The Other Side

Chapter 2

Callen woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom wrapped around Nell; he held her tight and smelled the scent of her hair. He felt her start to wake up just as there was a quiet knock on the door.

"Come in," Callen called, sat up and gently moved her to his side.

"Morning Sir, I am Nicolae, you may call me Nicu. I am to be your personal liaison to the family business until you find your way around; I have brought a paper and breakfast for you and Miss Beckett. I will be in your office when you need me; I have arranged breakfast for your staff in the kitchens."

"Thank you Nicu," Callen said and watched as he left then he woke Nell up.

"Hey," She looked up "I could get used to this," She smiled at him

"I hate this..." Callen admitted, "Like I can't do this for myself!" he moaned. "Vasile contacted ahead, we are to go straight to the office you can set up all the computer equipment and send what you need to, to Eric. I get to learn about the wonderful family business I have inherited." She could hear the irony in his voice.

They got up Nell went to the kitchen to see the others, "Mr. Comescu wants to see you in his office in 5 minutes" She said to Sam, Kensi and Deeks. She grabbed Callen a coffee and headed into the office.

Nicu was giving Callen a run down of everything still running in the Comescu Empire.

Hearing some of it Callen was trying to fight the urge to be physically sick. But he also had time to see that most of it was computerised so he planned on getting Nell to look through the computer and see if his father had left a clue as to where he could be.

"Ok, guys so what do you think?" Callen asked the team as they were grouped together in his office.

"I did a run around the perimeter today," Kensi told him. "You have armed guards at the entrance to the compound, No one seems to know what happened to Gavril, just that he had a meeting with an arms dealer in Estonia and he hasn't been heard from."

"I have a meeting with his assistant later, "Callen confirmed, "I'll keep you informed. This is so slow I hate this," He complained. He would have much rather been kicking down doors and taking names.

"Nell, I need you to take all the information off these computers and send them to Eric for analysis there may be something there I've missed." Callen ordered and Nell nodded.

Sam looked a bit worried, Callen was getting wound up tighter and tighter and he was worried for him.

The door knocked and Nicu came in "Mr. Comescu, you have a meeting with Anton Petrov."

"Keep on it guys." Callen said and left.

"Do you think he's going to be ok?" Deeks asked he too had noticed how Callen flinched every time someone called him Comescu.

"I hope so." Sam replied.

Callen walked into the room where Anton Petrov was waiting for him.

"So you're the new head of the Comescu family." He said.

Callen nodded and stared him down.

"You are?" He asked.

"I work for the man who has your father, while you allow our business to continue, he stays alive, anything happens to me or my boss's business deal he dies." Anton said coldly.

Callen pulled his gun and held it to his head. "Why shouldn't I kill you now?"

"I am your go between, I will take the information of our conversation to my boss and you will receive his instructions through me. His first demand is the man outside, in the trunk of the car, you must shoot him,"

"Why?" Callen asked.

"I do not ask why," Anton said. He looked at his watch, "You have three minutes to comply. If you inform anyone else what is going on your father will die."

Callen stormed out of the office right past Sam and Deeks who followed, both not liking the look on Callens face.

He walked to the car and dragged the man out of the trunk and shot him, and then he walked up to Anton, "Deal." He said "Now get out!"

Callen wiped the mans blood from his face and then he walked past a shocked Sam and Deeks and went back to the office.

Nell looked up at him, "G. What happened?" She had seen what had happened and was totally shocked.

"Nothing." He said his emotion barrier coming back up.

"Nicu!" He yelled.

"I need information on Anton Petrov's boss; I want to know what we are dealing in?"

"Sir, His boss is Lucian Tariceanu; He moves eastern Europeans and other perishable items."

"Specifics Nicu, I need specifics!" Callen yelled at him.

"Heroin, cocaine, people and arms, basically anything he's the biggest distributor in Eastern Europe."

"Why the HELL didn't you warn me," Callen was furious and his voice was cold.

Nicu smiled. "I didn't realize that you were a real Comescu, your father was lacking in certain departments."

Callen drew his gun and shot at the wall behind Nicu's head. "Leave now," He said quietly and coldly.

Hetty was in OPS with Eric looking at the compound via satellite.

Eric was chatting with Nell as she sent him the information; He heard her scream and he focused the satellite on the compound. "Oh my!" Hetty exclaimed, "Find out who that was." She told Eric.

"Miss Jones, Keep an eye on our Mr. Callen, let me know if you find out what's going on."

"Will do." Nell said and hung up.

"Hetty, The guy Callen shot was a DEA Agent,"

"Eric, Get Mr. Callen on the phone."Hetty Said furious.

"He won't answer," Eric replied.

"Get Mr. Hanna." She said.

"Johnson," Sam said as he answered the phone.

"It's Hetty, I need you to keep an eye on , He just shot a DEA agent, we need to find out what happened and why?"

Callen threw his phone across the room.

Nell put her arms around him "G, what happened?"

"Get out!" He pushed her off him and walked to the window.

Nell sat on the edge of the bed tears rolling down her face.

"I won't leave you. Not while you're like this."

He looked at her and his heart broke, "Nell I..." He knew he couldn't tell her, as he had his suspicions the place was bugged. He pushed his emotions down, he knew his team would protect her and would have his back as needed, but if he let them in on what was going on his father was dead.

"I have a business to run." He said and walked out.

He past Kensi in the hall, "Nell wants you." He said and walked off.

Kensi knocked on the door.

"Nell, G said... Nell? What's wrong?" She asked concerned as Nell sat on the bed sobbing her heart out.

"G, He...He shot someone in cold blood and just pushed me, He's never been the least bit rough with me before." She sobbed. "It's like he's ...he's a Comescu."

"He is a Comescu." Kensi said, "But he's still G."

"And would you have said he was capable of murdering someone?" Nell sobbed.

"No! Never!" Kensi said.

"Well that's what he did." Nell sobbed even harder.

"Lay down," Kensi told her and she lay Nell on the bed and sat beside her as she sobbed herself to sleep.

Callen sat in his office as Sam came in, "G, We need to talk."

"What?" Callen snapped at him.

"You killed a DEA agent," Sam told him.

Callen felt like he couldn't breathe, he sat back in his chair trying desperately to get his breathing under control he couldn't afford to break his cover now.

"And...?" He said, conveying no emotion at all.

"Did you hear me?" Sam couldn't believe Callen didn't seem to care; now he knew there was something wrong, "What's going on G?"

"Nothing, I'm running a business, he was trying to stop it...I stopped him. That's that." Callen's cold tone actually made Sam take a step back.

"And when the DEA come after you?" Sam was really worried.

"We shoot them." Callen said coldly.

"G?" Sam begged.

"Sam Johnson, you work for me not the other way round now go and do what you're paid for." Callen said hoping that using his alias's name would tip Sam off as to what was happening.

Sam stormed out of the room trying to get his head around what had just happened.

Nicu stuck his head around the door, "Sir?"

"What." Callen snapped.

"Lucian would like a meeting at his office tomorrow." Nicu told him

"Fine, Where and when?" Callen growled.

"Tallinn in Estonia at 3pm, you can bring one bodyguard." Nicu told him.

"Prep the Jet for an early morning departure." Callen ordered.

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