Fairytale of LA

Chapter 6

Callen had actually slept, he found it ironic seeing as he had spent the night under the pier. But the sounds of the waves and exhaustion had lulled him to sleep.

He woke up and quickly took stock of his surroundings. He laughed to himself realizing it was boxing day and at least now he was gone the guys in his team could get back to their families and whatever else it was they did at Christmas and he could concentrate on finding who was following him, maybe if this worked out he would find out who sent the note.

The one thing on his list today was while the mission was empty to break in and get his note back, check out ops for info and get gone before anyone knew he was there.

So there he was, at 3.30am, standing outside the rear door of the mission.

He came in and found it empty so he went to Hetty's desk and found his note in a file. There was no note as to what had been found. But he put the note in the box in his bag.

Looking through her desk there were no clues.

So, Callen made his way to Ops, using Eric's password he logged on to the computer and looked for the information. All he managed to find was the note was made from recycled paper and there were no fingerprints on it or DNA matches.

Callen pulled up the footage of his escape from the hospital and ran the license plate of the van through the LAPD, There he got a hit. The van was a rental taken out by a Mikhail Romanov a low level Serbian gun for hire, He took the address off the license and erased all the footage of his chasing the van and any security footage of him being there and left.

Nell walked into Ops and stopped dead. A chair had been move from where she had left it last night and Eric's keyboard wasn't in the same position as Eric always left it. She picked up her phone and called Hetty.

"We've had a break in," Nell said.

Two minutes later Sam, Deeks and Hetty walk into OPS. Nell showed them what she had seen coming in and then proceeded to call up the back up logs of the security footage from the Ops center.

They watched as Callen came in and went to the different areas of the mission. Hetty shook her head, "Mr. Hanna, I'm worried, Mr. Callen may be completely unstable, I need you to find him and bring him back to the boat-shed, He's not to be brought into OPS until we find out exactly what is going on and exactly what he stole off our computers, right now Mr. Callen is to be considered a rogue agent."

Sam and Deeks looked at each other worried, "Are we letting the director know?" Sam asked.

"Not yet, I am hoping this isn't as bad as it looks." Hetty sounded defeated." If we let the director know there will be no way for him to come back."

Kensi and Eric walked into OPS, "Hey guys." They said and stopped at the long faces. "What's going on?"

"Mr. Deeks please fill Mr. Beale and Miss Blye in, Mr. Hanna my office please." Hetty ordered.

Callen sat at his favorite coffee shop, the one no one at OSP knew about where he could sit and watch the world go by and be completely anonymous. He looked at the files on his laptop and tried to make some sense of the information he had.

He wondered why a Serbian group would be tracking him, why someone...possibly his father could get close enough to leave him a note or a flower but couldn't or wouldn't step through a door to see him face to face, 'why, was he not a good enough son that his father wouldn't face him?' He could understand now having remembered what happened to his mother that he and Amy had been split up to keep them safe but now he had skills he could protect his father and save him from whatever was keeping him away from his family.

Although, He thought it had been the Comescus' keeping his family separated, He had been told they were all dead now so what on earth was going on.

Callen was like a dog with a bone. There was no way he was giving this up and waiting like last time.

He had hated having to scare Sam and Deeks the way he had, He knew that some sort of contact would have been attempted if he had tried to kill himself, but he also knew Sam had his back and he wouldn't have died if Sam could have prevented it.

Although a part of him still screamed that if he had died he would be with family now. He wasn't entirely sure it had all been a plan. Even though the idea had come after he had had a talk with Hetty about his family, after all if she knew about his mother she must know about his father.

Callen slammed the lid shut on his laptop and made a new plan of action. Try the Serbians first if there was no luck there maybe he should just have a private talk with Hetty.

Sam sat at Hetty's desk, "Are we really going to leave G out in the cold, after all he's been through?"

Hetty shook her head, "No, Mr. Hanna, but we need to get him some place secure and we need to make sure he hasn't been co opted by whomever is chasing him, trying to get information from him in exchange for information on his father."

"Hetty! He wouldn't sell us out!" Sam exclaimed.

"Oh, Mr. Hanna, I hope you're right, but Mr. Callens need for information on his family may just override his common sense" Hetty replied sadly.

Callen got to the address where the Serbians were holed up.

The warehouse was deathly silent and there was no movement from inside. He pulled his SIG and walked up to the door, he crept inside. The first thing he smelled was blood. The bodies of 3 Serbians were shot execution style he looked at the brass on the floor; the gunman had used a SIG too!

"Shit!" Callen cursed out loud, whoever did this obviously meant it to look like he had killed them.

He heard two car doors slam and looked out of the window to see Kensi and Deeks walking up to the warehouse,

"Shit!" he said again and left quickly not realizing he had dropped his badge as he had knelt down to check the dead men's vitals.

He climbed to the roof of the warehouse; he needed to see what conclusions Deeks and Kensi came to and whether or not it was safe for him to continue. Hopefully they wouldn't think it was him, they had been his team and they should trust him. More than anything he needed to know they trusted him and cared about him.

"Kensi we have to let Hetty know." Deeks said Kensi had tears flowing down her face.

"He just murdered them," She sobbed."In cold blood, what was he thinking, I know he's having problems but this isn't like him."

"Kensi, you know it was him, you have his badge!" Deeks exclaimed. He picked up the phone and called Hetty to fill her in.

Callen backed up tears in his eyes; they hadn't even given him the benefit of the doubt. He wiped his eyes and took a deep breath.

Now it was time for him to have a private word with Hetty.

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