as ever, "When, you two are willing to talk. we will see what we can do. I hope Director Vance can be convinced of your innocence when you get whatever information it is that you are holding out for. Right now Mr. Callen, you are out of a job."

Callen nodded dumbly, he felt his walls come back up. His one hope now rested in the hope that his father actually had all the information he needed to get out of this mess.

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