Fairytale of LA

Chapter 15

Callen quickly composed himself.

"Sorry," He said to Tom and picked up the glass. He got up as if making his way towards the kitchen he put the glass down in the hallway and walked out of the door.

Quickly making his way to his room he pulled his SIG from his bag and grabbed a hoodie. Halfway down the stairs he saw Nell, "Hey where you off to?" She asked worried.

"Just going for a walk around outside I'm feeling a bit cooped up." He said

"Do you want me to come along?"

"No I'll be fine, it's just the garden." He bit off the rest of the sentence not wanting to say anything to upset her, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, "I love you, you know." He breathed in her ear.

"I know," She grinned, "I love you too." She went to put her arms around his back but he stopped her.

"Ok I'll be back later." He looked her in the eyes, as if trying to commit her face to memory and then walked out.

She carried on walking up the stairs a small knot of dread beginning to tighten in her stomach.

Callen walked down the driveway, realizing he wouldn't get away with taking the Challenger, he got to the road and started looking for a car her could use. He was so focused on this task, he didn't notice the black van that slowed beside him until the doors opened and he felt a pricking sensation on his neck, his hand whipped up to his neck and he looked at the tranquilizer dart as he lost consciousness and crashed to the grass.

Kensi and Deeks had doubled back to the CIA realizing that Carl Samuels and Jack Mathers were read in on the false Comescu file and maybe they could lead them to Kort. They watched as they signed a black van out of the garage and followed it as it headed around the city, staying far enough back that whichever one of them was driving wouldn't figure out they were being followed.

After about 2 hours the van doubled back for the last time and headed to a familiar area of the city.

"Is this the way to the safe house?" Deeks said.

"It may just be a coincidence, but give Sam a heads up call just in case," Kensi ordered and Deeks sent him a text. Kensi raised an eyebrow at him questioningly. "What! You want Callen to 'accidentally' overhear?" Deeks questioned her.

"No, you're right." She replied.

"Hey, Isn't that Callen!" Deeks exclaimed and they both looked on in horror as the van drew up beside him and he was tranquilized and thrown in the back of the van. Deeks started to open the car door to help but Kensi stopped him, "We have to find out where they are holding Gavril, its' our only link to get to Kort." She said, Deeks reluctantly agreed with her and called Sam to let him know what had happened to Callen.

Then he called Eric so he could keep Sam informed as to where they were.

Sam stormed into the living room with an equally furious Nell on his heels.


Tom looked up confused. "What Callen?"

"YES CALLEN!" Nell yelled as well.

"Hey, Calm down, he just asked about Kort. So I told him about Kort taking that Comescu guy why?" Tom was still confused, "I know your guys were read in on the Comescu file so why are you so mad?"

"Callen is his son, we weren't telling him to avoid THIS scenario!" Nell growled at him. Tom was scared that someone so small could be so intimidating.

"What scenario?" Tom asked.

"Callen went after his father, he's just been drugged by your two 'fellow 'agents and thrown into the back of a van, presumably to meet your boss." Sam had calmed down a bit but was still livid.

Tom was shocked he hadn't realized all this had happened, "Come on, I know where we were told to take them when they were captured."

"What you were going to captured them?" Nell looked scared

"I didn't know then what I knew now, I was only following orders." Tom said defensively

"Just drive," Sam growled handing him the keys, "But if you double cross us I WILL shoot you!"

Tom gulped and got in the drivers seat.

Callen woke up, his head pounding and blood pouring from a cut above his eye. Gavril was crouched protectively over his son. "I swear, you touch him again you're a dead man!" he snarled.

Kort laughed, "He had it coming."

"He's unconscious, He can't hurt you." Gavril pleaded.

"Ah, but luckily only you were specified unharmed, and I OWE Callen, he's been a thorn in my side for years."

"Please..." Gavril begged as Kort pulled back his leg and gave Callen another kick.

Callen groaned as pain exploded in his side and he felt some stitches rip.

"He won't die yet, Vasile is on his way here, he's decided there have been enough screw ups and he wants to watch you both die with his own eyes." Kort turned to the two junior Agents, "Sir?" Carl said, "Don't you think it's a bit harsh I mean; that Callen guy is already injured?"

"Agent Samuels, These men are human traffickers and arms dealers; do you think they deserve our sympathy?" Kort said ushering him out.

"Not..." Callen groaned.

Jack went and got him some water and went in the cage they were being held in as Kort took Carl out the back.

"Here you go," Jack handed Callen a bottle of water. Callen took it but sniffed it before he drank it.

"Not what?" Jack prompted, hoping he could get more information before the man was handed over.

"Not...traffickers...Agent...NCIS" Callen coughed up blood and Gavril looked stricken at him, Jack's eyes widened in shock, "You're undercover ... He is though isn't he?" He looked over at Gavril.

"No." Callen breathed, "Kort...Rogue Agent." Callen passed out.

"Please, he's telling the truth, Contact Hetty Lange NCIS." Gavril whispered. Jack was suddenly afraid; what if they were telling the truth, Hetty's name was legendary in the CIA.

"I'll help," Jack said and left.

Meanwhile Kort had taken Carl out the back.

Jack snuck into the bathroom and called Hetty on the number Gavril had slipped to him.

"Hello?" Hetty voice came.

"Is this Hetty Lang?" Jack asked,

"Yes, who is this?" She asked him.

"Jack Mathers CIA. IS Callen an agent of yours, Please it's important I need to know?" he begged.

"Yes, Mr. Mathers. Do you have him and Mr. Comescu?" Hetty asked.

"Yes, my boss, Trent Kort has them at Compton/Woodley airport, Hanger 13, they need help."

"It's on its way Mr. Mathers." Hetty informed him and ended the call.

Hetty contacted her agents and the CIA to get a SWAT team there as soon as they could. Eric hacked into a security camera inside the hanger and they were shocked to see Callen and Gavril in a cage, with Gavril gently cleaning his son's wounds with his shirt.

"Keep an eye on our boys Mr. Beale," Hetty said and walked out.

They pulled up at Compton/Woodley airport near the row of hangers; "He should be in hanger 13. We were to take them there to wait for pick up." Tom explained.

They got out of the car and saw Kensi and Deeks and went over to them.

Kensi turned on Tom, "Whose side are you on?" She hissed venomously at him.

"Kenz, it's ok," Sam said playing peacemaker, "He's here to help."

"Eric's just called, we are to hold, and the CIA is sending a SWAT team. Jack called from inside the Hanger, Callen told them they were NCIS and he called Hetty." Deeks explained taking a deep breath to tell them the next bit. "Kort's beaten Callen pretty bad." Nell tried to grab Sam's gun to go in but he held her back. "Whoa! Nell, we have to wait for back up."

"But, Sam...!" Nell exclaimed

"He'll be ok, Nell, it'll be fine."

Deeks looked around the corner at the Hanger and grabbed Kensi's arm and got her to look as Trent Kort came out with Carl Samuels.

"What the Hell was that!" Kort yelled.

"He didn't need to be kicked again," Samuels yelled back.

"That is my decision," Kort said,

"I'm not sure about this, I want out." Samuels said to Kort. Kort nodded and pulled out his gun and shot Carl in the head without even blinking, "There... you're out." He smiled at Carl's corpse and walked back into the hanger.

Deeks staggered back a step, "That guy's nuts."

They stopped looking at each other and taking in what they had just seen, behind them a plane came into land and went into the hanger, "That'll be Vasile Comescu." Tom told them.

Kensi whirled on Sam, "We have to go in now or Callen's dead!"

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