Fairytale of LA

Chapter 2

Hetty had just put her book down and was surprised when her intercom went off announcing Sam Hanna at the gate. She buzzed him in and went to meet him at the front door.

"Mr. Hanna, to what do I owe the pleasure?" She asked.

"I think Callen's missing." Sam said.

Hettys' brow furrowed at the news. "Do you believe he has been compromised?"

Sam shook his head, "I don't know. What I do know is that I was going to ask Callen to come to my house for Christmas this year and he's been strange for a few weeks. He gave me the impression he was going away with Eric, but I just talked to him and he isn't there."

Hetty sat down and picked up a cup of tea, she too had noticed Callen putting his defenses up again with his team, which was the main reason why she had thrown their Christmas party, she had thought when he had relaxed their that maybe whatever had been bothering him was over, she explained her misgivings to Sam and as an afterthought asked him, "Have you tried calling him?"

Sam had in fact tried calling on his way over to Hettys and Callen had picked up the first time

"Hey Sam, Is it an emergency?" he had asked.

"No, but…" Sam had started to explain

"Right." Callen had cut him off and had refused to answer any more calls from Sam.

Hetty looked at Sam, "So you don't think he's been compromised, but he isn't answering his phone, that's unusual?" This really had her concerned.

"Normally, I'd go to Eric and track him, but he's away and I don't know I just have a really bad feeling," Sam told her, "I went to his house, his stuff is still there….. Well, all but the box he keeps on the mantelpiece."

Hetty picked up her cell and dialed Callen's number, but it went straight to voicemail.

"Mr. Callen, Call me now!" Hetty left the message on his cell but then turned to Sam, "Do you know what was bothering him?" she asked

Sam shook his head, he had done nothing but rack his brains, and as far as he was concerned nothing had happened.

Hetty's phone rang, she picked it up and answered, "Mr. Callen where are you."

"I'm fine Hetty," Callen slurred on the other end of the Phone.

"Mr. Callen, are you injured?" he sounded disorientated. Her blood ran cold as he giggled down the phone. "Not yet!" he laughed a hollow empty laugh.

"Where are you?" She asked again, Sam could hear her almost pleading.

This scared him, Hetty never sounded like this.

"What'd you care" Callen slurred and Hetty heard a smash in the background, "OOPS!"

She raised an eyebrow, "Mr. Callen, Are you drunk?"

"I'm working on it….." He said.

Hetty wrote on a piece of paper call Nell get her to try and find his GPS. And handed it to Sam.

"I care.... Callen, please where are you?"

"Visiting family." Callen replied, "Gonna see Amy."

He went very quiet.

"G?" Hetty asked worried something had happened.

Callen let out an exasperated noise, "God! Am I that much of a Charity case that you're calling me by my first letter…"

He sniggered "See! I can't even call it a name."

Hetty heard Callen undo another bottle of whatever he was drinking and heard him take a swig.

"I was looking for you to come to my house, you need to be with family over Christmas," She said.

He was silent on the other end…

"I will be soon enough….." he trailed off.

She heard him sob over the phone.

"I just wanted to tell you, I ain't been burned, so you're ok," He paused for a moment, then very quietly, almost inaudibly he said, "I'm sorry."

Without another word Callen hung up.

Hetty turned to Sam, "Did you find him?" her face was a picture of worry, not only for her agent but for the man she thought of as a son.

"Nell's using her home laptop so it's taking a bit longer, I've called Deeks as he's still in town, and He's on his way here." Sam told her.

Sam's cell rang and Nell told him she had Callen's cell's GPS at Rosedale Cemetery off Venice Boulevard.

Sam called Deeks and told him where to meet him, "There's an LAPD stop-in center near there I'll call them see if they can send someone to keep an eye on him till we get there." Deeks suggested.

"Thanks man," Sam said and got in the Challenger.

Hetty elected to stay behind telling Sam when they had him to bring him back there or call her with the new, if as she feared something bad had happened, she couldn't face seeing him like that.

As she watched Sam peel out of her driveway she looked to the heavens and prayed.

Deeks and Sam pulled into the cemetery's parking lot at about the same moment.

"Hey," Deeks said to Sam and walked up to the LAPD beat cop standing outside, "Hey Jack, I owe you for this one."

"Na, Marty, this makes us even ok." Deeks smiled and shook his hand, "So is he still there?"

"Has hardly moved, we didn't approach him as you said he may be armed….is he a cop?" Jack Morgan asked him.

"Something like that, I'll deal with it from here." Deeks said.

"Anytime," Jack smiled at Deeks he was one of the few cops at LAPD that actually liked the guy.

Sam called Hetty.

"He's alive," He told her and waited as he heard her let out a relieved breath. "He doesn't look good, but I can't see anyone else around, I'm going in."

"Keep your phone on please Mr. Hanna, I may be able to help."

"Of course." Sam replied. He put his phone on speaker and headed towards the broken looking man in front of him.

Callen was in a drunken stupor, leaning against his sisters grave and holding onto the box from the mantelpiece.

"Hey, Partner?" Sam crouched down to Callens eye level.

Callen threw the half empty bottle of Jack Daniels he had in his hand at Sam.

"Go away." He growled.

Sam noticed the two other empty bottles there and had to marvel that his partner hadn't passed out already.

"No." Sam said, "I'm here for you man."

"So I'm your charity case this year. Did ya draw the short straw?"

Callens words were getting more and more slurred. "Leave us alone." He spat.

He tried to get up to get away from Sam and fell over. Sam noticed a pill bottle fall out of Callens pocket he picked it up and looked at the label.

"Restoril?" Sam said to Callen.

Callen sniggered "Yep, finally gonna get some sleep." Callen fell over again.

"Shit, DEEKS! CALL 911!" Sam yelled not wanting to use his own phone and cut the connection with Hetty.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket.

"Hetty, Callens drunk and he's taken a full bottle of Restoril, Deeks' calling the paramedics now, you'd better meet us at hospital." He said and broke the connection as Deeks came over.

"Callen, What did you do this for man?" Deeks said more to himself than Callen.

Callen looked up and seeing where Deeks was standing his eyes grew wide and he lunged at the younger man pushing him off Amy's grave.

"Get off her!" then he laid down with his head on the headstone.

"Just leave me alone….." He said tiredly and closed his eyes.

Sam lifted him up as the paramedics arrived, "No you don't partner…Stay with me."

"Y'all should be with your family, not here." Callen protested weakly trying to shake him off. "I just wanna be with mine." He pleaded.

'Finally' Callen thought as it got dark and he slipped into oblivion.

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