Fairytale of LA

Chapter 16

Callen woke up the pain in his head making him wince.

He looked up at his father in the corner, "Are you ok?" Callen asked him, Gavril smiled, "You've been kicked to hell and back and the first question you ask is, am I all right!"

"That's not an answer." Callen groaned.

"I'm fine. I think that man, Jack, believed you. Hopefully he will call Hetty and we won't be here too long." Gavril hoped he could lift Callen's spirit a bit.

Kort walked over to the cage they were locked in.

"Vasile is on his final approach, you two might want to say your goodbyes." Kort smirked.

"Never knew you cared," Callen spat at him.

"For twenty million dollars, I care about anything I'm told too!" Kort replied.

"Wow, I didn't know I was worth so much," Callen quipped.

Kort gave him a cold smile, "You're not, He is. You are an added bonus," He laughed "You honestly thought for one moment you were worth something Callen, people have been throwing you away your whole life, I thought you'd would have figured out you were worthless by now."

Callen flinched and looked at the floor, "HE WAS NEVER WORTHLESS TO ME!" Gavril snarled at him and put himself between Callen and Kort.

Callen looked up at his father; tears stung his eyes, "if we don't make it out of this, thank you for that." He said as Kort stormed off to meet the plane.

"Grigore, it is true. No matter what happens, know that your mother and I loved you very much." Gavril said. He didn't want it to sound like a goodbye speech, but there had been no movement outside and Jack hadn't come back so he figured Kort had killed him and there would be no rescue. Gavril was even out of reach of his men, so as far as he figured maybe this was just his time. He had talked to his son again and had no regrets. As long as this ended with his boy safe he could die happy.

"We are NOT dying here!" Callen said.

He had pushed all his emotions down and was fishing around the back of his jeans. He pulled out a bobby pin and grinned, "I think it's time we left." He said and started picking the lock.

"You couldn't have done this earlier?" Gavril asked him.

"Nope," Callen admitted, "Just stopped seeing double. Shit!" He said as he dropped the pin, "Ok so nearly stopped seeing double."

Just as Kensi was about to storm in by herself, The SWAT team arrived and Sam briefed them.

"We have two hostages and a CIA agent in there plus a Rogue CIA Agent and the head of a crime family, so be careful and no shooting to kill." Sam ordered.

They geared up and headed to the hanger.

Vasile stepped out of the plane and shook hands with Kort. "I hear you have them both." He could barely contain the glee in his voice. After all these years the family would be fixed and the two problems that were left would be erased.

As they walked into the hanger Kort realized what Callen was trying to do and drew his gun, "Callen, I suggest you move back before I shoot the old man," Kort threatened. Callen blanched and moved away from the door.

"Vasile," Gavril snapped looking at the younger man.

"Hello uncle, it's been a while, Tallinn in Estonia was the last time I got this close to you." Vasile said. Then he looked at Callen, "Cousin."

At that Kort looked up surprised, "He's a Comescu?" Vasile nodded, "No wonder they were trying to protect each other, why didn't I see it he's your father!" Kort exclaimed

"Because, you always were a lousy Agent "Callen spat at him.

"Oh this is just fucking precious," Kort grinned, "Poor old Agent Callen, always looking for his family; they hated you so much, they were the ones trying to kill you." Kort laughed hysterically. Callen just shook with rage.

"Get them out, I want this over," Vasile ordered.

Kort opened the cage and put his gun to Gavril's head. "OUT!" he ordered. Then he grinned at Callen, "I hear you watched your mom die, guess what, you get to watch your dad die too!"

Vasile held Callen tight with a gun at his temple. Callen tried holding it together as a wave of memory and emotion hit him and his knees buckled as her remembered his mother's murder.

Vasile grinned evilly as Callen dropped and tears rolled down his face, Kort's face mirrored Vasile's like two evil twins at Christmas.

Vasile nodded at Kort, "Do it." He ordered and Kort pulled the trigger.

All hell broke loose Kort dropped the gun, screaming as a bullet tore through his hand, He looked over to see Sam holding a smoking gun, "NCIS FREEZE!"

Callen not even reacting grabbed the fallen gun and shot Kort. Sam came up behind him, "G, it's ok you're safe."

Callen dropped the gun but didn't dare look over to where his father was. He just stayed on his knees shaking.

"I...I can't..." Callen said and blacked out from his injuries.

Vasile was under arrest, he knew this was the end. There would be no more feuds now. It was over. The CIA took him into custody and the paramedics took Callen to the hospital with Nell refusing to leave his side.

Hetty got the call a few moments later, she informed Director Vance of the outcome and asked him to pass on the details to Director Petraeus then she headed to the hospital. As usual she was where she needed to be.

Again Callen could hear beeping, he wasn't going to open his eyes yet, when he did it would be real. For now he wanted the dream, his family all together and safe.

"G, please come back to me," He heard Nell's voice and wanted to be there, but he didn't want to wake up yet. This was safe; he didn't want what awaited him out there. Except for her.

He opened his eyes slowly, "Nell," He croaked.

"Thank God," Nell cried and kissed his forehead. "Welcome back." She smiled at him. He looked at her, He needed to ask about his father but he didn't want to know the answer he already knew he was alone again.

"I'll let the others know your awake." She said and left the room. He looked around, there beside his bed was the pink carnation in a glass vase that was always there when he woke up in hospital, for a moment there hope flared in his chest, followed by grief. He had heard the gunshot. There was no way his father hadn't been killed by Kort.

He picked up the vase and threw it at the door as his team mates opened it to come in.

It shattered inches from Hettys head, Hetty never even flinched. "Mr. Callen?" she asked him.

"That's not funny." He said shutting her out and closing up his emotions.

"Your right it's not, how do you think your father would feel if he saw you behaving like this?" She said.

He gave a broken laugh, "He won't feel anything ...Ever" he whispered the last word.

"I thought you two had started to bond?" Hetty said sounding confused.

"Yeah, well, we aren't going to finish are we...just ...please leave me alone." Callen said to them all.

Sam suddenly figured it out, "G!" He walked up to Callen and touched his arm, "He's not dead!"

Callen looked confused. "But..."

"The CIA took him for a final debrief, he's on his way here now." Sam explained, "I shot the gun out of Kort's hand before he could shoot him."

Hope flared in Callen for a moment and he looked up at Sam, "he's not dead?" He asked guardedly, Sam could see how much Callen wanted to hope but how scared he was. Then a voice came from behind Sam,

"No I'm not." Gavril, moved Sam and walked over to Callen's bedside, "I had assumed that the flower I left for you would have assured you of that, but I think that was wrong considering the amount of glass on the floor over there." He walked over to Callen and grabbed his hand. "and I'm not going anywhere." He affirmed.

A nurse opened the door to the room, "Erm...excuse me, family only please." She stood looking at them.

"They are my family," Callen said.

"And they all lived happily ever after," Deeks joked and then yelped as Kensi slapped him around the back of the head.

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