The Other Side

Chapter 7

As soon as they arrived at the compound Gavril fired all the staff.

Within ten minutes the only people on the premises were Callen, Gavril and the team, plus Jack Mathers and Lucian Tariceanu in the basement.

Nell came running down the stairs and threw herself into Callens arms," I missed you," She said as they pulled apart, She gave Deeks a pointed glare as she noticed the look he was giving her and she kissed Callen forcefully to emphasise her point.

"I missed you to pixie." He grinned at her and stroked a stray hair from her eyes.

"Right, "Gavril said as he took charge, "First things first lets get rid of all the drugged food and clear the bugs from the room."

"Bugs?" Sam asked.

"Yes, Lucian had the rooms bugged so he knew that Grigore was complying with the drugs and the deal he made to keep me safe." Gavril exclaimed.

"Kensi, Deeks, you guys can go on a supply run, I'll take the bugs." Sam said.

"G, I need to talk to you." Nell said pulling him off to one side.

They all busied themselves with their jobs and Nell and Callen went to their room, "Nell, I'm sorry, I'm not sure what I did but I'm assuming by the way the others acted I hurt you?" He said looking her up and down and seeing a few bruises hidden under her make up.

"It's ok I know about the drug they were giving you." Nell said

"What did I do...did I give you those bruises?" he asked her.

She turned him around and sat him on the bed, "I don't blame you." She said staring into his eyes so he knew she was telling the truth.

His eyes slipped ashamed to the floor, "So your not leaving me?" he asked a small flare of hope burned in his chest, although he knew he had hurt her and she should leave him for that alone.

"What!" She exclaimed cupping his face in her hands, "Leave the man I love for a life as a single parent?" she said and waited as her words sunk in.

"You're...I mean we're..."Callen stuttered

"Having a baby yes," She grinned at his lopsided grin and laughed as he swept her up and kissed her.

"When?" he asked "Are you ok?" he asked gently putting her down.

"Yes, I'm ok and in six months." She admitted, "I wasn't sure until I got out here."

His eyes widened in horror, "You didn't drink any of the drugged coffee did you?"

"No they wouldn't let me have any of your personal food." She said relaxing him.

Callen smiled and the left hand in hand looking for the others, finally Callen thought something right was happening.

Once the bugs were cleared and Deeks and Kensi were back from the supply run, Gavril meet them in the Kitchen, Jack had been brought up, cleaned up and Gavril had explained what had happened.

"So what's our next move?" Jack grinned at Gavril happy to have his partner back.

"Interrogate Lucian, See what he knows clean up here and go home." Gavril said, leaving out kill Lucian and Vasile for betraying me and mine.

Jack nodded "I'm, ok with that." He agreed.

Callen and Nell came walking in with a huge grin on there faces, "Food! YES! I'm starving." Callen said and grabbed a plate of food.

He stopped and looked at Sam, "That's ok isn't it?" He asked waiting for Sam to leap across the table and take the plate from him. Sam smiled "It's ok now." He assured him.

Callen grinned and set the plate in front of Nell, "You need to eat." He gave her a fork and went to get himself another plate.

"So you two are ok?" Sam asked Nell.

Callen stood behind her and put his plate on the table, kissed her head and sat down. "We're more than good," He said to Sam, "Come on pixie you're eating for two now," He grinned as Sam and Gavril took in his words. Sam grinned and hugged Nell, "Congratulations."

Callen turned to his dad, "ai de gand sa fie un bunic."

Gavril hugged Nell as well, and turned to her, "Thank you Nell, this is a thing I thought I would never see, our family being healed."

Nell let a tear of joy out and sat beside Callen as they ate lunch.

Deeks and Kensi walked in "Great food!" Deeks exclaimed heading for the food.

"Nell's pregnant" Sam told them, Kensi grinned.

Deeks dropped his plate, "I'm not hungry," He said and walked out.

"Deeks!" Sam called after him.

"Wait I'll go we have to sort this now!" Callen stormed off after Deeks.

Deeks sat on a window ledge looking out into the grounds.

"Deeks, we have to talk." Callen said.

"Why, cos you said so?" Deeks shifted uncomfortably.

"What's going on?" Callen was genuinely confused.

Deeks stood up his hands balled in fury and yelled at him, "You beat Nell up...Get her long before you start on the kid!"

Callen stood there in shock, "Marty...I..."

"You don't have any idea what its like being in a family where you're the punching bag, you can say you'll love this kid, but the anger is in bad day and that kid'll become the outlet for your anger, if your lucky you'll kill it or Nell and they wont have to live with the monster you are inside."

Deeks knew tears were flowing and he couldn't hold them in, "Don't you dare tell me you didn't or you don't remember or it was the drugs, they are all excuses. You did it plain and simple, why in the HELL would you want to willingly bring a child into that!" Deeks stormed off leaving Callen to his thoughts.

Callen collapsed back onto the window ledge, then ran into the kitchen and skidded onto his knees by Nell "Did I...Did I hit you?" he asked his eyes tearing up.

" pushed me but you never hit me!" She told him.

"Deeks thinks I'm a monster and I will end up killing you and our baby, I won't I swear I won't "He pleaded with her.

She held him, "I know you won't, I LOVE YOU and we are not going anywhere."

Kensi put an arm on Callen's shoulder, "I'll talk to him." She said and went in search of Deeks.

Deeks was sat outside his head between his knees trying desperately not to vomit.

"Marty?" Kensi sat beside him.

"I know...I shouldn't have, but I just lost it." Deeks said

"You've known Callen for long enough to know how he really is, family is the most important thing to him,"

"I picked Nell up off that floor, and all I saw was my mom." He cried openly as Kensi put her arm around him, "I just was my biggest fear that I would see it happen to someone I cared about and I couldn't save them"

"Nell is ok, Callen loves her," Kensi said.

"Now, what if ...what if this happens again." Deeks asked scared for Nell and the baby.

"It won't, Now you and Callen need to clear the air." Kensi sat with Deeks till he was ready to go back.

Sam, Callen and Gavril, went and brought Lucian up from the basement to the office.

Lucian sat in the office tied to a chair.

"Your plan failed." Gavril told him and Lucian smiled at him coldly.

"I don't think so." Lucian told him.

"I'm not drugged anymore," Callen said smugly yes he was still having anxiety attacks but mostly he was feeling better.

"You were only part one of Vasile's plan," Lucian said, "You were meant to discover the drugs and go through withdrawal."

"What would that accomplish?" Sam asked concerned for his partner.

"Nothing except maybe screw with his mind a bit, the best is yet to come."Lucian laughed, "Vasile is still one step ahead of you." He looked pointedly at Gavril. "How long has it been since you've eaten at my compound?" He asked.

"About 12 hours." Gavril didn't like where this was headed but played along anyway.

Lucian smiled, "I would write my will if I were you, in about 120 hours you will be dead, you Mr. Comescu have 5 days left to live. Vasile is the only one with the antidote and he is in prison in the USA. So Gavril, my old will die!"

Gavril sat back in his chair, pulled his gun and Shot Lucian, "That is better than you deserve." He said.

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