All these dying days

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Mike Renko walked into the OSP.

It had been a while since he had been there and he knew he would ruffle a few, well, more than a few feathers, seeing as he had not been on the best of terms with some of the staff when he had left. But he also knew he was back only as a temporary replacement for Callen. He walked over to Hetty's desk and wasn't surprised to find she was in at 6.30 in the morning.

"Mr. Renko welcome back." Hetty said looking up from her desk.

"Hetty." Renko wondered if he would get a warm welcome from the rest of the team. "Any word on Callen?" he asked, He knew Callen and had liked him the few times he had worked with him.

"All avenues are being followed Mr. Renko, but nothing yet" Hetty replied.

Renko nodded and walked over to the coffee machine, made himself a cup, then walked over towards Callen's desk, picked up a handful of files , looked at Callen's chair, then went and sat on the sofa instead. He figured it would cause less tension if the team came in and found him on the sofa rather than sitting in Callen's chair.

About 20 minutes later Kensi and Deeks walked in with Deeks holding a box of doughnuts at arms length "At least let them make it to the break room before you eat them all!" Deeks joked with his partner as Kensi tried to take the box out of his hands. They came back both with coffee and Kensi with a doughnut and stopped as they saw the guy on the sofa.

Kensi felt a lump in her throat, just for a second she had thought that it was Callen on the sofa and found herself getting mad, just because it wasn't, but she knew who it was. "Renko..." she said quietly. Deeks looked at Kensi; her tone was a mixture of fury, hurt and surprise.

"Hey Kens," Mike smiled, he had genuinely missed her, and he got up and went over to hug her.

Kensi stepped back her arms folded, "So they got you in did they?" She decided he may be back but she wasn't going to let him in, not again. They had, had their thing and she had been crushed when he had left and there was no way she would ever go back there again.

"Hey, Mike" Sam said walking up behind them, "You got settled in?"

"Just need a desk Sam." Renko replied. Sam pulled out Callen's chair. "Sit." Sam said, that was all he needed to say. Mike took the chair and sat down. Kensi looked at Sam still slightly hurt but understood what he was doing, Renko was filling in for Callen and that was it.

"Er...Hi, I'm Marty Deeks." Deeks said as he introduced himself to Renko when it became apparent that no one else was going to.

Mike smiled; he actually liked this guy, "Mike Renko. Am I right in thinking your not NCIS?"

Marty laughed, "Yeah L.A.P.D. liaison."

"But he is part of our team" Kensi stated, in her way letting Mike know he wasn't part of the team.

Eric let out a loud whistle from Op's and the team started walking up the stairs.

Mike followed with a grin on his face thinking how well 'trained' the team must be that they come when Eric whistled.

"Hey Mike," Eric greeted him as he walked in then turned to Nell, "Nell Jones – Mike Renko." Nell smiled at him.

"What you got?" Sam asked.

"Marines in San Diego have been buying up heroin from a crack house on south 27th street," Eric briefed the team, " Staff Sergeant Jason Kelly was killed there this morning while trying to buy guns and possibly drugs at the same time. Local Cops busted a kid name of Tyson who says there are some pretty big players operating out of this building. We have been requested to come in and take over."

"Info has been sent to your phones," Nell said "The Narcotics squad are planning a raid there this afternoon and have requested you guys go in with them."

Eric stood up so he had the whole team's attention, "We think this may have something to do with the case Callen was working on, so there may be some leads."

Sam's jaw clenched "Right." He said and they headed off.

Callen looked over at the sleeping form of his wife. He was still amazed that even though he had needed to start from scratch in the relationship, just how easy it had been for him to fall for her again. He moved and groaned as his head hurt, he was annoyed with himself at how easy it had been for him to become addicted to heroin but at least, he reasoned, it gave it a release from the nagging doubts that kept plaguing him, the worries he had that things weren't quite right, little things that just seemed off to him. His father knew of course that he was taking drugs, but seemed to be ok with it, like he was even, happy that his Alec was using. Callen shook his head besides Sveta used and it seemed easier getting high together than him just watching her.

Callen grabbed a syringe and tied the plastic tubing round his arm and shot up, laying his head back and closing his eyes, reveling in the images of the beautiful woman with long dark hair who haunted his dreams and the smaller woman with red hair and hypnotic hazel eyes. He had no idea who she was, but inside he knew she was important. The weird thing was that they also haunted his nightmares with the African American man who kept calling him G.

Sveta got up and untied the tubing from around Callen's arm checked his pupils to make sure he was out of it and then walked to the phone.

"Boris." She said as the phone was answered, "No, He's high again, so we can talk." She smiled and was quite proud of herself shooting up water and getting Callen to think it was Heroin so he would get hooked. She knew this was an integral part of Boris' plan so Callen would stay off kilter and there would be no chance that he would regain his memory soon.

"I need to move this forward." Boris told her, "I want Alec to shoot his old partner Sam Hanna,"

"I will set up an exchange of information on HMX with the NCIS team you need to make sure Alec knows that the man from his nightmares will be there and I want him dead, we know Alec will do anything to protect his 'Papa' so let him know that word has gotten out that Sam Hanna has been given orders to kill me."

"I'll tell him," Sveta said quietly, Boris noticed the change in attitude and scoffed "Don't tell me you are developing feelings for him?"

"No!" Sveta said a little too forcefully. "No of course not. But I need to know when this is all over my debt to you is paid in full and I can leave. Right?"

"Certainly my dear." Boris replied and put down the phone, 'Right after you're dead,' he thought to himself.

Sveta put the phone down and walked into the bathroom, she picked up the stick that was on the counter and looked at it, sat down and cried.

"Alec," she called gently waking him up, "I need to talk to you."

Callen sat up groggily rubbing his eyes, "What's wrong honey are you ok?"

"No, Yes...I..." She showed him the stick, "I'm pregnant," She said fearfully.

Callen smiled and put his arms around her, "Even though I can't remember my past at least we can build a new future, but we need to get clean for the baby."

Sveta nodded and sobbed in his arms, she was terrified that if he got his memory back he would leave her and the baby and she had to admit it she did have feelings for him.

They got up and went to the living room, Callen sat Sveta down on the Sofa and went to get a drink. He came back and sat at the kitchen table cleaning his gun a task that always seemed to relax him whilst Sveta told him of the phone call she had , had with Boris whilst he was asleep, well most of the phone call anyway.

"I can't go..." Callen said a whole bunch of 'what if's' started running around in his head, What if he lost his memory and forgot her again, what if he was arrested and couldn't see her what if he died.

She put her arms around him "Alec, everything that happens, happens for a reason. Everything will be ok, just remember I love you". He lent his head back just relaxing in the warmth of her arms for a moment he was safe.

The moment didn't last long though as a loud crash came from the main doors to the apartment complex downstairs there was gunfire and shouting.

The door opened and a young man ran in "ALEC!" he shouted "Cops you must run."

Callen looked over at Sveta stricken he didn't want to leave her, he ran over to grab her hand when he heard the voice from his nightmares


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