The Other Side

Chapter 8

"They poisoned you...we have to get you back to L.A. get the antidote from Vasile." Callen was shaking. "KENSI...DEEKS!" he yelled down the hall as they came running.

"Callen...I..." Deeks started.

"Not now! My dad's been poisoned, we have to get back to L.A. Vasile has the antidote."Callens voice was close to breaking.

Nell had rushed off to start packing the computer equipment.

In what seemed like no time at all they were all packed and on the jet bound for LA. Nell and Callen were curled up on the long sofa asleep and Kensi and Deeks were cleaning their guns with Sam as Gavril sat at the back on the phone to Hetty. "We will need access to him, can you arrange for Vasile to be at the boathouse after we land."

He paused as Hetty talked on the other end, "Yes I will have some of my people to help escort him."

He sighed and nodded at something she said, "Yes, he will be fine, he's a fighter...very well I will call just before we start our approach." He finished up his call and went over to the others.

"Hetty is arranging for Vasile to be transported to the boatshed for interrogation for when we land," He told them.

"Are you sure he has the antidote." Sam asked worried.

"He'll give it to me; I intend to see my grandchild born, Sam." Gavril said looking him in the eye.

Deeks looked over at Nell and Callen asleep. "Do you think he'll forgive me Sam?" He asked quietly.

Sam nodded, "Callen's never really been the sort to hold a grudge, just give him space and time. He definitely won't let any thing he's feeling effect work, so you'll be ok there."

As they landed there were 2 dark SUV's waiting for them, Hetty stood outside one.

"With me." She said to Gavril and they took the first one "Mr. Callen you too!" she looked over at him. The others took the second SUV and followed them.

Callen sat in the back with Gavril as Hetty turned to the driver. "You know where to!" she said. She looked at Callen and Gavril in the rear-view mirror, both had identical looks of confusion on their faces.

"What?" Callen asked.

Hetty looked at him incredulously, "Mr. Callen, you've been taking Dextroamphetamine while away and Mr. Comescu, you have been poisoned with an unknown drug and you both look confused as to where we are going?" Hetty paused waiting for the inevitable fall out!

Callen looked at her in horror, "HETTY!" he whined.

"You will both get checked over at the hospital and then you may go to the boatshed to interview Vasile." She said.

Gavril nodded agreeing to her request and looking at his son who shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"This will not take too long I hope," Gavril said really wanting to get his hands on Vasile.

Four hours later Callen was ready to bust out; he'd had his bloods taken to see the amount of Dextroamphetamine left in his system. He was pacing up and down in the room with Sam sat at the door watching him.

Sam stood up as Callen made a bolt for the door for the fifth time. "Your staying put!" he told him.

"But I could wait in my dad's room just as easy as mine." Callen argued.

"Your dad has his own tests going on, "Sam argued gently, "You'll just slow them down. Let the doctors do their jobs."

Kensi popped her head in, "Is it safe to come in?" She grinned as Callen sat on the examining couch, bouncing his right leg with nervous energy.

"Sure," Callen grinned, "You can help me convince Sam to let me outta here."

Kensi shook her head, "No can do, sorry." She smiled as Callen pouted. "Hetty and Deeks are in with your dad now, I'll go check in with them," Kensi said, she stopped as she saw the dark look that crossed Callen's face. "Deeks is sorry you know."

Callen nodded, "I doesn't make him any less right though." He mumbled.

"G!" Nell stood up from the chair she'd been dozing in, in the corner, "Deeks is wrong, you won't ever hurt either of us. He just cares."

Callen wrapped an arm around her for support and pulled her close, "I know pixie," He said. "I know what he went through and why he said what he said. He cares about you both but I can't shake the feeling he may be right, I... I mean I know I was on those drugs but I did hurt you."

Callen hugged Nell and whispered something in her ear. Her face lit up. "Do you really think so, that's a great idea."

Callen smiled back "Go ask him." He said as Nell went off in search of Deeks.

Gavril was just as antsy as Callen was in his room.

"Henrietta, it's been four hours, we need to get to Vasile and question him." Gavril stared her down.

"Your tests should be back soon," She placated him, "then we will have a better idea of what we are dealing with."

"We could just go and 'talk' to Vasile." Gavril moaned wanting out of their as soon as possible.

Hetty sipped from her teacup a smile playing across her lips, "You know when it comes to hospitals you and your son are very alike."

Gavril raised an eyebrow in surprise, "We are?"

"Yes you both HATE them," she stated.

"I don't hate hospitals I hate wasting time." Gavril said simply and Hetty looked on with a disbelieving smile.

The doctor walked into the room and they both turned to look at her.

"Whatever this poison is, it is a designer drug, it has been targeted to Mr. Comescu's DNA and I'm afraid the only chance of an antidote quickly is to find the person who made it." She said sadly, "We will of course continue here to try to create an antidote."

"Thank you." Gavril said and stood up, "Now, Can I leave?"

Hetty nodded, "Shall we check on your boy." She said and Gavril nodded following her out of the room.

They passed Nell and Deeks in the hallway just as Deeks' face lit up like it was all his Christmases at once, "Really?" He said to her, she laughed and hugged him, "Really, now will you come in and see him?" she asked and tugged his hand to follow her.

All four entered at the same time, followed by another doctor. "Can I ask that family only be here please while I talk to my patient? "

Kensi, Deeks and Sam left to stand outside followed by Hetty, "Do you think its bad news?" Kensi asked nervously.

The doctor looked at Callen and smiled, "Mr. Callen you'll be pleased to hear the worst is over, according to you blood tests most of the drug is out of your system apart from some increased appetite and maybe sleeping a bit more you are back to normal."

Nell smiled as squeezed his hand, "Thanks doctor," She said.

"I'll be back with your discharge papers." The doctor smiled and left as the others came in worriedly

"How bad?" Sam asked fearing the worst.

"Clean bill of health and free to go." Callen grinned.

Gavril turned to Hetty. "NOW we go and see Vasile." He said.

An hour later they arrived at the boatshed. Gavril was pleased to see two of his men on guard outside and two of Hetty's agents were inside. Agents Michaels and DeSoto stood up as Hetty entered, "We've given him food and water, but no one has spoken with him as per your orders Ma'am." Agent Michaels said.

"Thank you, we will take over from here." Hetty said and the two Agents left. She then turned to Gavril, "I think it would be best if I left too."

Gavril nodded, as she left.

"I'll go and talk with him first," Callen said.

The others sat back and watched as Callen entered the room. "Cousin." Vasile said looking up at him.

"What did you give him?" Callen asked, leaning over the desk and looking Vasile straight in the eye.

"I see your feeling better." Vasile countered.

"I want the antidote." Callen thumped his fist on the table his eyes going cold.

"I want to never see the inside of a jail cell again, we can't all have what we want now can we cousin."

"You deserve to be in jail." Callen spat at him

"And you don't, you killed a federal agent and yet you're out here and I am in chains. Oh wait, no, you killed TWO federal agents I forgot about Mr. Kort."

Callen sat back realizing what Vasile was up to and refusing to be baited.

Gavril opened the door, "Talk, we can come to a deal where I PROMISE you, you will NEVER see the inside of a jail cell again."

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