All these dying days

Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Sam yelled and pointed his gun with Renko behind him sweeping the room. His eyes went wide as they locked on Callen's. He lowered his gun, "G?" he said.

"NO!" Sveta pulled a gun and stood in front of Callen trying to shield him from them. Mike Renko saw the gun, pulled his own and shot her.

Callen, a thousand thoughts going through his head, grabbed for her as she went down. In an instant she knew he was dead and backed up from her tears rolling down his face, then he looked at Sam and his expression changed to abject terror he grabbed the gun off the table and bolted, jumping through a window onto a low flat roof and just ran.

Sam jumped through the window to follow but lost him in the maze of alleyways that were behind the building. He got on the phone "Eric, I need surveillance, I found Callen and just lost him he's running. "

"Running?" Eric asked confused

"Just get me that satellite feed, I won't lose him again." Sam stated as he went back into the building.

Mike knelt over Sveta's body. "She's dead." He told Sam.

Sam looked around the room, he saw Callen's clothes lying around and drug paraphernalia all over the place.

"What the hell was going on here? He wasn't being held prisoner so why didn't he come back?"

"We'll ask him when we find him" Renko replied.

Sam picked up a syringe "Was he doing drugs? I don't get it he's afraid of needles?"

Callen ran.

All he felt was terror, the man from his nightmares was real; he'd called him 'G'. Sveta and their baby were dead, he knew this as fact, he'd watched the light leave her eyes and any hope of a future leave with it.

His body ached with grief and pain, the need for another hit coursed through him and the need for oblivion, for just one moment to go back to this morning when all had been all right with his world.

He found himself on a street where there were lots of people and saw Jimmy a small-time dealer who worked for his father. He pulled Jimmy into an alleyway, Jimmy realized who it was and smiled "Hey Alec...What's wrong?"

"I need..." Callen couldn't breathe as pain racked through him and he realized the bullet that had killed Sveta was lodged in his side, and he was bleeding.

"God! Alec!" Jimmy gasped, "What the fuck happened to you man?"

"Sveta's dead, I need a hit Jimmy are you holding?" Callen begged.

"Sure, boss," Jimmy knew it was more than his life was worth to cross Alec.

He gave Callen what he was holding and grabbed his arm, "Alec you should go to your father."

"No!" Callen started pulling away, "It's not safe, I won't lose another set of parents, not again!"

Callen took a burn phone off of Jimmy "Call Boris, give him this number, Tell him...Tell him about Sveta." He begged then took off running.

With all the thoughts going around in his head Callen thought he was going insane, he needed somewhere safe, somewhere to hide, Somewhere to think. A place popped into his head the beach, he headed in that direction with no idea why he thought that was a safe place to go but instinct sent him in that direction anyway.

Sam ran up the stairs towards Ops ,"ERIC!" he yelled not wanting to slow down.

Eric jumped out of his seat and practically collided with Sam "Shit!" Eric said "What?"

Mike was two steps behind him with Kensi and Deeks on his tail.

"Did you find him?" Sam asked knowing he didn't need to clarify who the 'him' was.

"Yeah, I got him on a traffic cam about an hour ago at the corner of beach drive and Manhattan talking to some guy." Do we have a name on him, "Yeah Jimmy Macy, He's a low rent thug and heroin dealer?"

"What would Callen want with him?" Kensi wondered.

Eric zoomed in on the pictures and they saw Callen taking the Heroin and a phone from Jimmy then running towards the beach.

"Can we get GPS on that phone?" Sam asked

"It's a burn phone but maybe...?" Eric trailed off as his fingers worked their usual magic on the keyboard. "Got him He's under the pier at the end of Beach Drive."

"Bring him home Mr, Hanna," Hetty said and they all headed off.

They parked up by the pier and Kensi and Deeks went one way and Mike and Sam went the other way.

Callen was slowly coming down off his last high the syringe lying next to him and he still had the rubber tubing tied round his arm, he was curled in a ball with his gun in his hand just trying to make his thoughts straight.

Images he couldn't place were flooding his brain. There was that girl with the red hair and a nice smile, then there was the African American man, his terror of him was real, but there were pictures in his head that he couldn't place, images of the same man laughing, and images of a young man with blond hair, standing with the red-head in a room with computers.

Then there was Sveta... His Sveta and his baby... His Papa...And Mama? ...He was Alec...wasn't he...?

Boris got the call from Jimmy along with another call from the little snitch at the apartment block where he had set Callen up.

A cold smile swept across his face. Good soon his plan would come to fruition all he needed was to put Callen in a position where he would betray or even better kill his friends and then Boris would turn on him, tell him the truth and leave him broken and wanted for the murder of his fellow agents, it was almost too good to be true.

Jimmy had told him where to find Callen and he headed off down there straight away, after all he didn't want the agents finding him first, no, that would be disastrous.

Boris called Callen on the burn phone.

"Alec? Are you ok son?" He asked his voice sounding worried as Callen picked up the phone

"They've found me. The guy from my nightmare he was there I'm under the pier on Huntingdon beach. Come get me PLEASE!" Callen sobbed down the phone.

Boris smiled now it was time for him to be there to watch as Callen betrayed his team and Boris would finally get his revenge for his son.

Callen dropped the phone and closed his eyes; He curled up into a ball and prayed the whole world would go away.

On top of the pier, Mike and Sam, Deeks and Kensi all pulled up at the top of the pier. "OK, "Sam said "Kensi, Deeks you go down this side." He pointed to the left. "Mike your with me." They went down the right hand side of the Pier.

It was dank and cold under the pier, there were old crates piled up and a few homeless shelters set up here and there. Callen was tucked up behind some crates when he heard them coming. His breath hitched coming in faster spurts and his eyes widened. He back himself into a corner trying to make himself as small as possible when he realised there was no way out. He looked at his gun, there was a full clip, and this made him feel a bit better if only he could hold out till help arrived.

"G!" Sam called worried that his partner was hurt, "It's me Sam. Are you there man?"

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Callen yelled

The agents looked at one another worried and confused.

"G? We're not gonna hurt you." Sam said.

"Sure!" Callen sneered, "And I'll believe you, like you didn't kill my parents or my wife."

"What? " Sam was confused and he rounded the corner to look Callen straight in the eye.

G scrambled backwards in fear and raised his gun, his hand shaking with the side effects of him coming down from his last hit.

"ALEC!" and voice shot through the dark, Sam's head turned to see where the voice was coming from.

"PAPA!" Callen yelled in warning.

The other four looked confused, Callen took advantage of this and shot Sam, Though with his hand shaking so much his aim was off and Sam was hit in the shoulder.

Then all hell broke loose.

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