The Other Side

Chapter 3

Callen was pacing up and down he felt like every nerve ending was on fire and he just wanted to shoot something.

He went to his gym and started punching the bag until his knuckles bled and he still didn't feel any better.

Kensi, as his personal trainer walked into the gym. "G, are you ok?" She asked worriedly looking at his bleeding hands.

He didn't stop punching the bag. "Fine." Was all he uttered.

She placed a hand on his arm and he flinched. "You're bleeding."

He shook her off and started pacing again, "So... Back off Kenz," he growled.

"No." She stood her ground. "I need to know what's up, you hurt Nell."

For a second he looked worried, he didn't want to hurt Nell. But Kensi didn't elaborate, she just looked pissed so he shook her off "She'll live... I have a plane to catch."

He stood up as Nicu entered with his coffee. He took a big swig and Kensi watched all the tension leave him.

"Is Johnson ready to go?" Callen asked Nicu.

"Sure, he's waiting in the hall." Nicu replied.

"And the other stuff." Callen said. Nicu gulped. "All taken care of Sir."

"Well let's go." Callen looked at Kensi and left.

She shuddered, something was defiantly going on with him, and she went into the kitchen and went to pour herself a coffee. Stela, the cook almost jumped on her as she picked up the coffee pot.

"No!... That is Mr. Comescu's personal coffee, we drink this one."

Kensi apologized and made herself a fresh cup.

Sam met Callen and Nicu in the hallway, "He's coming?" Sam asked Callen looking at Nicu.

Callen looked spaced out and confused. "Of course?... I need someone I trust to watch my back," Callen stated.

Confused and a bit hurt Sam climbed into the limo. Hetty had told him to keep and eye on Callen and that was exactly what he was going to do, He wasn't sure what angle Callen was playing yet, but Sam was his partner and would always have his back.

Callen ignored Sam for the entire journey to Estonia.

Nicu and Callen were talking all the way there, Nicu insisting on making Callen's coffee so Sam couldn't even get close to him.

"So you know what I need you to do during this meeting?" Callen asked Nicu.

"But, Sir are you sure?" Nicu's voice shook this had not been a part of his plan.

Callen slammed his hand on the table, "Don't second guess me! He has my father, he is a problem...he needs dealing with."

"But, Sir...?" Nicu was worried just what he had unleashed.

"I swear, you but sir, me again and I will kill you." Callen said quietly. All the blood drained from Nicu's face. "Yes Sir."

Nicu gulped he may be working under orders but he was sure these orders may get him killed.

"Go away now I need some sleep." Callen put his head back and practically passed out.

Sam sat next to Nicu, "You ok man?" He asked.

Nicu rubbed a shaky hand over his face, "Of course. Mr. Comescu is just a hard taskmaster." Nicu was not going to say anything that may get him killed.

Sam sat down not to far from Callen in case his nightmares revealed anything they shouldn't but he was surprised when Callen awoke completely rested and nightmare free an hour later.

"Sam?" Callen said his head spinning.

"Yes, you sleep ok?" He asked

"Sure, where's Nell?" he asked confused.

"Back at the compound," Sam answered , this was getting weird, "G, You do remember being at the compound, don't you?"

"I...I need a coffee, NICU!" Callen called and woke the smaller man up.

"Coffee Sir, right away," Nicu practically ran down the plane.

"G, what's going on with you?" Sam took the opportunity to talk to him alone.

"I...I don't know what you're talking about?" Callen couldn't think he just needed a coffee to clear his head.

His hand shook as he took the Coffee and drank it slowly he relaxed and then looked up as if just seeing Sam there.

"You ready for landing. I have a meeting." Callen smiled the same cold smile he kept reserved for child murderers, the one Sam had seen far too much of over the past 24 hours.

As they landed Callen turned to Nicu, "Make sure the Jet is ready to go in an hour, unless you hear otherwise, and DON'T forget Lucian's little present."

Sam followed Callen off the plane and waited as Nicu caught up to them.

Callen stopped as if a thought had just occurred to him and he suddenly turned to Nicu, "Forget the present I've had a better idea, Lucian will be coming back with us,"

Lucian stood with his back to his car, He had heard reports about the new head of the Comescu family, Gavril he had locked up and safe, he had known that the old man operated by the old codes his father had and had known the old man was trying to close down the supply routes his father had worked hard to establish.

The new Comescu according to his spies was ruthless. He had sent the DEA agent in with Petrov as a test expecting him to take the man and deal with him privately. He hadn't expected Comescu to blow the agent away in front of his right hand man.

Lucian was nervous, he had, as requested, come alone.

He had allowed Comescu to bring whom he wanted as a show of respect. But he was wishing he had brought some back up.

Although he did have the added bonus of knowing where Comescu Senior was, that at least he thought should keep his chances of survival up.

After all, he did have a CIA agent trussed up in his trunk as a show of good faith, which was just a stoke of good luck as his men had caught him trying to free Gavril Comescu this morning, if he had done this would have all been a waste.

Callen's car pulled up and they got out. Callen strode up to Lucian with murder in his eyes. "Remember the rules." Lucian threatened so no one but Callen could hear. Callen grit his teeth and shook Lucian's hand instead.

"How is he?" Callen asked his voice shaking.

"Alive and well for now, I have a gift for you," Lucian opened his trunk and Callen looked in to see Agent Mathers tied up in there.

"Sam...Put this 'gift' in the trunk of our car." Callen said. "I'll have fun with that," he turned to Lucian, "Now as for you..."

"You kill me he dies." Lucian threatened.

Callen laughed and pulled a gun on him, "I can do plenty to you that won't kill you, and went I'm done you'll be begging me to collect my father ."

Callen looked to Nicu, "Take him." Lucian turned to look at Nicu and Callen cold cocked him on the back of the head.

"Take Jack out of the trunk and throw this garbage in, time to go home," Callen said to Sam.

'I hope you know what you're doing G.' Sam thought as he contemplated his partners behavior .

Sam went to put Jack in the car.

"What are you doing?" Callen asked him, and he pulled a gun on Jack.

"G! He's CIA, you can't shoot him!" Sam exclaimed

Callen considered this, which in itself shocked Sam, "Maybe you're right, I could use him, bring him along then." He decided.

As the car left for the airport the satellite watching them disengaged.

In OPS in Los Angeles Hetty Lang looked worried.

She knew in that creepy way she had that something was very off with Callen.

She had seen him shoot the DEA agent and now she had seen him attempt to shoot Jack Mathers who not only was a CIA agent but also a friend of Callens since the incident 6 months ago at the Airport where Jack had not only saved Callen's life but that of his father too. No something was defiantly wrong , she really believed that if Mr. Hanna hadn't been there Callen would have shot Jack without thinking.

"Oh, Mr. Callen, What are you up to?" She said to herself.

She went to her office to make a phone call to the Director of the CIA, "I need access to Vasile Comescu," She said simply

An hour later she was walking through the secure cell block where Vasile Comescu was being held by the CIA, he was sat chained at a table in an orange jumpsuit.

"Hetty Lang, I believe you knew my mother Alexia." He said.

"Vasile, I know you are co operating with the CIA, Do you know what is going on with Mr. Callen." She asked simply not in the mood for small talk.

Vasile grinned at her, "Of course Ms. Lang... It is simply called closure."

He smiled and her blood ran cold.

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