A Paranormal Ji Chang Wook Story


Maple moved in to her new place after her parents passed away in a car crash two years ago. She works two jobs to maintain her bills and her car. She encounters a ghostly entity always trying to have sex with her at night and in the morning, that ghostly entity vanishes. She goes with the flow and gets addicted to this. She yearns for it every night and slowly she falls in love with it and what it does. Will she know who is that invisible being in her house? Will it reveal itself to her? What will happen if it shows it's face to her and will she run a way from it?

Erotica / Mystery
Age Rating:

Your First Encounter

Maple was moving to her new house after selling her apartment and decided not to come back to that state again. That state have brought her only misery and betrayal. She lost her only beat friend in an fire accident and her parents in a car crash that same year. Maple thought she had enough in her hands to handle so she decided to just move and start fresh in another state. It was about two hours drive from her previous place to her new place and she was glad that she could find a house that was in her budget. As she was leading the way for the movers at the back of her car, she couldn’t wait to start her new life at her new house.

Maple: Bring the rest by tomorrow evening. I will need them.

The movers: Yes ma’am.

Maple opened the door and walked in the house bringing in a box in her hand. She placed her car keys and her house keys on the kitchen slaw and looked around. Pretty huge! She thought she might give out for rental the some of her extra rooms that she isn’t going to use. She might need the extra income after all. She started to unpack some of her boxes that day. She was almost done when she noticed a medium sized box in her living room. She opened it and saw what was in them. She was pissed as she closed them back.

Maple: I have to burn these things of his. I don’t know why I still bought it with me here!

Then she suddenly felt a chill behind her neck and a rustle of window gushed her hair at the back. She turned and no one was there. Of course! She thought she must be tired and hallucinating so that is why she felt that way. She walked to her room and grabbed her towel from one of her boxes. She undressed herself and tied the towel around her. She on the shower and stood under the warm water.

As she was soaping herself, she felt her nipples were teased a little suddenly. She looked down in shock but quickly brushed that feeling away. She thought her body is tricking her due to fatigue. So she closed her eyes and shampooed her hair slowly. She was startled when she felt her whole body was groped by a pair of hands. She jumped out from the shower and looked around. Her heart was beating so fast as she wondered what was that. She quickly rinsed her hair and tied her towel. She came out of the bathroom and froze. The hands felt real and the groping felt real too but how is that even possible?

She changed into her night gown and slipped into bed that night feeling all confused and worried. She slowly drifted off that night and woke up suddenly to that same pair of hands teasing her nipples. She feels a breath on her neck as it as teasing her nipples. Then she felt a warm sensation on her nipples.

It was sucking her nipples! She tried to push that thing away but she couldn’t. It was too strong for her. She struggled hard to get off that thing off her as she could feel her panties was removed. She felt a sting in her opening and it was fingering her.

This time, she couldn’t resist it. She just gave in and enjoyed the pleasure it was giving her. Her hands were pinned down on the pillow and it kissed her lips as that thing fingered her. She was soaking wet down there and she felt that thing was going down for her opening. She felt a warm breath on her slit. She closed her eyes and moaned hard as that thing started to suck on her clit.

Maple: Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?

Maple asked in the midst of her moaning. She did not get any response.

That thing: Jiwook...

Maple heard that thing say it’s name to her. His voice was not like an old man voice but it sounded like a man in his 30′s. Before she could say another word, that thing sucked up all of her juices and vanished in thin air! She was left hanging there with her feelings and she had to climax on her own.

The next morning, Maple woke up with soaking wet panties and not a memory of what happened last night. She wondered if she had a wet dream last night and that why her panties was wet and the reason why her nipples were sensitive that morning. She walked to the bathroom to get washed and get dressed for her work.

She got dressed and took her morning coffee as she grabbed her car keys on the kitchen slab. She searched for her house keys but she couldn’t remember where she left it. She walked back into the room and searched on her dressing table and then on her night table. She realized that the keys was fell under the bed so she kneeled down to grab it.

All of a sudden, she toppled on her front as she felt a hand safe guarding her face from falling but her dress was lifted upward till she felt her bare back. Her panties was roughly removed and she wanted turn around and scream but the hand covered her mouth and lowered her body to the ground. With her lower body above ground and her upper body on the ground, she was stuck onto the ground.

Maple couldn’t move at all and her heart was beating fast at this as she did not know what is going on. She felt a finger on her clit and a mouth on her opening. The finger was rubbing her clit in circular motion and she felt a long warm thing entered her. A tongue!

Maple: Stop! Please stop! So, this is the reason why I was wet this morning?

She heard him chuckled a little and then gasped back into her opening. She moaned a little and then she remembered something.

Maple: Jiwook! Yes, I remember now. Your name is Jiwook, right?

As soon as she said his name, he stopped and vanished again.

Maple: Really? Again?

She sighed hard and finished her orgams by herself again. She got up and adjusted her skirt and her blouse. She adjusted her hair and walked out from the room with her house keys in her hand. She smiled a little as he gave her some energy that morning before work.

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