All these dying days

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

G levelled the gun at Renko as the others stood up in shock.

Renko raised his hands "Callen, I didn't know... I'm sorry." He said calmly.

"I should kill you." Callen growled.

"I thought I was rescuing you," Renko explained, "She had a gun and was pointing it at me."

"She was protecting me!" Callen spat venomously

"We thought she was holding you prisoner, how could we have known, we just wanted you back." Sam said as he moved in-between Mike and Callen.

"I just wanted my partner and best friend back" Sam said quietly.

Callen shook as he held the gun. Nate took a step back and studied him watching as his friend went through the final big hurdle in his mind. Callen dropped the gun and curled himself into a ball and just rocked.

Nate ushered everyone out of the room and waited as he knew Callen's mind was sorting things out.

"Nate?" Came a quiet voice

"I'm here." He said simply.

"Why?" Callen asked

"Because we are your friends and family and we would not be anywhere else when you need us." Nate affirmed.

Callen groaned as he went through the last few months in his head, "Oh my God, Nate, what I did..."

"Was NOT your didn't know and NO ONE is blaming you."

"Did I...Just pull a gun on Mike?" Callen asked.

"Yes G." Nate said. There was no blame or accusation in his voice just acceptance and the unspoken promise that Callen could talk to him freely and safely.

"I did love Sveta...that was real," Callen allowed himself to cry, "But everything else, even how I met her and that we were married was a lie?"

Nate nodded 'finally a breakthrough' he thought to himself.

"Why would they do this to me?" Callen asked.

"From what we gathered, when you were in the Ukraine you killed Boris' son Vladimir and ever since then he's wanted revenge." Nate said reading from the file in his hand.

"Well, I hope he's at peace now," Callen said even knowing what he knew now he could not stop the spark of affection he still held of him, he grimaced trying to push it away.

"Boris was a sick man," Nate said "What he did to you will fade in time, don't blame yourself for the feelings he brings up in you. It's perfectly normal"

Callen smirked "What, exactly, about this is normal."

"You tell me." Nate waited as Callen thought about what to say

Callen dropped his head and shoulders.

"I hate thinking he won." Callen said at last.

"He didn't win," Nate said "You are here, you know what's real and what isn't, you know who you are, and you have your friends back...YOU WON!"

Callen raised his head and finally looked Nate in the eye with trust.

Nate knew then, that they finally had their Callen back and although he had some bridge building left to do and some healing to finish, the hardest work was finally over.

The others came in slowly two at a time and Callen with Nell and Nate by his side made his peace with them.

Eventually it was just Nell and Nate in the room.

"Thank you," Callen said to Nate, "For not giving up on me, and for coming back for me."

Nate smiled "I'll be here for a few more months until you're fully ready to go back to work,

"Months?" Callen asked.

"Yes, Mr. Callen" Hetty said as she entered the room, "And this time you will take your time and recover."

Callen nodded even he could understand that he needed time to heal.

Suddenly Callen's head snapped up. "I need to see Sam." He said. "Can I see him alone without the surveillance." He asked

Nate nodded and Sam came in.

"You ok G?" Sam asked.

"I need to know something." Callen said, Sam sat down and waited while Callen figured out how to ask his friend the thing that he felt, had been bugging him since he got his memory straight.

"Did you look for me; I mean after everyone else stopped...did you look for me?"

"Never stopped man," Sam said honestly, he had looked for him on his off days and every spare chance he had, had.

"I wanted to kill you, when I shot you." Callen said quietly

"I'm lucky you're a lousy shot, G." Sam replied with a wry smile.

"I still feel something ...I don't know what, I know your my friend and I know I can trust you but, "

"Hey, man, don't worry about it we're good"

Callen smiled, "Yeah, we're good"

"Good" Sam smiled ..."Now about you and Nell" he grinned

Time for an ass kicking.

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