Fairytale of LA

Chapter 12

The team entered Callen's room just as a nurse stepped out after giving Callen some painkillers. Callen took them and relaxed back against the pillows.

"Hey, G." Sam smiled at his partner. "Or do we call you something else now."

Callen smirked at him "G's fine,"

When everyone had found somewhere to sit Callen filled them in, well as much as he wanted to share, his first name, he decided stayed his until he shared it with someone else.

His eyes kept flicking to Nell, just making sure she was unhurt, she had a dark bruise forming over her right cheek from where Korolyov had backhanded her.

"You ok," He asked quietly as she was sitting beside his bed, she smiled, "It'll go, it's just a bruise." She snuck her hand into his and gave it a squeeze, and let go just as fast.

"So you now know what my son wishes you to know," Gavril said.

"So where have you been all his life." Sam asked protectively.

"I have when I could be, been nearby." Gavril answered guardedly although he was glad his son had someone who cared about him that much in his life. "You are his partner, yes?"

"Yes," Sam's eyes flicked towards Callen, who was starting to doze due to the pain medication.

"Good, you have been good for him I think." Gavril smiled.

Gavril's phone rang, "I need to take this," He went out into the hallway.

Hetty turned to the others, "I think we should let Mr. Callen sleep now." The others nodded and got up to follow.

Callen grabbed Nell's hand, "Stay?" he said, and Sam and Kensi gave her an enquiring look. Nell nodded "I'll stay here." She held his hand as Hetty ushered the others out.

Gavril walked over to a pillar, "Ilena?" he said "Ce este greşit, nu... fiul meu este in siguranta ... foarte bine, ţine-mă informat."

He put the phone down and walked to Hetty, "We need to talk." His face set controlling his emotion.

She followed him away from the group.

"I just spoke with my niece, Ilena, Someone has been down to Venezuela, looking for me, and She was worried they were looking into my son too."

"Gavril, I had hoped this was over, will you leave again?" She asked.

"Soon I may have to for a while, but not yet. I will have my men look into it." He smiled. "I will not leave him again if I have to. "

"Are you going to tell him?" Hetty stared at him pointedly "I don't want to have to pick up the pieces if you just leave him, not again."

"I will soon, he needs to heal, worry will make that harder, besides Henrietta you know what my son is like, he would haul himself out of that bed and try to hunt whoever is chasing me down," Gavril said resignedly.

He walked off to make another phone call and Hetty went back to the team.

"I have talked to Mr. Callens doctors, He will be in here for a few more days, and then he will be recovering for a few more weeks,"

"He's going to hate that." Sam grinned.

"Miss Blye, Mr. Deeks, you should head back to OPS, I have sent Mr. Beale a text message, if you could get onto that assignment for me," Hetty smiled as two of her agents left. "Mr. Hanna I need you on protection detail." She said.

"Who for?" Sam asked confused.

"Mr. Callen, but it is imperative he does not know." Hetty said, she held up a hand as Sam was about to protest about keeping Callen in the dark about something again, "We have received word that someone is asking about Gavril and Mr. Callen, If he got wind of this you know he would hunt them down and he needs to heal, I leave the choice to you then Mr. Hanna, which do you want to do."

"Damn you Hetty," Sam was furious, "I want to tell him, but as usual you're right, If I tell him it's exactly what he would do."

"Miss Jones, will be under your protection too," Hetty said.

"Nell? Why?" Now Sam really was confused.

"Because... If Mr. Hanna, I needed to explain all my decisions to you, you would be my boss! Suffice to say it is necessary." Hetty gave him a look and Sam backed down.

Callen woke up to see Nell asleep with her head on his arm; He reached over with the other arm and stroked her red hair. He smiled as she stirred, "Hey pixie," Hr grinned at her, She smiled back up at him "How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Better, I think, "He moved a little wincing where the stitches pulled.

"Hetty says I can take time off when you come out of hospital, if you want." Nell said.

Callen grinned "Recovery won't be so bad then" Nell smiled back at him and his heart jumped. Of course Hetty would know about them being together.

"So do you want to explain what happened just before Christmas?" Nell asked him, Callen swallowed; sometimes she could be as scary as Hetty.

Kensi and Deeks walked into Ops as Eric turned around, "You took ages!" he queried.

"Kensi...Doughnuts," was all Deeks said and Eric nodded understanding, "Hey!" Kensi complained, "All night at the hospital."

"How are Callen and Nell?" Eric asked.

"Nell has just bruising, Callen's awesome," Deeks grinned.

"I thought he got shot?" Eric said confused.

"He did, but he met his dad too." Deeks explained. Eric nodded understanding, "That explains my assignment." Eric replied.

"Hetty has had me research a guy called Gavril Comescu, rumor is there are some guys in Venezuela trying to track him down, and do you think he's the guy after Callen?" Eric asked.

"Erm... nope, He's Callen's dad." Deeks replied with a lopsided grin.

Eric's eyebrows shot up in surprise and his jaw dropped. "Wow!" was all he could say.

"So what are we needed for?" Kensi asked.

"There has been some chatter within the CIA asking about this Comescu guy, Hetty has cleared it with the CIA Director, you and Deeks will be going into CIA as transfer agents, just to do a bit of digging, they think someone in the CIA is giving the information about Comescu's whereabouts to whoever is after them."

"You'll report to Director Petraeus' office first thing tomorrow morning."

"Backstopping?" Kensi asked.

"You'll have your covers before you leave this evening, the Director knows who you really are so you won't need to act with him, and he also knows why you're there." Eric informed them.

"Thanks Eric," Kensi said and she and Deeks headed downstairs to look at the files Eric had sent to their laptops.

Gavril and Hetty walked back into the hospital.

"Back again Hetty?" A nurse called out to them, Hetty turned and smiled, "Claire, my dear, yes our again I'm afraid."

A look of worry crossed Claire's face and Hetty placed a comforting hand on her arm, "No, dear, this was the line of duty,"

Claire nodded knowing better than to ask, she took a double take at the man beside her, "Hetty?" she asked and Hetty nodded, "Oh my God...He found you," she breathed shocked.

"Yes, Claire... he did." Gavril smiled.

"How...how did you know my name," Claire asked confused.

"How could I not know the people my son trusts with his life?" Gavril replied and gave her a curt nod and walked off.

Hetty smiled at Claire and told her what room Callen was in and left after extracting a promise from Claire to visit Callen later.

They nodded to Sam who was sat outside Callen's room and then they entered Callens room to find Callen and Nell asleep with his arm draped over Nell's neck and her head laying on the bed bedside him.

Gavril smiled at Hetty as they sat down, "She will be good for him I think?" He said.

Hetty nodded in agreement.

"Here is the file I promised you, " Hetty gave a USB drive to Gavril, "You will need to come in to be debriefed."

Gavril nodded, "You or the CIA?" he asked.

Hetty turned to him keeping her voice low, "We think there is a mole in the CIA, I talked to the Director and two of my agents are going in undercover, I have his permission to debrief you."

"Good," Said Gavril looking tired, "Maybe soon it will all be over."

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