The Other Side

Chapter 20

Nell woke to a pain in her side which quickly eased and then heard the sounds of the team out on the deck as Kensi walked into the room where she had been sleeping.

"Hey, you awake?" Kensi asked.

Nell smiled, "Yep. Callen set fire to the grill yet?" She asked.

Kensi looked amused, "He done it before?" She asked.

Nell giggled "only the last three times he's lit the thing." Just as she said that there was a round of swearing and Deeks went running past with the fire extinguisher.

They both walked out onto the deck to the site of Callen sat down and Gibbs clearing the last of the ruined meat off the coals.

"I think it's time you let an expert do it." Gibbs grinned.

Sam walked up behind Gibbs with a tray of meat, "He's right G, That's why I had better do it." He grinned.

Callen just rolled his eyes and got up so Nell could sit down. "You ok?" He asked her quietly placing his hand on her shoulder.

Nell nodded. "Yep," She took another sharp intake of breath and he looked concerned and she shook her head to let him know all was ok.

Gavril and Gibbs sat away from the group both with a glass of Bourbon watching Callen with equal amounts of pride, "Thank you." Gavril said to Gibbs quietly.

"For what?" Gibbs asked.

"For being there for my boy when I couldn't." Gavril replied.

"I will always be there when he needs me." Gibbs said and Gavril nodded. "I think," Gavril admitted to the other man, "I may be his father, but you will always be his dad and he needs you in his life, I will not stand in the way of what you both have."

Gibbs smiled, although he'd never admit it Callen held a special place in his life that even his team couldn't fill. He had been there at Callen's lowest points and had been quietly proud of his achievements over the years. "If you need any help..." Gibbs trailed off but Gavril knew what he meant and nodded appreciatively at the other man.

"So..." Gibbs started, "M.J. Do you have any idea what that stands for?"

"Not a clue." Gavril smiled and they both rose from their chairs as Callen called them both over.

"Ok guys," Callen called getting everyone's attention, "I know me being demoted for 6 months isn't a cause for celebration, but we do have other things I need to celebrate with you."

They stood round expectantly waiting to hear what Callen had to say.

"As you know the past seven months have been awful, I want to thank you for being there for both Nell and I through this." He looked at her and snaked his arm protectively around her waist.

"Hey, your family." Deeks said.

Callens smile lit up, "Yea we are. That was something I had a lot of trouble coming to terms with, but with my family about to get bigger it is time to make some changes." A worried look flitted across the teams face until Callen and Nell both grinned.

"Guys, we are having a boy," Nell said and those who didn't already know gave their congratulations.

"Deeks, would you sign this for us please?" Callen asked and Deeks came over "You got all the paperwork sorted then," Deeks grinned.

"What's that?" Sam asked.

"We've asked Deeks if he'll be M.J.'s Guardian if anything happens to us," Callen explained.

"Sam, Kensi, If it's ok with you we would like you both to be Godparents." Nell asked.

"Sure," Kensi grinned, "But I have to ask why make Deeks the poor kids guardian?"

"Well, basically it was the way he kicked my ass back in Romania defending M.J. and Nell when I was screwed up, If he protected that much then, we know he'd protect him with his life if anything happened to us." Callen explained, and then laughed as he saw Deeks blush.

"Between his Godparents his guardian and both his grandfathers M.J. will be one well protected kid," Nell finished and looked up as both Gibbs and Gavril realized they had been included in this.

"So I take it M.J. has an actual name or are you initialling the poor kid throughout his life too."Sam asked.

"Hey it worked for me!" Callen quipped and Nell thumped him on the arm.

"He has a name its...OW!" Nell said.

"OW?" Sam said not getting it.

Callen turned to Nell just as her water broke and her eyes shot up to his fearfully."I'm...I'm not ready." She said quietly. He smiled and helped her up, "Let's go and be not ready together," She relaxed a bit as he helped her to the car.

"Guy's can you grab Nell's bag it's in our room, the baby's coming." He yelled over his shoulder as they walked out.

Deeks ran upstairs for the bag and Kensi sorted out the other bits Nell needed and just like the well oiled team they were in less than two minutes they were all ready to leave for the hospital.

"Can someone call Hetty?" Nell asked, just as Callens phone beeped.

"How in the Hell does she do that!" He wondered as he read her the text, 'Tell Miss Jones not to worry I'm on my way to the hospital'

He fastened Nell's seatbelt, "I love you pixie." He kissed her on the forehead and they left for the hospital.

For weeks later the nurses in the maternity unit talked about the day a young woman came in flanked by five flustered, federal agents and were met at the door by a small woman who had commandeered the situation causing them all to grind to a halt in front of her.

Hetty stood there her hand held up as the group of younger agents came running around the corner pushing Nell in a wheelchair.

"Mr. Callen, this is a hospital, not a drag strip." She said and watched as her charged fell silent. "Miss. Jones you are booked in, I informed the staff you were on your way. If you and Mr. Callen would like to go with the admitting nurse." She gestured to the surprised young woman behind her.

"Yes Hetty," They both said at the same time.

"The rest of you, there is a waiting room here, Mr. Beale is on his way he is just waiting for a replacement in ops."

Sam, Deeks and Kensi turned heel and walked to the waiting room where Gavril and Gibbs were already waiting.

Gibbs smiled and threw them each a magazine, "You're gonna be here a while." He said and settled back with his magazine.

Twelve long hours later Callen walked out into the waiting room.

"Hey guys, wanna meet him?" He asked grinning as they all stood and walked towards him, he turned and they all followed him to a room where Nell was sitting holding a tiny baby with red hair and bright blue eyes.

"Guys, we want to introduce you to Martin Jethro Callen." Nell said smiling.

Deeks and Gibbs grinned, "You named him after us?" Deeks said with wonder in his voice.

"Yeah, but we are still calling him M.J. for short." Callen said.

He sat on the bed next to Nell as he watched each member of his family hold and welcome their young son.

Nell felt him shift and whispered, "G, are you ok?"

"I finally found it... and I had it all along." He whispered back.

"Found what?" Gibbs asked as the others looked at him.

Callen looked around at them all together, beside the woman he loved and looking towards his child.

"Family." Callen replied with tears of joy in his eyes, as his father passed down the newest generation to his son.

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