Fairytale of LA

Chapter 8

"Callen, please, calm down man, put the gun down," Sam was practically begging, he would, if needed, protect Hetty with his life, but that protection extended to Callen as well.

"I...I can't, I need her to..." His focus switched to Hetty, "You have to contact him!"

Suddenly there was a loud pop. Sam looked around, the window behind Callen had shattered and Callen blanched and fell to the ground.

Sam looked at Hetty, frantically assessing to make sure she hadn't been hurt.

"Mr. Callen," Hetty knelt beside him and checked his wound. Then she looked up at Sam, "We have to move, NOW!"

Sam gathered Callen up and put him in the car with Hetty beside him working furiously on the wound in his chest.

"What the HELL just happened." Sam asked as they sped away from Hetty's house.

"This was a professional hit. Callen was the target and there are probably only 5 people in the world that can make that shot." Hetty said; Sam's blood ran cold if Callen had been alone he would be dead.

"We need to take him back to the mission." Hetty said.

Sam turned the car around and headed towards OSP. Hetty picked up her phone, "I need you to access the security footage from my house, on the server is a file marked HLSF3 password is Mongoose." Hetty gave a wry smile thinking Callen would have gone ballistic had he been conscious. "Also arrange for Dr. Mai to be at the entrance with a gurney, we are bringing Mr. Callen in and he's injured."

As they arrived at the mission Dr. Mai was standing at the entrance with a nurse and a gurney, Kensi and Deeks were there too.

"My God, Callen!" Kensi breathed,

"Go with him," Hetty said to Sam, "But I need you at OPS in five minutes."

Hetty headed straight to her office and picked up the phone.

"Mongoose, it's me." She took a deep breath. "He's been shot, there are only five people I know can make that shot and two of them are us, the other is an NCIS agent I trust so we only have two people to find."

Hetty headed up to ops to give Eric the parameters of his search.

The others were already waiting for her Sam was pacing the room and Deeks and Kensi were leant against the table.

"Mr. Callen's status Mr. Hanna?" She asked

"He's stable but not awake yet, Dr. Mai has been told to keep him under sedation for now." Sam said.

"Very well, Mr. Beale, Did you pull up the footage I asked for."

Eric nodded and showed them the footage from the morning, There were shots from inside the house but no sound showing Callen holding a gun on Hetty and Sam saying something and then the window breaking and Callen dropping.

Then Eric brought up the footage from outside about 700 meters away was a man with a sniper rifle. He fired.

"You need to get a clearer image." Hetty said. The face was obscured but she saw the rifle.

"That's enough Mr. Beale, look up any records we have on Konstantin Korolyov." The others looked at her.

"The rifle is a Dragunov Sniper rifle, "Hetty explained "There are only five people in the world that can make that shot, Myself, Mongoose and Gibbs are not in question of being the ones that fired the rifle."

"Mongoose?" Kensi asked already knowing who the other two were.

"Mr. Callen's father." Hetty said.

The others looked shocked, Hetty continued, "Mongoose has been in hiding since Mr. Callen was a child for his own safety, that's all I can say."

"Does he know?" Deeks asked

"Some of it, what I can tell him." Hetty sighed, "Now we need to find Korolyov, He is a Russian ex KGB sniper and he always used a Dragunov."

"I'll run a facial recognition scan and see what I come up with."

Hetty walked out, "Mr. Hanna, this is going to get a lot worse before it get's better." She admitted and went to check on Callen.

"How is he? " Hetty asked Dr. Mai and she finished up checking he patients Vitals.

"He made it through the surgery, we handed off with the bullet, He'll be ok Hetty he is a fighter and we are equipped here to handle him when no one is here the door is locked so he's safe." The doctor said to her.

"How long till he wakes up?" Hetty asked,

"About an hour." Dr. Mei said, she flashed Hetty a smile "I assume Mr. Hanna is waiting outside."

"They all are." Hetty said.

"Tell them one at a time. But not for too long." The doctor smiled again as Hetty left and she followed as Sam came in.

They all spent time with him, each team member in there own way atoning for what part they felt they had, had in Callens breakdown and this state they were now all in, and all of them agreed silently it was easier doing this when he was asleep and couldn't hear them.

When Callen finally started to stir, Hetty and Sam were in with him as Kensi and Deeks were tracking down a lead on the whereabouts of Korolyov.

"Did you shoot me?" Callen asked Sam in disbelief.

Sam's head shot up and he looked at Callen, "Na, I wouldn't do that. Besides a sniper got you, Kensi and Deeks are chasing him down."

"OK," Callen said quietly. "Do they know...about me and Hetty?"

"It's okay Mr. Callen, you're safe here. No one is going to hurt you." Hetty said, as she did a whole load of memories came flooding back and Callen remembered the conversation he had, had with Hetty prior to his shooting.

"Did you call him?" Callen pushed.

"He knows, Mr. Callen." Hetty said simply.

For a second Callen closed his eyes, his father knew he had been hurt, he knew...would he come?

"Who shot me?" Callen asked "And where am I?" He looked around the room, it was vaguely familiar, but this room was one he had never been in before.

"A Russian called Konstantin Korolyov, "Hetty looked at him wondering if he had ever heard the name. "And you're home, Mr. Callen, please...Stay." She looked at him and he felt, heck... he didn't know what it was he felt maybe scared, maybe safe.

He wanted so much for it to be home, but he was scared about how his teammates would react to what he had done and how could they understand why he did it, when he didn't even fully understand it.

Callen nodded, hoping Hetty would give him time to think, until he understood what was going on fully he wasn't staying in one place to get shot and definitely wasn't planning on putting his family in danger.

There it was again in the back of his mind, they were his family that much he was sure of, from his mind anyway. He just wished that they trusted him and wanted him around.

Now on top of all of that was this Russian who wanted to kill him and his father. If he stayed here maybe he would have an advantage over the Russian and he could get the drop on him but the risk to anyone in the mission was too great. So he decided to do the only thing he could think of.

Check out Hetty's desk for any contact details for Mongoose, get a new gun and get out.

Then he hit his first obstacle, Hetty being Hetty had locked the door on him, "Damn!" he said, he wasn't strong enough to kick the door in so he did the next best thing. Pressed the call button and Dr Mai came in.

"Mr. Callen," She started and then realized he wasn't in his bed, Callen grabbed her from behind. Put her in a choke hold and gently lifted her unconscious body onto the bed. "Sorry." He whispered and slipped out.

He went halfway down the corridor when he heard Eric's whistle. He looked around the corner as Hetty, Kensi, Deeks and Sam went upstairs and he slipped into Hetty's office.

Looking around he couldn't find anything. Although even he thought it too absurd to think it would just be on a post it note on her desk. He knew however his box must be around there somewhere, he looked for about four minutes until he heard movement from upstairs then he snuck into the armory got his SIG and headed out before anyone saw him, grabbing the keys to Sam's challenger off his desk.

Callen sat in the challenger and jumped as he realized Sam was sitting in the passenger seat. "Took you long enough," Sam said.

"Get out," Callen said.

"My car, my partner... Just drive G!" Sam replied exasperated.

"Sam...I...I don't want to get you hurt." Callen said, "I need to find this guy and kill him"

"I need my partner back, watching my back and trusting me and if I have to follow you to the end of the earth for you to do it...I will" Sam said, "I need you to trust me as much as I trust you"

Callen looked incredulously at Sam, "You trust me?"

"Of course partner, now lets go get 'em." Sam grinned at his partner and Callen's heart leapt, If Sam trusted him maybe then the others would too.

Callen gunned the engine and set off in search of Korolyov.

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