The Other Side

Chapter 16

Callen tailed the black sedan as it pulled out of LAX and headed towards downtown Los Angeles.

It never ceased to amaze him, the lack of ingenuity the CIA had when it came to picking a vehicle for a covert operation. When they had got off the plane in their black suits and sunglasses, he had spotted them immediately.

He was four cars behind them in a non-descript pick up truck and he knew they hadn't made him.

He watched as they booked into a motel and settled in for the long haul, he wasn't about to kill them if he could help it. Although he would, if it had come down to it. Right now he wanted to know if they were here to help his father or kill him.

It was times like this when having insomnia came in handy. He grinned as he watched the junior team member come back with coffee and take out. Remembering when he himself had done the same thing on stake outs with the CIA years ago. Being the junior member so excited to be on the stake out but being annoyed to be the one going out for coffee, when he really wanted to be in the action. Well this kid was gonna see some action. He decided.

Later as the kid walked out to get coffee again Callen grabbed him and knocked him out.

The kid woke up his head ringing and found himself tied to a chair with duct tape.

"Where am I?" He asked his voice betraying how scared he felt.

Callen smirked, "You'll be ok kid, I just want information?"

The kid's eyes widened in horror, "Comescu!" He breathed. Callen couldn't help but roll his eyes at that.

"For the love of...look, kid my names Callen." He figured he'd better calm the kid down before he fainted or wet his pants. "All I want to know is what your black ops team have planned and do they know the op was called off."

The kid swallowed and brought his head up. "I ain't saying nothing."

"Director Vance from NCIS has called this op off. Your Director is being investigated; my father and I were running a black op ourselves for the CIA before we got shafted." He explained.

"They said you'd say that." He said.

Callen sat down on the other chair in the room and ran his hand over his face exasperated.

"Look I'll prove it." He said and opened his laptop and showed the kid the USB file.

Sam sat in ops watching Eric as he tried everything to locate Callen.

"Sorry Sam, still nothing." Eric had to tell him.

"What about the black ops team the CIA sent?" Sam asked having an epiphany.

Hetty walked in the room, "We have a team following them, and they were picked up out of LaX this morning."

"Do you have any footage?" Sam asked.

"Sure," Eric replied.

"Where are you going with this Mr. Hanna?" Hetty asked.

"If I were G, I would have picked up the black op team as soon as I could to find out what they were up to and to make sure they wouldn't attack Gavril." Sam said

Hetty nodded, if anyone knew how Callen would react it would have been Sam, in the past five years that they had been partners she doubted that anyone else knew him better.

"Got it. We have the CIA team and our team and a brown pick up that seemed to be tailing them both." Eric said

"That's him!" Sam stated smiling at how his partner could tail a CIA and NCIS team and not get made.

"They pulled into a motel and..." Eric stopped. "Crap!"

"Mr. Beale!" Hetty admonished.

"Sorry Hetty," Eric apologized "But look!" They watched as they saw Callen kidnap the young CIA Agent.

"Eric, find and the CIA Agent before he does something we can't save him from."

Hetty turned to Sam, "Take Mr. Deeks and Ms. Blye with you and bring him home before he does something silly."

"I've got him he's at the same motel just the room above the CIA agents." Eric told them as they headed off after him.

"Let the team that are watching the CIA know what's going on we will bring the black ops team and Mr. Callen in at the same time." Hetty told Eric who promptly let the other NCIS team know.

Hetty left the office and walked to her own office where Gavril was sitting.

"We will bring our boy home." She said to him.

"I know why I can't be a part of this op, but I worry for my son. He isn't going to stop fighting until he knows its safe." Gavril told her.

"I trust my team, they will find him and we will bring him home." She reiterated.

Callen looked at the kid who was slowly starting to believe him.

"Look I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just waiting till your team leave, then I'll let you go." He said giving the kid a drink.

Callen walked to the window and looked at the NCIS team in the parking lot still watching the CIA team, He smiled to himself. If he hadn't been in the middle of this it would have been funny.

He shifted his stance as he saw his team, he shook his head; his old team pull up next to the car containing the other NCIS agents. 'They must be coming to deal with the CIA team.' He said to himself. The words NEVER ASSUME! Rattled around his brain and he picked up his SIG readying himself just in case.

The kid moved his eyes to the gun. Callen just looked at him and put his finger to his lips in a shushing motion. He moved the kid to the floor between the two beds where he would be most protected if gunfire ensued.

In the room below the CIA agents were discussing their missing agent as the door was kicked in. "NCIS, DROP YOUR WEAPONS!"

The three CIA Agents dropped their weapons, "You're making a big mistake." The Agent in charge said.

"I don't think so?" Sam said.

"We are CIA and on an OP." The senior Agent tried to reason with them.

"Your op was cancelled." Sam told him curtly

"But we have a missing man." The Agent argued, "The guy we are after kidnapped him, he's dangerous and delusional."

Sam hauled him against the wall and cuffed him, "My partner is none of those things." he growled "And he's way smarter than you too!"

He handed the senior agent off to another NCIS agent and followed Deeks and Kensi upstairs.

He knocked on the door, "G, Its Sam...let me in."

"OK Sam, but only you and leave your gun." Callen said.

Sam handed his gun to Deeks and walked in with his hands raised.

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