All these dying days

Chapter 3

Chapter 3.

Callen awoke as a beautiful blond woman kissed his forehead. "Alec?" she whispered looking concerned "Are you feeling any better?"

"Kens...?" Callen said. He stopped, he didn't know where that had come from; he frowned trying to collect his thoughts. Sveta grabbed his face and turned it towards her and smiled with a trace of worry flitting across her eyes.

"Silly it's me." She kissed him lightly and he fell back into the kiss remembering that it was Sveta and she was his wife.

To him it felt unusual but he shook the thought off figuring it was another symptom of his amnesia, after all she was his wife and he didn't want to worry her more than necessary.

Sveta sat on the edge of the bed "your father says you can come home today, I know you don't remember our house but he hopes that you will gain your memory back when you see it." There was a brief look of sadness in her eyes which he put down to the fact she thought it would be hard living with him whilst he regained his memory. The real reason was she actually felt sorry for the man she was looking at for she knew some of what Boris Ivanovitch had in store for him.

"Sorry Sveta hun, "Callen hugged her, and again it felt wrong, however, he didn't totally dislike it.

Slowly, he got up and let her help him to the bathroom where he looked in the mirror for the first time in 3 weeks.

As he looked at himself he said his name aloud "Alec Boysyuk." It felt strange on his tongue but also a bit familiar so it must be his name. He felt stupid for questioning it after all Boris had never lied to him before and he had remembered his name the first time he saw him.

He thought back to the day he woke up three weeks ago in that hospital room, when his 'father' had walked in on him.

"Alec? ...Alec how are you son?" Boris asked his voice full of concern.

"Boris Ivanovitch?" He knew the man's name but not his own?

"You remember me son?" the mans face instantly light up into a smile but there had been a glint of something else in his eye Callen had put it down to worry after all he had been told his adopted father was due to come in to see him and then take him home to recuperate.

"I remembered your name and the doctor told me mine." Callen had said.

"It's good you remember my name can you remember who I am?" he'd asked

"Yes the doctor tells me you're my adopted father" Callen replied

"Yes do you remember what happened to you?" Boris had asked hoping he couldn't remember

Callen gingerly shook his head, and then closed his eyes making a mental note not to do that again for a while as the pain washed over him.

He dropped his shoulders and took a deep breath and looked at the older man who was lent over him, "No, I remember a loud bang, but nothing else." He admitted

Boris put a comforting hand on Callen's shoulder. "It's alright son, you were working for me. You were to sell a shipment of HMX to our business partners and we were interrupted by the CIA, who tried to kill you by blowing up one of our vans." He looked at Callen intently there were a few flashes of recognition but luckily the doctors drug was stronger which meant that Callen would right now accept anything he was told as truth. Besides Boris said to himself if this was going to work he needed to be close enough to the truth that if there were any flashes of memory it could be twisted to suit his needs.

Over the next few days Boris like a dutiful and concerned father had visited and filled Callen in on his life as Alec Boysyuk and shown him pictures and other items to 'help' jog his memory and with every visit Callen's affection for the old man had deepened.

For some reason, he couldn't have put into words even if he had wanted to, Callen felt the need to know about his family but he was worried about upsetting the old man.

One day though he just had to ask "Papa?" He said to Boris like he had been told to call him, "I need to know why was I adopted, and who were my real parents?" He looked worried and Boris was waiting for just this question.

"Alec, you were 15 when you came to live with me. Your father was my dearest friend and business partner his name was Dmitri. Your mothers name was Anya and she had your eyes." Boris smiled sadly "Your parents were killed by CIA spies who were trying to infiltrate our organization."

Callen washed his face and looked again in the mirror, taking in the bruises that were healing and the cut on the back of his head was healing up nicely. "Alec, come on honey we need to pack and get you home. I think you've had enough of your mothers cooking." Sveta laughed as Callen picked her up and threw her on the bed and smiled at her. "I will never get enough of my mothers cooking." He joked and kissed her.

Half an hour later he had his arms around his mother "Mama! I'll be fine, I have Sveta to take care of me." Callen said as the old lady was sobbing into his arms. Boris put his arm around his wife, "She'll be fine moy syn. Go, I will talk to her."

Callen got in the passenger seat of their black Jeep with tinted windows of bulletproof glass and Sveta drove them home.

"Boris?" Said Olga with tears in her eyes "I know why you must do this but I did enjoy having a son again for a while."

"Olga, "he admonished gently "Remember our Vladimir, our Son. This man killed him and I will destroy him just as he destroyed us."


Everyone in the building stopped as they realized that Sam Hanna had just yelled at Hetty.

Hetty put down her cup of tea and calmly looked up at Sam, "Sit down Mr. Hanna" Her voice was calm but there was a tone there that made Sam wish that he hadn't just had that outburst. He sat and waited feeling a bit like a naughty schoolboy who had been sent to the principal.

Hetty kept her voice low as she talked, but there was a fury behind her eyes that wasn't aimed at Sam but the situation in general, "I have not... and will never abandon Mr. Callen" she paused, Sam opened his mouth and then closed it again thinking better of it. Hetty continued "Mr. Callen is still our top priority but until we find another lead we do have other cases that I have been farming out to other agencies. It is time we started picking up some other cases."

Sam had to admit that she was right, it had been over 2 months now and there had been no sign of Callen. They had exhausted every avenue they could think of in tracking him down. They even had Boris Ivanovitch in and had turned over his company but still there was no sign of Callen and although Boris freely admitted that he knew Callen but that he hadn't seen him in years and without any more evidence they hadn't been able to hold him.

Sam stalked off to his desk silent, but frustration rolling off him in waves.

Deeks glanced in Sam's direction "So do we need the paramedics, or are you gonna live?". Kensi slapped Deeks around the back of the head.

"You know she's right," Kensi argued nodding in Hetty's direction and hoping to diffuse the situation. Sam sighed and leaned back in his chair, "I know." He hated having to admit it but there were no leads right now and maybe a lead would come there way, but there really was nowhere they could go right now.

Deeks rubbed the back of his head mournfully but at least this time he knew what he had done wrong, but at least he had diffused the tension, which is exactly what Nate had asked him to do.

He looked up towards the balcony, where the operational psychologist leaned nonchalantly against a post, silently observing the team's dynamics. It was imperative the team returned to peak condition but the absence of Callen had thrown the team off balance. Hetty looked in Nate's direction and motioned for him to come to her office.

"Mr. Getz, how do you think our team are coping?" she asked.

"I think they are coping. But that's it; they are stuck without Callen to lead them." Nate said honestly.

Hetty nodded she had feared as much, "Do you think a substitute for Mr. Callen would be a good idea?" Nate smiled at the way Hetty had sidestepped the word replacement but he was concerned that even she seemed reluctant to get someone in to fill his position and told her so.

"You need to get someone to temporarily fill Callen's position, but make sure that the others understand that you're not replacing him". Nate told Hetty "I understand that it's hard, but Sam needs a partner." He said.

"I already have a partner, "Sam snapped making Nate jump as he hadn't heard Sam come up behind him. Nate backed away a little realizing that Sam was trying to make himself seem intimidating and Nate didn't want a confrontation. "I know but you are shorthanded until he gets back" Nate reasoned. Sam nodded , He knew Nate was right and the team couldn't keep functioning long term with only three members, it needed a fourth but Sam was sure that whoever came into this group would damn well know they were only temporary there was no way he'd allow anyone to replace G long term.

Hetty gave Sam a stack of files and Sam went over to see if there was anyone inside them that would even come close to filling G's shoes, but somehow he doubted it.

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