Fairytale of LA

Chapter 4

Hetty looked at the note; she couldn't for the life of her think who could have left that or why.

She and Deeks walked back into Callens room, He looked at them and turned away, "What, you don't get the term, get lost?"

Deeks was shocked at the fact that Callen would speak to Hetty like that, "Mr. Callen, you are lucky that this is one of those times I allow you to have your little temper tantrums, but the nurses received this note for you and we wondered if you knew who could have sent it to you."

He looked at her distrustful, wondering if Hetty was up to one of her games again but actually realizing she was serious he took the note and looked at it.

His hand shook as he recognized the handwriting on the note. "No, I don't know who wrote it." He said and completely shut himself off.

"This may be a breach, Mr. Deeks can you call Nell and see if she can come home we need to access the security footage." Hetty said.

"NO!" Callen said. If this was his father all this chasing him down might frighten him away again. He didn't want to have his family so close only to lose them again.

Hetty stared at him, "Unless you have any information on this, I suggest you keep silent." She admonished him.

Callen looked down chastised, He was shaken and he knew it. Every instinct told him to get out of the hospital in case the guy with the camera came back for him like he had at Amy's graveside.

If he could just get out of the hospital and set up some sort of surveillance then maybe he could follow the guy back and find his father.

He knew about his mother after the Comescu incident, he now had more information on his family and granted his box was more full than it had been last year. However, if he could just find him, someone that was alive who knew about him. He just needed family of his own. It was all he had ever asked for each year since he could remember for Christmas and Hell; it was Christmas day so maybe it was his turn for a miracle.

"Sorry Hetty, I just meant it really isn't fair for Nell to lose her Christmas too, because of me."

"Normally, you don't get this far and you've never had a note before, this may be a breach and I have to treat it as such," Hetty explained trying to calm him.

"But if it's a breach and I'm burned then..." Callen started. Worried that he'd be totally alone or worse put the team in danger.

"You will stay here." Hetty stared him down. "Mr. Deeks, a word." She said and left the room with Deeks.

As soon as the door closed Callen pulled the IV out of his arm, grabbed his clothes and headed out through the door. He saw Hetty talking to Deeks and Claire walking up to them, so he knew they were safe and not watching him he got in the elevator and hit the down button.

Just a few more steps and he'd be out of the building and gone. NCIS would be safe and he could look for the stranger who had left the note.

He decided to leave by a side entrance figuring that no one would see him leave, unfortunately he was wrong.

The man in the hat who had left the note was watching Callen leave. He shook his head, worried about the man's state of mind. He made a call and continued to watch him while arranging for him to be followed at a discreet distance, with orders not to engage unless his life was endangered and then only as little as possible, Callen was not to know he was being followed.

Unfortunately for Callen, Sam decided the best way for him to get into the hospital was to park round the back, he'd just got out of his car when he saw a familiar figure in a hoodie and baseball cap sneaking out of the back entrance.

Giving a wry smile, Sam picked up his cell and got back in his car.

"Deeks!" Sam snapped as the detective answered his phone.

"What'd I do?" Deeks asked.

"How's Callen?" Sam inquired with a smirk on his face as he watched his partner walk up the road.

"He's asleep. I think?" Deeks replied.

"You may wanna check 'cos right now he's leaving the grounds." Sam said and smiled as he heard Deeks expletive in the background."Don't worry tell Hetty I've got him covered?"

Deeks filled Hetty in on what had happened and Sam grinned widened when he heard Hetty exclaim "Oh, Bugger!" in the background.

"Mr. Deeks, fill Mr. Hanna in on what has happened with our Mr. Callen."

So Sam listened in, hands free, as he followed Callen.

'Crap!' Callen said to himself when he realized in his haste to get out of the hospital he had left the box on the bed.

He knew it was a risk to double back and he stopped in two minds which way to go. His instincts said 'run protect your family.'

He leant against a wall as the realization hit him, they were his family and he had to protect them. But he figured that was only how he had felt about them, not how they felt about him.

The lure of the box was stronger, that was irrefutable proof of who he was. It was HIM and he wasn't going to lose that.

So he headed back to the hospital figuring out how he could get the box back and get out without being seen.

"Hold on!" Sam stopped Deeks in mid flow. "I don't believe it, Callens heading back towards the hospital."

"Why would he do that?" Deeks asked.

"Maybe he's decided to trust us." Sam hoped." I'll be there in 5" Sam said and passed Callen and headed straight for the hospital.

Callen got back to the hospital and came up the fire escape and climbed in the window of his room.

"Shit!" he said as he realized the box wasn't on the bed, he looked underneath and around it.

"Looking for this Mr. Callen?" Hetty said sternly sitting with the box on her lap.

Callen jumped 'bloody ninja'.

"Gimme that," He tried to grab for it but she moved the box.

"We need to talk Mr. Callen," Hetty stood her ground.

Callens eye flicked between the door, the window and the box.

"Please..." Was all he said, quietly.

"Sit, down," Hetty motioned to the other chair.

Callen slumped in it defeated, a tear escaped his eye and he stared at the box, "Please, Hetty." He pleaded.

She handed him the box and he clutched at it as if it were a life preserver.

"Tell me why you ran." She asked him kindly.

"I...I wanted to keep you safe." He said.

"From whom?" Hetty asked

"I don't know," Callen admitted

"Mr. Callen we are safer right now if we are together until was have any information to the contrary. You know that, do you know why you wanted to keep us safe?" Hetty asked realizing she knew the answer but hoping he would say it.

"I...I can't...NO!" He put his defenses up again.

"Because we are family. Mr. Callen." Hetty stated.

"I don't ...No we are not!" Callen grabbed the flower and the note, "This is family!" he threw them at her letting the flower drop but grabbing the note back mid air.

Hetty eyed the way Callen treated the note like it was the most precious thing in the world.

"G, who is the note from?" Hetty asked,

"I hope...I think...my father," Callen said and he couldn't hold eye contact with her ashamed he was letting her in like this.

"May I?" Hetty asked and held out her hand for the note.

"But...will I get it back," Callen asked, Hetty heart broke at that, she could almost see the little boy who had gone through the system, never having anything to call his own and wondering if this precious thing he now had would be taken from him too.

Hetty took his hand, "I'm going to give it to Nell, she will carefully run some tests on it, and maybe it will help find out where it came from. You WILL get it back, I promise."

He visibly relaxed at that and flopped down into the chair again, "But Nell's away, with her family." He said.

"I told her what was happening she said this family needed her more so she's flying back now."

He nodded tiredly, he didn't have the strength left to argue with her and his eyes closed.

Hetty draped a blanket over him and left the room.

On a rooftop across from the hospital a man picked up a phone. "The target is back in the hospital, he's safe for now."

"Thank you." Another man said on the other end of the phone. "Keep him that way."

"Yes sir." The first man answered.

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