Fairytale of LA

Chapter 5

Hetty walked out of the hospital room and gave Deeks the note. "Mr. Deeks if you could be so kind as to give this to Miss Jones, when you pick her up at the airport in an hour and go back to Ops and carefully, have this analyzed and bring it back to me."

"Sure," Deeks said and took the note.

"Mr. Hanna, would you mind keeping an eye on our Mr. Callen, I have some errands to run." Hetty asked him.

Sam smiled, "No problem, Hetty."

She smiled and headed back to the mission.

Sam knocked on the door, "Hey, G." he grinned and stuck his head around the corner.

Callen was asleep so Sam came in and sat in the chair across from him.

Sam was wracking his brain to try and figure out what had sent his partner over the edge and why despite all the psych evaluations he had done, this had never shown up and yet Hetty knew about this. To Sam, Callen was the stoic one, even when Dom had died, Callen had been the one that kept them all together. Not once had he let the grief overtake him.

Now that façade Callen had built had slipped, this shook Sam to the core. He wasn't at the point where he would request another partner but the trust had been shaken. How on earth had he been working with Callen all these years and he hadn't known about these suicide attempts?

Of course Callen being Callen, he never let anyone in if he didn't want them there, but why hadn't Hetty filled him in? If Callen had lost it on a case someone could have been injured or worse killed.

Sam just shook his head, making a mental note to collar Hetty later and ask her.

"Why, G?" he said quietly to himself.

Callen shifted in his sleep and his breathing started to quicken.

Sam went to move the box to make Callen more comfortable. As his hand touched the box Callen jumped awake and grabbed Sam by the throat, "Mine!" Callen growled.

"It's ok, G, It's me!" Sam he breathed.

Callen focused and let go, "God, Sam, I'm sorry!" he scooted back to the chair but still held the box in front of himself.

"G, we need to talk." Sam said but Callen focused on the window behind his head.

Sam tried to talk to Callen, but even if Callen had wanted to talk to him his attention was taken by a figure with a telephoto lens on the building opposite.

Maybe it was just his imagination, Callen shook his head as fatigue took him over and he fell into a troubled sleep.

After his earlier escape attempt Sam sat with him. He realized that there was more going on in Callen's head than he had ever admitted. He understood the not being part of a family thing that Callen had going for him, but since their return from Romania Callen had been even more insular, He wasn't sure what Hetty had said to him regarding the incident but he had seemed to be angry for a few days and nothing had been said after that.

Callen started to shift in his sleep.

He dreamt of a beach and warm arms holding him safe. He sighed in his sleep, remembering the feel and the smell of her. The way she smiled, and ruffled his hair, the way she makes him feels safe, holding him and his sister on her lap.

He smiled for a moment in his sleep, Sam looked at him thinking for the first time in a while he looked happy. Suddenly he groans as the scene in his mind changes.

The child on the beach looks at the toy soldier he has been given and hears a scream behind him and his mothers voice screaming "Run, baby...Amy take your brother and run!"

"No!... Mama!" Callen cried in his sleep. A tear running down his cheeks as sobs overtake him, but he can't wake up.

The boy in the dream looks over his sister's shoulder as he sees a figure obscured by sunlight shoot his mother and watches screaming as she falls to the ground dead.

Then strange arms pick up the child and he sees his sister taken by someone else and his arms reach out to her "AMY!" She tries to call back to him but her words are lost on the wind.

The boy in his head and the man in reality both curl themselves up into a ball and sob.

Callen clutching the box like he'll die without it is woken by Sam gently shaking him.

"G!" Sam said over and over again, "Its ok, you're safe."

Callen struggled to get his breathing regular and to put the emotionless mask back in place. It took him all of 10 seconds.

He shook Sam's arm off his shoulder, "I'm fine Sam." He said and looked out of the window again seeing the same man on the roof. A dark look crossed Callens face and he hid it.

"G, you're not fine, do you want to explain what happened yesterday?" Sam asked him concerned

"No," Callen said curtly.

"G, Please." Sam pleaded wanting to know how he could help his friend.

Callen turned away "Sam, not yet ok." He begged, "I...I can't not yet."

Sam nodded, a not yet was not a not ever, he could live with that.

Hetty walked into the mission and picked up the phone.

"He's been contacted," She said into the phone, "Was it you?"

"Fine, use your contacts if it is him contacting Callen, We have to find him" Hetty continued talking to the nameless person on the other end.

"We sent a note, it was left for Mr. Callen, Intercept the results and send the real ones to me."

Hetty put the phone down and sat at her desk; she sighed and helped herself to a cup of tea.

The phone ran again and Hetty answered it "Laing, yes?" Her shoulders drooped, "Very well thank you. No one else gets to see those results except you need to send a copy to SECNAV. "She replaced the receiver, and shook her head, feeling the weight of her years pressing down on her. "Oh, Mr. Callen." She whispered to herself.

Sam went off to get a coffee as Callen dozed again in the chair.

Three seconds after Sam had left the room Callen was gone, He grabbed his bag and put the box into it and climbed back out onto the fire escape.

The man on the roof rang a number.

"Sir, he's on the move again." The man waited for a reply and the voice on the other end said, "He's spotted you get out of there someone else will take over." The first man closed his cell phone and took out the sim card, broke it and ran.

Callen waited at the bottom of the building as the man from the roof came out; he stayed in the shadows and followed him.

He got as far as the 101 and the man was picked up in a blue transit van with no plates.

Callen drew his gun and chased after the van, realizing it was useless he dropped to the side of the road, defeated. After a few moments he grabbed his bag and walked off to find somewhere to hole up for the night, 'After all,' he said to himself, 'I know what he looks like and I have contacts and as long as they can't find me I can do this' he reasoned to himself.

Hetty was reaming Sam a new one, "Mr. Hanna you were told not to leave him alone!"

"Sorry Hetty, He was asleep, I only went for coffee." Sam argued.

Hetty slumped her shoulders and Sam looked shocked, "Mr. Callen believes he may be able to find his father, Mr. Hanna."

"He's alive?" Sam asked incredulously

Hetty didn't answer, "His state of mind is compromised and he thinks he's been burned so he's probably gone to ground...Sam, if it is his father, he will need you and with him, he may not like what he finds, and if it isn't he will need you both more as the disappointment may break him."

"Is Nell back yet?" Sam asked realizing she would be the one to be able to track him down on the street of L.A.

"Yes, She is in Ops right now with Mr. Deeks," Hetty said and indicated for Sam to follow her.

While in the Challenger with Sam, Hetty made a call to Nell, so by the time she and Sam arrived Nell had most of Callens movements on camera.

They walked into ops and Deeks looked up at Sam, "D'ya lose him?" Deeks grinned remembering what Sam had said to him earlier.

"Shut up Deeks!" Sam growled, and then smiling at Nell said, "What have we got."

She pulled up the footage of Callen leaving down the fire escape of the hospital and following the man to the highway.

"Any I.D. on our mystery man?" Sam asked.

"I'm running it through the LAPD and AVIS right now." Nell said.

They watched as Callen went under an underpass and disappeared.

"Where did he go?" asked Deeks.

"We should head down there and see if he's around." Sam said

"Hey guys?" Nell interjected, "I ran the footage from the rooftop across from the hospital, the man on the roof had been there for hours and was definitely following Callen."

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