Imagines, one shots, or short stories of two OC’S my boyfriend and I made.

Fantasy / Romance
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I felt someone softly shake me. I let out a groan rolling to the other side of the bed to get away. I heard a stuffled laugh as they pulled the blanket off. I grabbed a hold of it just barely catching it.
“Give it back.’’ I groaned tugging on the blanket.
“No, it is time to wake up, you aren’t going to sleep the whole day.’’ I opened one of my eyes looking at the tall male. I huffed sitting up only for me to reach out and grab Eliot, he squeaked as I wrapped my arms around his waist pulling the cover over our body.
“Sage, we need to get uppp.’’ He dragged on as I stuffed my face in his hair the smell of vanilla waffed in the air.
“I just want to stay like this for a while.” I ran my pointer finger in small circles on his side. Eliot relaxed against me.
“Where are you all dressed up? I don’t think it would be good for the world to see such handsome man.’’ Eilot rolled his eyes before speaking.
“We are going to the mall for so spend some time togather day.’’ I rised a eyebrow.
“So a date?’’ Confusion was placed in my voice and he nodded pressing his head into my chest. I pulled the blankets off scooting away from Eliot.
“Alright.” I groaned getting off the bed, my legs still not working so I ended up falling on my face. I heard a stuffed laugh come from the bed. I got off the floor walking to my dresser grabbing some clothes not really paying attention to it. I walked to the bathroom and changed, brushed my teeth, and put deodorant on.
“Do you want to pick something up for breakfast?” I asked, looking at him from the button my shirt up. I just finished lacing one of the buttons up. He looked at me and a small blush crept on his face.
“S-sure.” He stumbled over his word trying to not look at me. I rised an eyebrow looking down to see one of the buttons had popped loose and my chest showed slightly more. I laughed walking to the door opening it.
“You're just going to leave it like that!” Eliot turned and looked at me. I looke over my shoulder shrugging.
“Why not.” I heard him sigh walking over and try to hold his composure as he fiddled with my button mumbling about how he wasn’t going to let that happen. I grabbed his hand lacing our fingers togather grabbing the keys and heading to the car. We arrived at the mall walking into the big building.
“Where do you want to go first.?” I looked over at Eden as his eyes shined as he took in the whole mall.
“Hot topic.’’ Was all he said before he dragged me to the escalator.
“Woah slow down angel we have all day.’’ A soft giggle left his lips as we reached the top and we slowly made our way to the hot topic. The store was dark and gothic as always some pastel here and there. Eliot dragged me to the earrings as he found pastel blue and green penguins. I drifted off to the chokers grabbing two of the three packs.
“Are you ready?’’ He nodded quickly, setting the stuff on the counter before going to find another store.
“Let’s go to rue 21.’’ I pulled him into the store. He let out a squeek of shock and rolled his eyes. I walk to the back where they keep the t-shirts and hoodies. I grab a black off the shoulder shirt that has an elephant watercolor painting on the front.
“Love!” I turned as I heard Eliot call out to me. I walked over only for him to push me in the chair outside the dressing room. I sat confused as he walked in and changed into something. He walked out in a black button up shirt with some tight black pants and a black belt. I looked over at him, stopping at his stomach.
“Do you like it?” He asked softly, I nodded quickly looking at his face.
“You should get it if you like it.’’ I stated he walked back in changing into something else he walked out in an oversized hoodie with sleep shorts. I laughed as the oversized hoodie pretty muched swallowed him. We spent over 3 hours looking around and buying things.
“Are you ready to go home?” I asked as he nodded my arms burning from holding all of the bags. We walked to the car putting the bags in the back seat. I sat in the front seat as Eilot was in the middle seat. I looked at him.
“Sleepy.’’ As he said I nodded he laid his head on my shoulder as we drove home. When we got there I shook him softly. He just shook his head groaning.
“You hate sleep but you hate waking up.’’ I smiled getting out of the car and carried him to the bedroom covering him up. I kissed his forehead and walked away grabbing the bags from the car, setting them in the living room. I sat in the living room watching T.V. for an hour before going to the kitchen to cook. I was making chicken and vegetables but I couldn’t reach the vegetables on top of the pantry. I stepped on the tip of my toes. I reached up trying to grab the vegetables when I heard laughter from behind me. I looked to see Eliot there with a hand over his mouth.
“ Do you need help…..Shorty.’’ He snikered I looked at him offended I pouted slightly before getting a chair standing on it to grab the vegetables.
“Love just let me grab it you are going to get hurt.’’ I heard the worry laced in his voice. I grabbed the vegetables and got off the chair putting it back. I cut the vegetables when I felt someone back hug me. He nuzzled his head in my neck and he let out a sigh.
“Can I help?” I finished cutting the vegetables and put them on the tray to cook.
“No.” I said bluntly he looked confused.
“Is everything okay?” He asked
“Everything is peach.’’ I replied
“Is it because I called you short?” I stopped for a second and he hugged me back.
“I’m sorry.’’ I turned around and grabbed his dark green tie pulling it where we were face to face. I leaned close to him and whispered.
“I am not short.’’ I said before kissing his cheek turning back to the food with a smirk on my face. He hugged me, stuffing his face into the side of my neck.
“What's wrong angel.’’ all I got was a small whimper.
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