The Other Side

Chapter 19

Jethro had been in a side room with Gavril for over an hour and during that time had gone through every emotion he possessed and decided it was about time he picked just one.

The one he settled on was fury.

He'd known about Callen's upbringing and had felt anger then even though at the time he hadn't even know Callen existed, but to find out that not only had Callen's dad left him to that fate, but to also find out that he'd known about what his son had, had to endure growing up and to find he had left him to that fate was deplorable.

"Callen may have forgiven you, but you are nowhere near being cleared with me," He growled.

Gavril shrugged, "I did what I had to do to keep him safe."

"SAFE! You call that safe!" Gibbs squared up to him.

"He is alive, is he not?" Gavril countered, "Why do I have to justify myself to you, I am his father."

"Maybe," Gibbs growled, "But I'm family. Where were you when he woke up screaming with nightmares after being shot, when he needed support he couldn't get from his teammates and when he needed a father, you sure as hell weren't around then."

"ENOUGH!" Callen yelled as he walked in the room. Both men jumped and looked at Callen's horrified face.

"Son..." Gavril started, Gibbs just looked at Callen silently.

Callen just shook his head and left the room.

He went back to Nell and gave her a reassuring grin, "They didn't kill each other." He said. She looked at him quizzically knowing there was something he was holding in.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

She watched as she saw him consider lying to her but then he thought better of it, "I've been better," He admitted and she pulled him into a hug.

"They both love you, you know that don't you?" She asked him.

"Yea, Jethro is easy I know how he thinks and where I stand with him, but I don't want to make a mistake with my father in case he leaves, I think..." He stopped to afraid to voice his deepest fear.

Nell kissed him on the cheek, "Go on." She urged him seeing both men standing behind him and knowing they both needed to hear what Callen was going to admit.

"I...I'm scared he will be disappointed with me, that I won't be the son he imagined and he'll leave and not want me." A lone tear escaped his eye and she wiped it discreetly.

Both older men walked over to Callen, "Neither of us would ever be disappointed in you," Gibbs said putting his hand on Callen's shoulder.

"I've always wanted you, I love you son and I'll never leave you." Gavril promised and Callens eyes filled with hope.

"Really?" he breathed.

"Yes, really." Gavril affirmed

Gibbs looked at them both, "Sorry." He said simply and Callen's eyes shot up to him in surprise.

"What about rule 6?" Callen asked and Gibbs grinned, "Doesn't apply to family." He replied.

Callen laughed and the four of them headed to Hetty's office.

Hetty sat down and regarded her favourite agent. "So are you ready to come back to work Mr. Callen?" She asked him.

"What are the conditions?" He asked knowing there would be some in regards to his probation.

"You retain your rank of Special Agent but for the probationary period, Mr. Hanna will be team leader although how you work that out in the field will be between you two," She stopped to watch the information sink in. Callen nodded although he knew that meant a pay cut and more importantly a step down.

"I got your back G." Came a voice from behind him. Callen turned to see Sam leaning against a post behind him and gave him a weak smile.

"Do Kensi and Deeks know?" Callen asked. Hetty shook her head, "You and Mr. Hanna can tell them." She replied. "Remember it is only for six months."

"Yeah," Callen said sullenly, "Like I know I deserve it, I shouldn't have let the team down and run off on my own, but with a baby on the way the pay cut sucks." Then he grinned, "Oh yeah, I forgot dad's rich, maybe I can get my allowance backdated, I wonder what 41 years of allowance is?"

Sam laughed, "A lot G. A lot."

All serious again, Callen turned to Hetty. "I need you here while I tell the team, and if there are any questions I can't answer I want you to be there. No more secrets Hetty." He said solemnly.

All three of them walked into the bullpen and waited as Eric came down to join them.

"Mr. Callen will be rejoining the team," Hetty started and waited as there were rounds of 'great and welcome back' handed out. "However," She paused and they all turned their attention back to her again. "Director Vance has put Mr. Callen on a six month probationary trial. During this time Mr. Hanna will be team leader."

Callen watched as shock followed by understanding crossed their faces but was grateful that no one said anything.

But Nell moved to stand closer to his for support and he put her hand on her shoulder.

"I suggest you all go home for today and you are all off rotation until Monday, so make the most of your weekend." She said.

"Are you heading back to D.C.?" Callen asked Gibbs.

He shook his head, "I'm here for another month, and I didn't know how long this thing of yours was going to take so I took some time off." He admitted.

Callen looked to his father, "Dad, can he stay with us?" He asked.

Gavril smiled, "That would be a good idea." He agreed.

Gibbs was worried he would be intruding, "Are you sure you have the room?" He asked and then looked around quizzically as the whole room erupted in laughter.

Callen grinned, "Grab your gear. Dinner at mine tonight" He said to the others and as Gibbs, Callen and Nell left. Callen turned to his father, "I'll meet you at home, be nice to the director." He said knowing that Gavril was going to fill in Director Vance of today's events.

Callens car pulled up outside Gavril's house and Callen punched in a key code on the gates, "You live here!" Gibbs said awestruck as they parked up outside the mansion.

"Yeah," Callen said slightly embarrassed. He turned to help Nell out of the car and she winced again.

"You and MJ ok?" Callen asked.

She nodded "Yes, He's just playing soccer with my kidneys." She laughed.

Gibbs caught that, "A boy?" He asked and Callen nodded grinning. "Wow, congratulations." He said and Nell smiled at him.

She was slightly confused earlier he had upset her and walked away without saying a word but everything he had done afterwards seemed to show he regretted his actions.

Gibbs was shown to his room and Nell walked up to Callen.

"Tell me about Gibbs?" She asked.

"He's family," Callen said simply "I trust him with everything. Since I met him he's always been there for me when I've needed support. He lost his own family a long time ago and he's like a father figure to his team and me. He's the man I always wanted to be, you know like my role model."

"So he'll be M.J's grandfather too then." Nell smiled knowing how much Callen wanted Gibbs to be a part of his life.

"If he wants to be. It looks like this kids going to have a larger family than I originally thought." Callen smiled at the thought of his son growing up surrounded by family. "You rest and I'll light the grill." He smiled at her as she sank into the couch and put her feet up. Within moments she was asleep and he sat on a chair watching her sleep for a while before he headed out to the deck.

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