Fairytale of LA

Chapter 9

Callen got about 3 miles down the road before the adrenaline rush faded out and so did he, Sam waiting for it got Callen to pull over and helped get him into the passenger seat.

"Where are we headed?" Sam asked Callen.

"Somewhere to rest and regroup." Callen slurred and Sam smiled, He'd known this was coming and at least with him being there, there was less chance of him dying in a ditch somewhere.

As Sam pulled into the parking lot of a motel he wondered briefly if he should tell Callen that Hetty knew what he was going to do and all of it the escape everything had been allowed by her. He decided to go against telling Callen knowing it might destroy any trust they had rebuilt, but at least now Callen could do his 'lone wolf' thing and maybe they could get Korolyov.

Sam got a room and dropped Callen's battered body on the bed, He looked around the room and decided that Callen was better off being unconscious at least he didn't have to look at the décor, the room still looked like the seventies had thrown up all over it. He went back to the challenger and got the medical kit Hetty had given him, plus the medication that Callen needed to take and food for 2 days which is when the doctor had said he should be ready to travel.

Sam picked up his cell and dialed a number, "Hetty?" he said

"Are you settled in all right Mr. Hanna?" Hetty asked.

"G's unconscious but ok; I've got the supplies, any news on Korolyov?"

"Not yet, we will contact you if the situation changes likewise if comes up with anything on his own let us know, We will be there for him whether he likes it or not." Hetty told him.

Sam shut the phone down and went to change Callen's bandages.

Callen stirred, "It's ok G, You're holed up in a motel room, no one knows where we are and you're safe."

Callen relaxed a bit more and fell asleep again, Sam got Callen's box out of the car and placed it beside the bed and then took out a file which had all the case details Eric had been able to get hold of plus a laptop just in case Eric needed to update him with any more information.

Hetty walked into Ops as Eric and Nell tried to track down Korolyov, Deeks and Kensi walked in behind her.

"How did it go?" Kensi asked.

"Mr. Callen, got away fine and Sam called; He's resting in a motel."

"Well I suppose letting him run is one way of getting him to rest," Deeks said.

Eric turned to them, "Hetty is Nell on assignment?" He asked.

"Not that I'm aware of Mr. Beale why?"

"Well, she went for lunch just after Callen arrived and she hasn't come back yet." Eric said worriedly.

"Can you track her cell phone?" Hetty asked.

"I've tried and I've tried calling!" Eric's voice rose in pitch as his fear for his partner grew.

Kensi's phone rang. "It's Nell!" she said and Hetty turned to Eric, "Trace the call." She ordered.

"Hey, Nell," Kensi answered trying to keep her voice light just in case.

"Kensi," Nell sobbed on the other end of the phone, "I'm sorry, he grabbed me on my way back from the coffee shop."

"It's ok Nell, who has you and where are you, are you ok?" Kensi asked in quick succession.

"Korolyov, he..." The phone was snatched from her.

"Hetty Lang?" Came a mans voice.

"Konstantin Korolyov, I presume." Hetty said icily.

"I have your little agent," He said, "I want Mongoose and his boy."

"I don't know where they are?" Hetty admitted.

"You have 48 hours to find them one or the other and I will contact you to arrange a swap."

"Don't hurt her!" Eric yelled and was cut off by a look from Hetty.

"She will be alive, if I return her, whether or not she is in one piece depends on how well she behaves and how quickly you comply with my demands."Korolyov growled and the others felt a chill as Nell was heard sobbing in the background as the phone cut off.

"Mr. Beale, Did you manage to trace the call?" Hetty asked.

"All I got was downtown L.A. I'm sorry Hetty," Eric said.

"We will get her back, I promise," Deeks said to Eric.

"Why Nell?" Eric asked

"Probably just opportunity." Kensi said but then they realized that for Korolyov to grab Nell he must have been watching and must have followed Hetty, Sam and Callen from Hetty house.

"Eric, Pull up footage from outside the mission just before Callen arrived?" She said.

Eric typed furiously on his keyboard, and soon they could see Sam, Hetty and Callen arrive and watched again as Sam carried Callen to the gurney, "Over there!" Kensi pointed in the corner as a dark saloon car pulled up and stopped. Eric zoomed in on it and they saw a man sitting in the drivers' seat hardly moving then looking up in anticipation as Nell left the building and the car followed her.

He brought up footage from outside the coffee shop Nell went to every lunchtime and they saw as Nell came out with some coffee and a bag, She stopped as a man, ran up to her worriedly and pointed towards an alley, Nell followed him and they watched shocked as he put a cloth to her mouth and she struggled until whatever was on the cloth overpowered her and the man put her in his car.

"How could no one have seen anything?" Deeks asked.

"It's the area; we go there not just because the coffee is great but because no one takes any notice of anyone else around there." Eric said sadly. "I've got the license plate, running through kaleidoscope now; I'll let you know if I get a hit."

The others realized Eric could work faster by himself. They went downstairs. Hetty called Sam and filled him in on the situation.

Sam shook with anger as he put the phone down. He knew when Callen awoke he would be livid. No matter how Callen felt about his team and it was something Sam needed to find out from him. He knew he was fiercely protective towards Nell, being the youngest and smallest member of the team.

Callen stirred and woke up, "Ow!" He moaned as the new bandages Sam had put on him were a bit tight.

"How are you feeling, G?" Sam asked.

"Like I've slept for a week what happened?" Callen asked.

"You 'hulked' out back at the mission and the adrenaline wore off halfway here, you pulled over and I got us a room." Sam explained, "I've changed your dressings and I have some antibiotics for you."

Callen blanched and Sam smiled, "Tablets. G, not needles relax." Sam said and he did.

"I take it Hetty knows where we are." Callen said.

"Actually no, its safer if she doesn't but I am in touch with her, G, you need to know...Korolyov has taken Nell, He's demanding either you or your father."

Callen pulled himself upright, "Call Hetty, tell her I'll go."

Sam shook his head but knew it was pointless to argue when Callen set his mind to something. Besides it would get them to Korolyov which was what they were after anyway.

As Sam shook his head, Callen took it as a no and angrily snatched the phone from him and called Hetty himself.

"Hetty, Callen... arrange a meet I'll go."

"Mr. Callen is that wise, "Hetty asked.

"It's me or my father and we don't know where he is. Also I'll have Sam to back me up," Callen grinned as Sam looked up and raised an eyebrow.

"Are you fit enough?" Hetty asked concerned.

"With Nurse Sammy here I'll be fine!" Callen laughed, and Sam took the phone.

"Hetty, I'll be with him and the painkillers should have worn off by then so he won't be quite as high," Sam said explaining Callens over exuberant mood.

"Very well Mr. Hanna, Korolyov will contact us in just under 24 hours now so I will contact you when we have a drop point. And Mr. Hanna, Keep an eye on him." Hetty said and Sam finished the call.

Sam turned to Callen, "Nurse Sammy?"

"Aww, come on Sam, These painkillers are great!" Callen sat on the bed, gave his head a quick shake and then said, "Right so what's in the file?"

Sam as always was amazed how Callen could even take a medicated drug high, play with it for a moment and then put it away in a box for the mission.

As Sam turned away a dark look of worry crossed Callen's face as his gut clenched at the thought of Nell in danger.

"This is all we have on Korolyov, it's not much we are still awaiting specs from Eric," Sam said.

Callen looked at the file.

"OK Sam, You need to get some sleep you look like hell, Take the bed," he gestured towards it and then saw his box on the bedside table.

"Sam Thanks..." Callen said stunned.

"I've always got your back, G." Sam said simply, as he lay down to get some rest, tomorrow was going to be a long day.

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