Fairytale of LA

Chapter 14

Gavril woke up, his head was pounding. Whatever drug had been used on him was leaving his system and his vision finally cleared.

He was in a basement locked in a cage, there was light coming from somewhere but he couldn't see a window.

"You're awake," a voice came from out of the darkness.

"You... Out of everyone at the CIA that could betray me I never thought it would be you." Gavril said resigned.

"Well, I'm a man of many talents." The shadowy figure said. "Don't get comfy; I'll be moving you as soon as Vasile is in the country."

"Te voi ucide tu!" Gavril spat at the man.

The man laughed, "Better men than you have tried." He looked at his watch, "Come on time to move you," He took out a syringe and drugged him again.

Callen held Nell as they sat on the sofa in the safe house, it had been four hours since they had arrived and Callen was starting to worry. Hetty had left them at the hospital saying she would join them and Nell was urging Callen to rest.

"But pixie, maybe I should just call Hetty, just to find out what's happening?"Callen argued. The knot of apprehension was getting tighter in his chest.

"I'll get Sam to call," Nell said, even she was beginning to think something was wrong, more than anything she just hoped they had been delayed her worst fear was that something had happened and Gavril had left Callen again. Unfortunately that was going through Callen's mind as well.

Nell noticed Callen was shaking. "Hey G, it's ok, it'll be fine."

She looked up as Sam walked into the room, "Can you grab his medication?" She asked him worriedly.

She took the medication and a bottle of water and tried to get Callen to swallow the pills. He panicked and pushed her away, "NO! Not gonna."

"G, please it's going to be fine." She pleaded with him

"He's having a panic attack." Sam said. He held Callen from behind and rocked him, "Just keep talking to him, "

Nell stroked his face and kissed him, "Come back to me, its ok. G, I need you please."

She took his face in both hands, "I'm sorry," She breathed looking at Sam, "GRIGORE CALLEN COMESCU!"

Sam's eyes went wide as he realized he had just heard Callen's full name.

Callen blinked, "Nell?"

"Oh thank God!" Nell said and flung her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

"What happened?" Callen asked.

"You just had a full blown panic attack." She told him.

"OK?... Is that why Sam's hugging me, like a girl?" he asked confused.

"It's SEAL training," Sam said quickly letting go and backing off as Callen raised an eyebrow at him.

"Did you call Hetty?" Callen asked.

"On my way," Sam said and hurriedly left, making a mental note to let Hetty know what had just happened.

Kensi and Deeks walked up to Trent Kort's office with their first assessment, So far none of the Agents they had been given, looked like a good candidate for their mole.

"Where's Kort?" Kensi asked the Agent at the desk next to his, the small woman shrugged, "Dunno, but I hope he stays there." She replied. Kensi understood where she was coming from.

"If he comes back can you ask him to contact Agent Jackson?" She asked sweetly. The woman nodded and looked up "Sure." She replied.

"So much for him being around and available." Deeks moaned.

Kensi stopped as her phone rang. "Hetty?" She said as she picked it up.

"Gavril Comescu had been taken," Hetty informed her.

"How, We've been with the Agents all day, even had lunch together?" Kensi reported.

"Very well, keep in touch," Hetty replied.

Hetty put the phone down from talking to Kensi and realized she would have to call Callen and let him know, her last hope was Gavril's GPS on his phone. Maybe Kensi and Deeks could find him before she had to tell Callen he was missing. More than anything she wanted him to heal rather than charging around the city trying to find his father, and causing him more injuries in the process.

Hetty walked into OPS and put he hand on Eric's shoulder which made him jump. "Er...Hetty?" Eric said. "Mr. Beale have you managed to trace the GPS on that number I gave you?" She asked him.

"Yes, Sorry I did send you a message I just didn't think it was that urgent, Gavril must be being debriefed, He's at the CIA headquarters." Eric said

Hetty looked confused, "I debriefed him?" She said to herself as she walked out.

She went to her office and called the director of the CIA, "Is Gavril Comescu with you?" She asked and waited while the man on the other end answered.

"Very well." She said and put the phone down. She redialed Kensi, "Miss Blye, Have any of your team has been out of your sight today?"

"None, Hetty why?" Kensi said confused.

"Gavril Comescu is missing, according to Mr. Beale he is in the CIA building or at least his phone is, wait..." Hetty checked some more information Eric had sent to her desktop, "Apparently, he's in the basement of the building,"

"On our way," Kensi said, knowing this assignment was over and time was of the essence she grabbed her gun and yelled "DEEKS!" across the office and ran for the basement.

Deeks jumped up much to the surprise of the other agents who for want of knowing what else to do followed them.

They ran down the stairs and kicked the basement door open, Deeks went in first, "CLEAR!" he yelled and Kensi was hot on his heels.

They saw Gavril's phone on the floor and some blood.

"Shit!" Kensi swore; she grabbed her cell, "Hetty? He's gone; we'll check the area out and check in."

"Can we help?" Tom asked.

Kensi shook her head and looked at Deeks, "Callen's gonna be pissed." She said

Tom on his way out the door stopped, "There really is a Callen?" He asked

"What do you know?" Deeks asked him.

"Apart from the stories..., I know that Kort really hates the guy."Tom replied.

"We need to talk." Deeks said "Come with me," He looked at Kensi, "Boatshed?"

She nodded and they left together.

Tom sat in the interrogation room at the boatshed drinking a coffee, "So who are you guys?"

"The A team," Deeks quipped and grinned at Kensi

Tom knew he wasn't going to get a straight answer out of them but he did like them and really wanted to help.

"Kort called the three of us in a month ago and read us into a file called Comescu," He explained, "He really sounded like he hated these guys, I think the family are into Human Trafficking and is run by some guys called Gavril Comescu and an ex CIA agent called Callen." Tom grabbed the laptop Kensi had brought in for him and opened the file Kort had given him to show them.

"We are being trained to find them and take them out," Tom said, "The quicker they are off the streets the safer the world will be."

"Kort lied to you," Kensi said simply, "Do you have any idea where he is?"

Tom shook his head, "Sorry, no."

"We are gonna have to keep Tom safe," Deeks said, "If Kort finds out he's talked he may come after him,"

"I'll talk to Hetty," Kensi walked out of the room.

"Sorry Tom," Deeks apologized, "I know this isn't what you signed up for but you have to trust us."

"So who do you work for?" Tom said, he wasn't trusting Deeks until he knew that.

"NCIS." Deeks said. "Your director asked us to look for a mole, turns out it was Kort. He was setting you up."

Kensi walked back into the room, "We've got to take him to Sam." She said. Then she looked at Tom, "You armed?" She asked him.

He handed her his gun, "OK, You need to remember everything you were told about Gavril Comescu and Callen is a lie."

"Ok but why?" Tom said.

"We are putting you in a safe house with Callen. If you injure him in any way, know that WE will kill you." Kensi said putting her point across.

Sam stood up as he heard a car come up the driveway,

"Kensi's here," He grinned.

"Sam, this is Agent Tom Smith," Kensi introduced them, "Nell Jones and Callen." Tom backed off for a second when Callen was introduced but quickly hid it at a glare from Kensi and shook hands.

"Kensi? Any word from my dad?" Callen asked.

"Still being debriefed G; I'll call you when he's done." Callen relaxed a bit and leant back against Nell.

"How you feeling?" Deeks asked.

"Sore," Callen admitted, as Deeks sat down with them and Sam and Kensi showed Tom his room.

"Wow, Sorry" Deeks said as Callen caught him staring, "I still can't believe you and Nell are together."

"That's ok Deeks, we are constantly amazed you make it through each day without Kensi killing you so maybe it's time we amazed you for a change," Nell shot back smiling,

"G, she's picking up your sense of humor," Deeks grinned, he looked up as Kensi walked down the stairs, followed by Tom and Sam.

"Deeks." She said and he stood up.

"Good luck finding him." Tom said, Kensi flinched imperceptibly as her and Deeks left but Callen caught it.

"Who is she after?" He asked Tom as Sam and Nell walked into the kitchen.

"My boss, Trent Kort." Tom replied.

"Ублюдок" Callen swore.

"I take it you don't like him either?" Tom smiled

"Not a bit," Callen admitted, "Why is Kensi after him?"

"He's kidnapped some guy, He'd trained my team to take this guy out and it turns out he's not the asshole we thought he was." Tom replied.

Callens throat tightened as his instincts kicked in, "Who?" He asked suddenly fearful of the answer.

"Some guy called Gavril Comescu." Tom replied.

Callen stood up and dropped the glass he was holding.

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