The Other Side

Chapter 15

Hetty stepped back surprised at the revelation.

The whole thing had been a set up, fury in her eyes she turned to Eric, "I need you to make a copy of this and get Director Vance online NOW!"

Eric jumped to comply, as Hetty turned to Sam and Kensi, "Bring Gavril here, we need to get Callen back before he sees this."

Director Vance appeared on the screen and Hetty turned her attention back to him.

"Director Vance, Mr. Beale is sending you a file you need to see now." She waited as he watched the file, surprise flitting over his face. Then anger as he turned back to her.

"I nearly lost one of our best Agents because of a longstanding CIA feud?" He growled.

"We haven't found Mr. Callen yet." Hetty said.

"What do you mean I thought you had him in custody?" Vance eyed her suspiciously.

"Well he escaped yesterday." She admitted, "He is one of our best after all." She gave him a wry grin.

"I will deal with the FBI and the CIA, Find Callen and get him back." Vance said and cut off the conversation.

Hetty turned her attention to Eric, "Any hits from Mr. Callens bike or himself?" She asked.

"The bike was found dumped and on fire." Eric said "But nothing from Callen yet."

"Keep looking Mr. Beale but I fear if Mr. Callen does not want to be found he won't be." She added.

Callen had found, for want of a better word, a hole to hide in. Following the second part of the back up plan, which was get the information out to Hetty then hide from the CIA until it was safe to come in.

The bad part was, that to him the back up plan was going downhill fast. The way this was supposed to work was that he would have a job to go back to, but Hetty had told him he was fired from NCIS. So at least getting Hetty the information meant his father would be cleared. That gave him a small comfort at least.

He cleaned his gun and made a plan for his next move. He needed to find out if his father had been cleared or if the CIA were going to make good on their threat to wipe out the Comescu family. He decided there and then if the CIA went anywhere near Nell they were dead men.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts, since he was 18 his life had been dedicated to the service of his country in one shape or form...His country...he sniggered at the thought, knowing now it wasn't his country ,not really, his father was Romanian. But either way he had been patriotic to his mothers country and now they were out to kill him. The irony wasn't lost on him; it was just like growing up where he had trusted various foster families and where he had found time and again that if he trusted it was thrown back at him.

This hurt more though; he had found a family with NCIS and it had lasted longer than any foster home and he had trusted and been trusted back. He had even allowed himself to love and now it was all gone. He wiped a tear that had escaped down his face with his sleeve, angry that he had forgotten his own rule number 1, don't trust and Never think you're safe.

Somewhere down deep he just hoped that this was another of his nightmares and he would wake up on the couch in OSP feeling stupid but surrounded by his family.

Gavril looked up as Deeks walked into the interrogation room. "Hetty wants you back at OPS." Deeks said. Gavril nodded and stood up. He allowed himself a smile, which meant his son, was safe and had managed to retrieve the USB drive.

As they both entered OPS Vance was finishing up a call with Hetty and looked over in surprise as Gavril entered his screen.

"Comescu." He spat.

Gavril smiled at him, "Director Vance, I hope the USB drive made it safely to your hands and my son and I are off your little list."

Vance looked at him begrudgingly, "Yes, I have sent a team from here to investigate the Director of the CIA."

"And my son's position with NCIS?" Gavril asked.

"That's pending a review, He broke protocol." Vance snapped.

Anger flashed across Gavril's face but he kept his features schooled and no one apart from Hetty noticed.

"Besides, don't we still have to find him?" Vance asked.

Gavril nodded, "He will be easier to find as soon as he realises that I am safe."

"From what I know of Callen he will be hard to find," Vance said "Also I have just been informed that we have a team with the Director of the CIA but he has sent a black ops team out after you both and they and uncontactable."

Hetty stepped up, "If you can send us the files you have on the team we will deal with that from this end."

"Very well, Hetty. I don't like my Agents being played like this." Vance growled as he cut contact.

Callen switched off his laptop. He had listened in on the bug he had planted in OPS. He knew it wouldn't be found until the next sweep and was pleased to find it still working. Until he had listened to the conversation between his father, Vance and Hetty.

At least his father was off the most wanted list but he was hurt to find he might still not have a job and that a black ops team were after him and his father.

He ran a hand over his face in frustration. Just for once he wished someone; somewhere wasn't trying to kill him.

But it was so close to the end he could see it in sight, all he had to do was keep his team safe, stop the black ops team and disappear. The last item on his list wasn't by any means a preferred option but he couldn't stay in LA if he couldn't be with his team. They were his family.

Not thinking he threw the laptop in frustration. "Crap!" he cursed he hated this feeling, the emptiness and the worthlessness that came with it, he knew he was doing the right thing but his heart wanted to walk into the mission, give himself up and just hope Nell would take him back.

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