The Other Side

Chapter 4

They pulled up at the compound and Callen practically jumped out of the car, "Nicu, Coffee." Callen said "then you can deal with the garbage, you know where to put him."

"Yes sir."

Nicu bolted to the kitchen where Kensi was sitting at the table. "Stela, Do you have Mr. Comescu's coffee ready."

"Nearly," She stole a glance at Kensi and Nicu noticed and moved himself to stand in her eye line while Stela added her 'special ingredient' to Callen's coffee.

Kensi noticed but didn't say anything.

Callen got fed up of waiting for Nicu and went to his room to change.

"G, you're back," Nell looked up at him hopefully.

"What's that?" He pointed on the ground beside her, she looked down confused she had her gym bag with her but he'd seen it a thousand times.

"What's what?" She replied

"That you're leaving me aren't you?" he started pacing back and forth.

"NO! G!" Nell was incredulous "Something is wrong with you."

"And that's why you're leaving?" He started to panic.

He always knew it was his fault that people in his life never stayed and now Nell! The panic got stronger.

"I'm not leaving!" Nell told him and went to hold him.

Callen pushed her away with so much force that she hit her head on the wall and fell down dazed.

Callen turned to her, "YOU ARE NOT TO LEAVE THIS HOUSE!" he yelled and walked out.

He wasn't sure what was happening his team were supposed to have his back but they were all acting crazy, Sam was second guessing him, Kensi and Deeks were treating him different and Nell was leaving.

He knew he was ok...'I think I'm ok?'s not me.' he shook his head as he walked past Deeks he was talking to himself.

"Bitch, Evil fucking pixie, playing with my head."

Deeks looked up at Callen and the blood drained from his face, he got up and ran to Nell's room and knocked.

There was no answer and Deeks opened the door to find Nell groaning on the floor. "Deeks," She sobbed as she got up. He helped her to the bed his face like fury. He pulled himself back as Nell glanced up and shrank from him.

"I'm sorry Nell, It's just ...This brings back memories for me. You're ok though aren't you?" He asked.

She smiled "just a's just I'm..."She cut off there was no way she was going to finish that sentence aloud until she talked to Callen.

"Deeks, this isn't G, There is something really wrong with him, and I know he's obsessed with saving his father, we all are, but his personality has completely changed. I'm scared." She admitted

"I'll get the others." Deeks left to get Sam and Kensi.

Hetty looked over at Vasile sitting there completely impassive even though internally she was shaken by his last statement.

"What did you do?" She said menacingly.

"I made a deal with Lucian Tariceanu he took Gavril for me to get Callen over there and now your Mr. Callen is on the trip of his life." Vasile gave the same cold smirk Callen was famous for. "By the time you get him back...if he makes it ...He will have lost everything he ever held dear."

Hetty was furious and what was worse Vasile knew it and knew there was nothing she could do.

"What did you do to him?" Hetty asked again, "Mr. Comescu, who else are you going to be able to tell how clever you've been, I can ensure you that you will never again see another human soul."

Vasile grinned, "I had my staff dope him up on Dextroamphetamine, he's got a nice high regular dose now and when you all try and 'save him' the cure will be even more painful."

Hetty stood up and walked out. Once the door closed she leant against a wall with one hand on her heart, from inside prison the man had managed to cause more pain to her team than she thought they could bare.

Kensi, Sam, Nell and Deeks all sat around a small table in the garden. Nell sat wearing a hoodie and sunglasses to hide the bruise that was forming on her face and the ones on her arms. "What the Hell is going on." Kensi asked looking worriedly at the state of Nell.

"G's gone nuts." Sam said simply, "Yesterday he nearly shot a CIA agent, you know Jack Mathers. He has him locked up around here with that Lucian guy."

"Do you think it's a cover or a power thing from being surrounded by his other family?" Kensi asked.

"He's not been right since the first morning we got here." Nell said.

Sam's phone rang, "Johnson." He said looking around at the others motioning them to keep quiet.

"Hetty," He breathed a sigh of relief. "There isn't much to report...What!...Callen?" Sam shoulders slumped not wanting to be disloyal.

"Vasile did what?" Sam jumped up, Nell visibly flinched and the others looked up. "Thanks Hetty, that explains a lot." Sam slammed the cell on the table.

"Vasile had G drugged, It's not his fault, that asshole Nicu is giving him Dextroamphetamine in his coffee, G probably doesn't know which way is up right now." The others looked stunned.

"We need to tell him." Nell said. "I'll tell him."

"NO!" Deeks exclaimed, "Until he's better you're not going near him."

"I'll tell him, I'm his partner" Sam said. "You need to take Nell and find somewhere safe for her,"

"No, I'm staying here." Nell stood her ground, "I love him and I'm not going when he needs me."

They all agreed and headed back to the house, not realizing Callen was watching from his office window.

"Nicu, I want you to take over the office." Callen loaded his gun and placed it in the holder in the back of his jeans. "I'm going to Tariceanu's to find my father."

"Sir will you be taking your bodyguards?" Nicu was worried, the whole plan was coming down right now, this wasn't what Vasile had in mind.

"Na, "Callen smirked, "I'm bloody invincible."

"But, Sir?" Nicu started to try and stop him.

Callen drew his gun and shot Nicu in the shoulder, "Patch that up and do your job." He walked out.

Deeks took Nell back to her room and Kensi went into the kitchen and grabbed Stela, "You knew didn't you?" She said "It's in the coffee isn't it?"

Stela smiled, "Vasile pays us well," She said.

Kensi picked up the coffee jar and smashed it.

"You will not prepare any of his food and drink again." Kensi growled at the woman who hurriedly left.

Sam walked into Callen's office to find a shot and bloody Nicu lying against the wall. Sam hauled him up by his shoulders, "You're plan backfire a bit did it?" Sam sneered, "Where's G?" he demanded.

"H...He's gone...he's out of his head." Nicu stammered as wave after wave of pain shot through him. "He's taken one gun and is taking on the whole Tariceanu compound by himself he thinks he's invincible."

"Why did you give him the drug?" Sam asked him.

"Vasile, my boss, he wanted to destroy both Gavril and Grigore," Nicu smiled, "And it's too late for you to stop him, hopefully they will both die and the family can go back to normal."

Sam slammed him against the wall. "If anything happens to him, I will personally come find you and kill you."

Sam rounded the others up, "G's gone..." He told them. Nell slumped into a chair.

"He's gone...?" She asked weakly.

"He's headed to the Tariceanu compound to find his father and he's gone alone."Sam informed them.

"But he'll die!" Kensi said.

"We have to bring him back." Deeks stated, "So let's get to it."

They got up to leave and Nell hung back.

"I...I can't go." She said.

Kensi looked at her, "That's ok you can co-ordinate with Eric, fill him in on what's happening and see what eyes we can get on him."

Nell let out a huge sigh of relief and smiled, "Now that I can do."

She went into the office and synced up her computer with the ones in OPS.

She grinned as Eric's face swam into view, "Hey Eric, can you get Hetty?" She asked.

"Sure, "Nell watched as Eric walked off. She opened a bottle of water and sat back waiting for Eric and Hetty to return.

"Miss Jones?" Hetty said,

"Hetty, G's gone off alone to the Tariceanu compound to find his father, Sam, Deeks and Kensi are following him, but we need eyes there, they have their earwigs so you can contact them." Nell told her.

"Don't worry my dear, you rest and Mr. Beale and I will bring them home safe and sound." Hetty words had a soothing effect on Nell. She smiled and broke the connection knowing they had the best back up now.

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