The Other Side

Chapter 9

Gavril emerged after 'talking 'to Vasile, "The antidote is in a locker at the bus station on East 7th Street. Locker number 716"

"On it!" Kensi and Deeks rushed out of the building with the key Gavril had tossed them, Vasile had kept the key hidden on him as a get out of jail free card.

"Son, When I have taken the antidote Hetty wants you all to head to OPS to write up your reports my men and I are to escort Vasile back to prison." Gavril said to Callen. He didn't like having to lie to his son, but it was necessary.

"Maybe I should head back with Nell anyway; she's looking a bit tired." Callen conceded "Sam can you stay here with my dad just to make sure he gets the antidote." Callen was worried, but the sight of Nell falling asleep on a chair made his mind up for him.

He lifted her up to her feet, "Come on Pixie, and let's get you back to ops." Nell's eyes lit up, "I have missed my computers," She grinned.

"Geek!" He rolled his eyes at her.

"Neanderthal!" She joked back. She gave Gavril a hug, "See you soon."

"You will and you take care of that grandchild of mine." He watched with Sam as they left the boatshed.

Ten minutes later Kensi and Deeks arrived back with the antidote and Gavril took it, "Hetty says you're to get back to the hospital to check out that worked. Gavril nods "I will have my men sort out transport for Vasile, then I will head over there, you all need to head to ops"

The others left and Gavril sat on the chair, he sighed deeply worried for his family. Then he walked into the room where Vasile was sitting.

"Now for my part of the deal." He said to Vasile.

"You are letting me go, Uncle?" Vasile asked him.

Gavril smiled the same smile that Callen was notorious for using to scare suspects. "In a manner of speaking, I'm sending you to your mother...eventually." Vasile's eyes grew wide with terror.

"Vasile, you are a more than others should know what a Comescu does when there family is threatened and," He paused for effect, "You HURT MY BOY!" he snarled in Vasile's face.

Gavril looked up at his men, "Take him to warehouse 1."

"No...NO! You work for the CIA...YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" Vasile screamed as Gavril's men dragged him to the van outside.

Callen placed a sleeping Nell on the couch next to the bullpen and went into Hetty's office.

"Hey, Hetty." Callen said and sat at her desk, "I just heard from Kensi. Gavril's got the antidote; he's going to transport Vasile back and then head to the hospital."

"Why would he do that, I have agents coming to pick up Vasile."

Callen's gaze darkened, "Maybe it was something he needed to do."

Hetty wanted to say more but she shook it off. "I have information for you; The 'DEA agent' you shot was working for the Tariceanu family. His whole information was faked and he wasn't really a DEA agent so you won't be charged with his murder as it was in the line of duty."

"But Hetty!" Callen said feeling guilty.

"Mr. Callen that is the last I will say on that subject," Hetty snapped.

Nell walked into Hetty's office and grabbed Callen hand," Hetty we have something to tell you."

"Miss Jones, I already know that you and Mr. Callen are in a relationship," Hetty said looking at them both.

"Yes," Callen said hoping that Hetty wouldn't transfer him, besides he thought she worked in ops so it wouldn't affect any of the teams' performance. "But she's pregnant." He held his breath waiting for her to get angry.

She smiled "Congratulations. Obviously Miss Jones will be unable to assist in any field work that is required, but I am pleased for you both."

Callen let out the breath he had been holding, "Thanks." He grinned really pleased they had made it through this.

"Mr. Callen could you contact Gavril and let him know we are sending agents to pick up Vasile."

"Sure, Hetty," He went off to his desk. As Hetty went and poured Nell a cup of tea and they sat and discussed babies.

Callen slammed the phone down on his desk "Damn!"

"What's wrong?" Sam asked,

"I can't get dad's cell. What the hell is he up to?" Callen was visibly frustrated. A part of him still wondered every day if his father would up and leave him. Not being able to get in touch with him fed fuel to that fire.

Callen cell beeped with a text so he picked it up.

'Sorry son this needs to be done will be in touch soon. Love you. Dad.'

Callen threw the cell the length of the bullpen and it smashed on the wall "SHIT!" he got up and almost crashed into Hetty.

"He's left again!" He said to her

"You don't know that." Hetty reasoned picking up the remains of his cell and looking at him with a raised eyebrow "Take what is left of this to Eric and get him to run a trace on the text. And Mr. Callen...I WILL be billing you for your cell."

Vasile woke up tied to a metal frame. His hand s and feet were bound and there was a frame rising above his body with lasers marking points on his body and ominous looking holes in the frame.

"Gavril...w...what is this?" He asked.

Gavril lent over him and smiled, "This is what happens when someone puts a hit out on my family. Don't worry it will be recorded and distributed to the other members of the Comescu family. It is an ingenious device, when I switch it on the pipes above you will be filled with acid, the lasers control the rate of flow...if you move acid will drip on you the more you move the more acid will be released. So I suggest you don't move too much."

"NO! YOU CAN'T!" Vasile screamed.

Gavril hit a button and Vasile heard the liquid fill up the pipes. He turned his head to try and get away as small drops of acid hit his skin, He screamed as the acid burned through his clothes and into his flesh.

"Don't worry, this is only for the first day if you live I have lots more fun planned for you. But Vasile I have kept my word and you will NEVER see the inside of a jail cell again."

He walked out laughing as Vasile's screams where shut off by the door closing and just before the door closed Gavril pressed the record button on the camcorder by the door.

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