The Other Side

Chapter 14

It had been 3 hours and still no sign of the lawyers, Hetty had left and told the others they were not to interview Callen or Gavril until the lawyers arrived.

Callen was pacing the room trying to make sense of what was happening. He trusted Gavril but they hadn't heard anything from the lawyers the CIA were supposed to send to bail them out, on top of that he had lost his job, his major reason for living and he was freaking big time.

Gavril, used to this just sat in the corner.

"Calm down son." He said watching Callen pace was making him dizzy.

"They should be here by now," Callen said. Gavril had to silently agree with him, the lawyers should have been here by now this should have been over, unless they had been sold out, again!

"Hey remembers Gibbs' rule number 29." Gavril said and Callen smiled.

"Now?" He asked.

Gavril nodded. Callen nonchalantly walked around the room and shut off the security feed.

The next thing the others heard was a huge splash and they ran in the room to find Gavril sitting at the desk and the trapdoor in the floor of the interrogation room open and Callen gone.

"Where is he?" Sam yelled as Kensi and Deeks ran outside to look for him.

Gavril just smiled, "And what is rule 29?"

Sam locked the trapdoor mentally kicking himself for forgetting to do it earlier.

He slammed out of the room and went outside to see if the others had found Callen although he knew Callen was long gone.

Hetty was giving Director Vance a situation report in OPS when Sam's call came through to Eric.

"Hetty?" Eric interrupted "Callen's escaped. Apparently they were talking about Gibb's rule number 29."

Hetty looked at Vance, "Do you know what that is?" She asked him.

"Always have a back up plan." Came a voice from off screen. Leon turned to the voice, "Thank you Agent McGee."

Hetty smiled, "Thank you Agent McGee." She reiterated and said to Vance, "We will find him and find out what is happening."

"You had better or I will send some more competent Agents to take over." Vance warned.

Hetty nodded and cut the connection.

"Mr. Beale, Inform Mr. Hanna of Rule 29 and see if you can find Mr. Callen on camera, we need to get him back."

Callen sat under the Santa Monica pier, trying to dry his clothes out and make a plan of action.

He knew the back up plan was the USB drive his father had recorded his meeting with the Director of the CIA on but he had hidden it in OSP. The thought of having to break into the mission to get it back was daunting. But if he wanted Nell back and his job and life back he needed to do it.

He moved under the pier where he knew Eric couldn't pick him up on camera found a dark corner and curled up, catching some sleep where he could.

As soon as it was dark he moved out. He grabbed his ATM card and withdrew the limit, ditching the card afterwards. Careful to avoid the cameras he went to an apartment complex on 5th street and knocked on the door.

The door opened a crack, "who is it?" a voice came from behind the door.

"Comescu." Callen said. The door opened and a shocked man opened it. "'re a Comescu?"

"I'm here to collect on a debt." Callen said keeping tight lipped.

The man let him into a squalid apartment there were drugs and guns on the counter tops.

"What can I do for you." The man asked shakily.

"Need a gun." Callen said "And a knife." He added as rule number 9 popped into his head. He smirked to himself there were just some things he would never unlearn.

He paid the man off and headed out.

Sam and Kensi had searched everywhere they could think of after checking the ATM lead Eric had sent them. Kensi checked in with Deeks twice who was still babysitting Gavril.

"How's he doing?" She had asked him

"He's annoyed the lawyers never turned up; he won't tell me what the back up plan is."

It was dark in the mission; despite the times Callen had stayed over sleeping on the couch he had never known the building to feel emptier.

He went to OPS and plugged in the USB drive he had picked up earlier that day from a safety deposit box and smirked as all the security feeds went out. He quickly made his way to Hetty's office and reached under her desk for an envelope that had been taped there a few months before.

He opened it and checked the contents and downloaded a copy onto her computer then left her a note and put the envelope in his pocket.

As he turned to leave he caught sight of Nell asleep on the couch, He walked over to her and knelt by her side. Not able to resist he brushed a stray hair from her forehead. He flinched as she moved and he placed a loving hand on her abdomen and smiled as he felt his child kick.

He froze as he heard the main door to the mission open and footsteps enter the building.

Kensi and Sam entered just as Callen ran out of the back way. In his haste he ran into an intern pulling an all nighter, she screamed as he knocked her over. Sam made it out of the building seconds behind him and stood as he roared away on his motorbike.

Kensi had headed to OPS to see what Callen had been doing here; she called Eric who was already on his way in. But she was annoyed to find she couldn't access any of the systems for the time Callen had been here.

When Hetty arrived at OSP that morning it was to find her Agents all huddled in OPS and Eric pounding his keyboard in frustration.

"I don't get it, how did he manage to knock out all the surveillance systems in the entire building?" He moaned.

"He didn't Mr. Beale," Hetty said quietly.

"But..." Eric started to protest.

"I have my own back up system." Hetty explained.

She pulled a file up on the computer and a whole other set of camera surveillance came into view. They watched as Callen went into OPS and disabled the regular surveillance cameras and then as he took the envelope from under Hetty's desk.

"He put something on your computer?" Sam said astonished.

"Mr. Beale, please bring my laptop up here." Hetty asked as Eric went off to retrieve it. The others watched as he went over to Nell and was tender with her one minute and then the look of fear that crossed his face before he bolted as Kensi and Sam had entered the building.

Nell sitting behind them automatically stroked the spot on her stomach where Callen had felt their baby kick.

"Got it." Eric announced.

He opened her Laptop and there was a post it note with 'Sorry! Please open file GCComescu'

Hetty put the password in on her computer and sent the file to Eric so he could open it with the big screen.

They stood back as they saw footage of Gavril and the Director of the CIA in an office.

The CIA Director turned to Gavril. "The end of the Comescu reign in the underworld needs to be over. You and your son are uniquely qualified to accomplish this task."

"My son is not with the CIA, he is NCIS."

"If you do not bring him into this, we have Agents ready to ensure the Comescu line ends with you."

Gavril had slumped into the chair, "Don't think of this as a threat." The Director had assured him, "You need to get Vasile out of jail, and he is still able to control the Empire from there."

"You are authorized to use any and all methods to get all the names of anyone who is helping him, and I will send lawyers with the relevant details to extricate you both should there be any unforeseen problems."

Gavril had nodded, "My son won't want to be a part of this." He warned the Director. The Director waved his hand, "That is not my problem. You and your son are the only Comescu's we trust the rest need to be stopped. You need to stop the flow of money and the information."

"Yes sir, and by the way sir, after this I quit!" Gavril said.

"Yes, very well." The Director agreed

"Also I want your promise, No come back on my son, I do not want his record tarnished." Gavril stated.

The Director nodded and Gavril left the room. The Director picked up the phone. "Operation Clean up is in effect, assign two Agents to Agent Comescu and when the time comes we will deal with the last two Comescu's."

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