The Other Side

Chapter 5

The Jet stood at the airport as Callen stumbled his way up the stairs. He stopped as he saw Sam Kensi and Deeks sitting there waiting for him.

"Get out." He growled at them.

Sam stood up and maneuvered Callen into his seat and put his seat belt on. He nodded to the flight attendant who closed the door and the plane prepared for take off.

"G, you've been drugged man." Sam said as he got up from his seat after take off.

"Don't be daft I'd know if I've been drugged." Callen snapped.

"What about your behavior, your mood swings and attacking Nell," Deeks said.

"Evil pixie was messing with my head, she deserved it," Callen's mood was sinking fast.

He started pacing up and down the jet until he realized there was no way out. Then he sank into a chair while Sam had a hand on Deeks' chest to stop him from launching into Callen with that last statement.

"She did nothing except love and support you." Deeks said accusingly hoping Callen would realize this wasn't right,

"Get off my case; I don't need you...any of you...just leave me alone this isn't your fight." Callen moved as far up the plane as he could get from them, "I just need a Coffee," He said reaching for the ready made pot. Sam strode up the plane and knocked the pot out of his hand, "its drugged man, Drink this." Sam handed him a bottle of water.

"SAM!" Callen threw a punch at him and Sam manhandled him back into his seat. "No, you're not drinking or eating anything we don't give you."

Callen felt like his skin was on fire and he was shaking "Please Sam, I need a coffee or at least some Advil, My head is killing me." Sam grabbed the bottle of water and some Advil and handed them over. "Take these and rest when we land well check in with Hetty and sort out a plan to get your father out."

"I have a plan..." Callen said a bit put out.

"What's that?" Sam asked patiently

"Kill em all?" Callen said hopefully and Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Great plan and if they shoot you?"

Callen grinned, "Not a problem."

Sam shuddered "OK, G. Just try and sleep"

Less than five minutes later Callen was flat out.

The others sat around a table and Sam filled them in on the whole conversation he had, had with Hetty on the way to the Jet.

"She said that this drug is Dextroamphetamine and he will have some major problems getting it out of his system, Although going in now to get his father is a good idea with Lucian not being there we have to watch his back. We need to take him as leaving him here isn't an option."

"Why not? He's out of his mind and we are taking him on an Op?" Deeks asked.

"It's hard enough keeping him in one place in L.A. Could you imaging him in this state running around Estonia. Callen will get his dad with or without our help. I'd just rather we had his back that's all." Sam stated.

Deeks nodded understandingly.

Hetty sat in Ops while Eric talked to Nell over the network connection they had opened so she could keep an eye on things.

"Nell, the jet should be landing now so we'll be able to talk to them in about 5 minutes" Eric told her.

"I hope they're ok." She was more worried about Callen but also she was scared what he might have done to the team while in his current state.

"I'm sure he'll be fine Miss. Jones," Hetty said with less conviction than she felt.

Sam cut in over the loudspeaker, "Eric you there?"

"Yes we're all ready for you," Eric said

"Ok we've booked into a hotel for the night, Callen is wiped, so we will be ready to go this time tomorrow, I need you to send us blueprints of the Tariceanu compound and any other information you and Nell can come up with." Sam requested.

"Good luck Mr. Hanna we will check in with you in 24 hours." Hetty told him and they signed off.

They took two rooms in a hotel just off the main square in Tallinn. Kensi and Deeks took one and Sam and Callen took the other. They sat in Sam's room at the small table cleaning their guns while Callen slept in one of the beds on the far side of the room.

"You ever known him to sleep so much?" Deeks asked.

"Not as long as I've known him, do you think it's a side effect of the drugs Sam?" Kensi asked him.

"I don't know." Sam answered honestly, "I hadn't thought to ask Hetty what the side effects were I was more interested in catching up with G."

Callen started tossing in his sleep; his teammates threw a worried glance his way. "Maybe we should wake him up and give him something to eat?" Kensi said.

Callen suddenly shot up from his sleep and grabbed his gun, "Sam!" he yelled. Sam jumped from his chair and ran over to Callen.

"G?" Sam realized Callen wasn't fully awake, "its ok."He tried to reassure his partner and grab the gun that Callen was waving around the room.

"No, He's going to hurt Nell, Gotta stop him!" Callen cocked the gun but Sam got hold of it.

"Nell is safe," Sam told him but Callen wasn't listening, "Why don't you understand?" Callen begged, "They made an evil me...He's hurting her...Please Sam...Save her!" He was sweating and trying to hit something only he could see.

Callen couldn't understand why where his teammates just standing there laughing, he could see the evil version of himself standing there laughing with them and he could see this Comescu version hurting Nell and they weren't helping her. He felt Sam pull him away and he looked at Sam his heart breaking, "Please Sam...Save her." He didn't matter but she was his world she couldn't be hurt. Then a man from before was brought in, a DEA agent and he saw his evil self shoot the man and turn the gun on Sam.

"NO!" Callen screamed and rushed the Evil version of himself.

Sam and Deeks grabbed Callen and laid him back down on the bed and held him as he thrashed against his nightmare.

"Are they usually this bad?" Deeks asked.

Sam looked shocked, "Never, Kensi call Hetty see if you can find out what we are dealing with here?"

Kensi picked up the phone and called Hetty's private number.

She described what had just happened with Callen and heard Hetty sigh, "I had hoped Ms. Blye, it wouldn't be this bad." Kensi braced herself and put the phone on speaker so the others could hear as Callen lapsed back into sleep.

"The main things you will see are..." She moved some papers as she read the side effects from a sheet of paper. "Fatigue, depression, increased appetite, anxiety, irritability, headaches, agitations hyper-somnia and suicidal ideation."

"He's been sleeping a lot and we think he just had a hallucination." Sam told her.

"Make sure he drinks and eats plenty of untainted food," Hetty replied worriedly "his state of mind may be unbalanced right now but knowing Mr. Callen he will focus on finding his father and keeping Nell safe. If you can keep him focused on those things when Mr. Comescu is safe and you are all back at the compound we can work on getting him better."

"Thanks Hetty," Kensi said. At least they now knew what they were dealing with, but none of them envied Callen right now, his head was a place that not one of them ever wanted to be.

As Kensi shut off the call, Callen opened his eyes "Hey guys," He grinned like nothing had happened, "Any chance of a coffee?"

"NO!" they all chorused and Callen flinched "OK, I'm just starving, anything to eat then," He smirked and Sam Jumped up and gave him a pre-packaged sandwich.

Callen looked around the room, "Where the Hell are we?" He asked.

The others looked confused, "Tallinn, Estonia." They answered

"Cool, I'm tired," He said and lay back on the bed.

Kensi groaned "It's like trying to keep up with like five different people at once." Deeks smiled at her "it's like having kids." He laughed quietly.

Kensi elbowed him in the rib, "Never, will I have kids if they are that manic."

Sam pulled a blanket over Callen and walked over to the table. "Eric sent me the blueprints for the Tariceanu compound, Check them out and then you two can go get some rest."

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