All these dying days

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It had been a week and Sam looked like he hadn't slept for any of it.

He watched as Hetty paced in her office having what looked like a very animated phone call with the director of the CIA.

"That is unacceptable," she paused and sat down feeling very tired, "I know that, but my people should be able to handle it." Sam was worried Hetty normally never looked defeated by anything, and it was a look he had seen too often in the past week. "Very well, but my team will continue looking into the disappearance of Mr. Callen, if we have any pertinent information we will keep you appraised."

Deeks walked into the bullpen followed by Kensi they had spent all morning running down contacts but not really getting much, so feeling disheartened they sat at their desks.

"Anything?" Sam asked hopefully.

Deeks shook his head, "Nope." Then he dropped his head into his arms on the desk.

"It's Crazy...We know he's not dead... he can't be! The CIA didn't find a body." Kensi groaned, "He should have checked in!"

Suddenly Eric Whistled from outside Ops. "I think I may have something!" He said.

Two minutes later they were up in Ops and Eric started the briefing.

"I've been working on the assumption that Callen is alive but he can't contact us." He stopped to make sure he had everyone's attention, "I started looking into traffic that was coming into and out of the area near the camera that caught the footage of the explosion and found an extra SUV that was out of shot of the original camera." Eric tapped his Ipad and the same scene was shown from a different vantage point.

A black SUV with tinted windows was just off in the right hand corner and just after the explosion two men jumped out and took the Russian man and Callen and bundled them into the back of the SUV and drove off.

Sam looked up finally a lead "Did you manage to track the SUV?" he asked really hoping it wasn't another dead end; he found he was actually holding his breath waiting for the answer.

"Yes," Eric said and proceeded to show footage of the traffic cameras following the SUV as it headed to the PCH and off into the hills "From what surveillance footage we obtained he was held here for a few days" Eric explained "Although current surveillance shows the building to be abandoned."

"So we've lost them again?" Kensi snapped feeling frustrated.

"Not exactly," Nell Jones said as she turned around and pulled up some more information "We managed to trace the SUV to a shell company owned by the Russian mobster Boris Ivanovitch, according to his CIA file he has had run-ins with Callen in the past."

Hetty stepped in which surprised the others as they hadn't realized she was there.

"While working for the CIA worked undercover for 2 years in Serbia as Alec Boysyuk a Ukrainian Arms dealer and became a close confidante of Mr. Ivanovitch. Things went bad during the operation and Mr. Callen was pulled out and Boris Ivanovitch got away but he did swear revenge on Mr. Callen so if He has him..." Hetty trailed off. She didn't need to say anything else the implications were clear. Whatever Boris Ivanovitch had planned for Callen none of it was very good.

Hetty turned to Sam "The CIA raided the building on the footage this morning. The building was empty but they found this." They all looked at the footage of the morning's raid and Kensi gasped as she saw a hospital bed with blood soaked linen. "Looks like someone was hurt bad." She breathed, not realizing she had said it aloud

"Let's hope it wasn't G." Sam stated grimly.

Boris walked into the bedroom as the curtains were drawn to reveal a stunning view of the ocean and Callen carefully sat up in a bed easily big enough to fit five people comfortably.

"How did you sleep Alec?" Boris asked kindly.

"As well as can be expected" Callen replied. He winced as he leaned over to take some painkillers holding on with one hand to his bandaged ribs.

"More nightmares?" Boris looked carefully at Callen to see if there was any deception on his face as he waited for Callen's answer

Callen cast his eyes down looking more like a petulant teenager than a grown man "Yes Papa, a few mostly about a large African American."

"You don't remember him." It was a statement more than a question.

Callen carefully shook his head. Boris sighed and sat on the edge of Callen's bed. "His Name is Sam Hanna; He killed your mother years ago that is why Olga brought you to live with me." Boris waited for another sign of recognition but again nothing he smiled to himself Sergei had done a brilliant job with him, it was a pity he had had to kill him, but he didn't like loose ends.

Callen looked at Boris inquisitively and wondered why the man he thought of as his father was smiling.

Damn, Boris realized what Callen was thinking and quickly changed the subject, "Svetlana will be here later."

Callen looked blank "who?"

"Your wife she's just been out shopping with Olga." Boris smiled Svetlana was one of his girls whom he had enough of a hold over to know she would go along with his scheme and he knew right now they were furnishing a small apartment to make it look as if they had live there for years. Boris new this was an elaborate scheme with photo shopping pictures to make them look as if Callen... NO Alec had been in all of them and that he had been married to Sveta for 3 years. He turned back to Alec and thought I have to think of him as Alec or this won't work and he smiled. "You can go home today, isn't that wonderful and I will see you back at work on Monday."

"Yes, it will be good to get back to work" Callen thought and had a brief flash of a strange office in a Spanish style building. He dismissed the image for he had worked all over the world for his father and he had met Sveta in Madrid. He relaxed thinking how good it would be to see her when it hit him he didn't know what she looked like!

"Papa I can't remember what she looks like!" He said

"You have a photo in your wallet son you always keep it with you." Boris said pleased with himself that he had planned for just such and eventuality.

Callen took out the photo and looked at the beautiful blonde haired brown eyed woman who had her arm lovingly around Callen's waist. Both of them were smiling and looked like they didn't have a care in the world. Callen held the picture closed his eyes and went back to sleep as the painkillers finally took effect.

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