Fairytale of LA

Chapter 13

Sam put his head in the door to check on Callen and Nell, "Hey guys how's it going." He asked.

"Fine," Callen grinned at him, "Hetty letting you off work to come visit?"

"Er, Yea."Sam faltered luckily Callen missed it looking at Nell who was working on her laptop curled on a chair in the corner.

"So..."Sam took a deep breath, "Do you two have a 'thing'?"

Nell blushed and shrank behind her laptop as Callen laughed, "Actually, yeah."

Sam grinned in surprise, "How, When?"

"How, well late nights lots of talking and Heck! She's cute!"Callen said," And when...Erm, about 6 months" he admitted.

Sam shook his head in wonder, "I'm your partner and I never saw it coming!"

"That was the idea," Nell piped up, "If you didn't know then it didn't affect G's work and he wouldn't be transferred."

"Cool," Sam was genuinely pleased for his partner "You deserve some real happiness in your life man,"

"Thanks," Callen said a bit bashfully, Nell moved to sit protectively beside him as she saw Sam going through the past few days in his head.

"So why...?" He started to ask.

"Sam, we've talked about it and we're good," Nell said fully intending to fill Sam in on everything, as he did need to know but not in front of Callen, whom she felt didn't need to relive the past few days again. Sam nodded understanding, they were both coming from the same place, protecting Callen, and he could live with that.

"So Sam, you up for giving us a lift home tomorrow, they are finally letting me out but no driving for another week," Callen said ruefully.

"Sure, both of you?" Sam asked.

"We're going to the same place," Callen grinned being intentionally cryptic

Sam nodded. "Nell, Hetty's on her way over soon, you wanna help get the coffees in?"

"Sure," Nell said. "You. REST!" she ordered Callen as she walked out with Sam.

"So what's so important you can't tell me in front of Callen?" Nell asked Sam

"I'm on protection detail, for both of you." Nell's hand flew to her mouth in shock, "Sam, is someone still after Callen or his father?" She asked.

"We don't know, Gavril is being debriefed by Hetty and we heard people were asking about him in Venezuela we think a CIA leak. Kensi and Deeks are off the meet with the Director of the CIA tomorrow."

"You need to tell him." Nell stated fixing Sam with her best 'Hetty' stare.

"I can't Hetty's orders," Sam explained "She thinks Callen will try to go it alone, He's got too much to lose now, and he needs to heal."

Nell sighed, "You're right, but if anything goes wrong, I'm telling him."

Sam nodded, "You know you're a lot like Hetty."

Nell just gave him a lopsided grin, "Come on, Coffee."

Kensi and Deeks arrived at the office of the Director of the CIA.

Director Petraeus opened the door and invited them in. "Agent Blye and Detective Deeks come on in."

"Thank you Director, although while we are here, I am Agent Kara Jackson," Kensi said, "and this is my partner, Agent Martin Peters."

"Of course, I take it you've been read in on the Comescu file?" The Director asked,

"Read it, lived it, brought the T shirt," Deeks quipped. Kensi just gave him a 'good grief' look.

"Mostly." Kensi replied trying to keep the air of professionalism going. "We know about Clara Callen Comescu and Gavril Comescu; they were both agents for the CIA?"

"And you know about the blood feud with the Comescu family that started in the 1940's when George Callen killed Niculaie Comescu, who was gun running and human trafficking during world war two?" The director continued, "When Clara and Gavril joined us in the 1960's Gavril gave us enough information to nearly wipe out the whole human trafficking operation, but his sister took up as head of the family and they rebuilt." He paused for a moment to let them take all this information in. "After your operation a year ago we thought, except for Ilena who lived with her husband in Venezuela, the whole clan was gone. We were wrong we now know that Vasile Comescu escaped and is trying to get revenge, Ilena and her family was found murdered this morning." He finished.

Kensi sat back it was a lot to take in even Deek's humor had fled at this.

"Someone in my organization leaked Ilena's whereabouts, she was under our protection." He Continued. "This needs to stop, we owe Gavril Comescu a great debt, and his son was a great Agent during his time with us."

"He still is," Kensi smiled. "So where do you need us to start."

"I have a group of three agents that have access to that file, I have recently grouped them into a team, and I need you both to go in as trainers. Take them one at a time, gain there trust and see if you can find anyone communicating with Vasile."

"That's fine," Kensi smiled, this might not be so hard after all.

"Oh, and your superior will be Agent Trent Kort." The director said.

Both Kensi and Deeks groaned. The director grinned, "I take it you've met."

They both nodded and stood up as Kort walked into the room.

"Agents," He said raising an eyebrow "NCIS coming to see how the big leagues work?"

"Nope," Kensi grinned, "We're slumming it." Deeks looked at her proudly.

The director coughed, "To work people." He gestured them out of the door.

Kort walked them over and introduced them to their new team, "People, "He said and three heads snapped up, "These are Agents Jackson and Peters, your new trainers."

"Hi," Deeks grinned and Kensi glowered at them, already slipping into the persona's Eric had created for them, There were three men, the nearest stood up and held a hand out to Deeks. "Hi, I'm Agent Tom Smith; these are Agents Jack Mathers and Carl Samuels." Deeks took his hand and shook it, "Agent Marty Peters "He replied Kensi shot him a look of annoyance as he shortened his first name again." And this is Agent Kara Jackson (The ball buster,) "he whispered conspiratorially. The others laughed until Kensi shot them a look.

"Hand to hand combat, Training room 5 minutes" She said coldly. Half an hour later all three men where writhing in pain on gym mats with Kensi and Deeks looking at them, "Told ya." Deeks said and helped the three men up.

By the time they made it back to the office, Deeks had their trust and Kensi had their respect.

After four hours of debriefing Gavril and Hetty walked out of the boatshed.

"Gavril, you need some rest, do you have somewhere to stay?" Hetty asked him.

"I have somewhere, I will wash up, rest and head to the hospital, Grigore is being released later, I would like to finally be there for him."

Hetty dropped Gavril off at a small non - descript motel and headed home.

Gavril entered his room and finally rested more than he had done in 35 years.

Three hours later he called a cab and headed off for the hospital.

Halfway there the cab pulled up to the sidewalk and another man climbed in.

"What is going on?" Gavril went to pull his gun as his vision clouded.

"Vasile says hi." The man said as he pushed the last of the liquid out of the syringe into Gavril's neck.

Hetty turned up at the hospital and filled Sam in on the arrangements for moving Callen and Nell to a safe house to recuperate.

"G will want to know why he's not going home." Sam queried.

"We have found a place big enough for Mr. Callen, Miss Jones and Mr. Comescu. As far as Mr. Callen needs to know it is for them to bond and him to heal."

Sam nodded, Callen would he thought appreciate that,

"Is Gavril here yet?" Hetty asked.

"Not yet," Sam replied.

Hetty nodded and walked into see Callen and Nell, "Good afternoon, Mr. Callen and Miss Jones." She said. "I hope Mr. Callen you have behaved yourself and are still due to be released today."

Callen nodded, "Yep, freedom looms." He grinned. Hetty smiled to herself, it was nice to see Callen smiling so much.

"I have taken the liberty of arranging a safe house for yourself, Miss Jones and your father; it is a place where you may heal, privately"

Callen nodded "Good idea."

Hetty smiled and dropped two bags of clothing at Nell's feet, "one bag each should suffice I think, the kitchen is stocked and Mr. Hanna will be staying too, for protection," She held up her hand as Callen started to protest. "You are one of my best agents, this is for your safety." She stated.

"Ok," Callen sighed knowing it was futile to protest, "When will Gavril, get here? Or is he meeting us there?"He asked.

"He should have been here a while ago, if he isn't here soon I will wait for him and you and Nell will go with Sam," Hetty told him, "He looked pretty tired, he may just have overslept."

A dull ache started in Callen's chest, 'what if he's gone again?' he thought, but he pushed the panicked thought down and hid it.

"Are you both ready? " Sam asked as he stuck his head around the door.

"Yep," Nell said as she helped Callen on with his trainers and handed Hetty the discharge papers.

"See you soon," Hetty said and watched them leave.

As soon as they were out of sight she was on the phone. "Where are you, Mr. Callen has left for the safe house, you said you would be here."

Three minutes later she was worried, "Mr. Beale I need you to run a GPS trace on the last number dialed from my cell."

She shut her phone and headed to OPS. "Oh bugger!" she swore.

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