All these dying days

Chapter 6

Chapter 6.

"Alec!" Boris yelled from his vantage point he couldn't see the NCIS agents and figured he'd get Callen out of there and move him before his team could get to him again.

The agents turned around and went towards the voice as Callen finally moved. Sam hoped that meant that Callen was coming with them, but he quickly realized Callen was moving into position to protect the man from them.

"Papa they're here RUN!" Callen yelled and started firing wildly not really caring or even being in a position to aim where he was firing.

Boris cursed to himself, as the NCIS agents moved into view he realized he was cut off. Kensi and Deeks trained their guns on him when they realised it was the man they had already had in for questioning over G's disappearance.

Callen burst through a stack of crates desperately trying to get to Boris to get him away before they killed him, as he fell, his gun went off and Boris was shot.

Callen screamed and ran towards Boris instantly forgetting the others and grabbing hold of him and trying to stem the blood flow. "Papa, papa...don't leave me!"

The others pulled up sharply as Callen broke down in front of the man whom they knew wanted to kill him. The man they now knew had, had a hand in his abduction, and Callen was holding his head and rocking speaking softly to him in Russian with tears streaming down his face.

Sam put a hand on Callen's shoulder, "G?" he said softly

"NO. Leave him alone!" Callen jumped then his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out his hands still clinging tightly to Boris' dead body.

An hour later G was still unconscious as doctors moved in to stitch up his wounds.

Hetty sat with the rest of the team in the waiting room waiting to see how Callen was.

Sam came in after getting his shoulder patched up.

"How's the shoulder Sam?" Mike asked concerned for his partner

"It'll heal" Sam said although he was mad that he had been shot he was also secretly glad Callen had been as whacked out as he was, Clear headed, Sam knew Callen could have killed him.

A doctor came out and caught their attention.

"How is he Doc?" Sam asked.

"He's still unconscious, we did an x-ray and an MRI on the head wound, and there is some residual bruising to the brain, the effect of this we won't know till he wakes up. We also ran a tox-screen on his blood. He had a large amount of heroin in his system we have started his on a Buprenorphine treatment programme. He has a few collapsed veins but his heart and liver are ok."

"Thank you doctor." Hetty said "Can we see him?"

"I would suggest just two of you for now so there aren't many people there when he wakes up." The doctor agreed seeing the look of hope on the group waiting to see their friend.

Kensi turned to Sam, "You and Hetty go in we will be right here."

Sam smiled at her and they headed into the room.

It wasn't bright in there, G looked pale and cold laying on the bed with and I.V. in his arm and a heart monitor beeping, Hetty sat next to the bed and Sam took the chair further in.

"I don't get it?" Sam said to Hetty "He hates needles why would he take drugs?"

"I don't know Mr. Hanna," Hetty said quietly "Hopefully when awakes he can tell us."

"What the hell did they do to him?" Sam said almost to himself.

Again with the beeping! Callen thought his head hurt his side hurt he groaned slightly realizing his throat was sore.

"Sveta?" He said quietly

Sam and Hetty looked at each other.

"G?" Sam said

That voice again, Callen's fight or flight response kicked in and his eyes shot open and he scrambled back of the bed and ended up huddled in a corner, his eyes tight shut hoping it was another nightmare.

"Leave me alone!" he said in Russian "Don't kill me," he whimpered too tired to fight anymore.

Sam looked confused

Hetty walked over to Callen and put a hand on his head, He flinched but she started whispering something to him in Russian and he calmed down.

"Mr. Hanna you need to leave the room," Hetty said quietly

"But!" Sam said and then saw Callen flinch as he heard his voice. He nodded and left.

Kensi's head came up as she saw Sam come out of the room. "Is he ok?" She asked full of concern.

"Kens..." Sam's head dropped, he's scared of me, "Sam couldn't believe it, He'd never seen G scared of anything unless you counted doctors and needles, but to have his partner and best friend scared of him was more than Sam could take, "What did that bastard do to him?"

Kensi stood up and walked past towards the door, "I'm going in." She said and walked into his room.

Hetty was slowly helping G up from the floor.

"AH, Miss Blye, I could use a hand with...?" Hetty turned to G

"Alec." G said

Kensi started then slipped effortlessly into his side and helped him up. Whatever was going on with G he obviously thought he was someone else and making him run wouldn't help heal him. Kensi got it immediately as Hetty nodded in her direction.

"My name's Kensi." She said as she helped him on the bed. There were a few unshed tears in her eyes but she held them back, now wasn't the time for that.

"Alec." Hetty said in Russian "I need to talk to your doctor, I will be back and you will be safe here with Kensi."

Callen nodded and relaxed back on the bed and closed his eyes.

Hetty walked outside to inform the other agents of what she had discovered; she would fill Kensi in later.

"Mr. Hanna," She put a comforting hand on his uninjured shoulder. "It appears Mr. Callen has suffered some memory loss and thinks his name is Alec Boysyuk. From what I can gather he thinks he's from the Ukraine and that you killed his parents."

"What!" Sam was mortified that G in any state would hate him or be scared of him.

"I have called Mr. Getz back to see if he can help in getting Mr. Callen's memory back, Right now it is going to be a really tough journey for him, and I'm sorry but until he sees Nate you can't see him." Hetty advised.

Sam nodded sadly, he hated not being able to be there for G, but he at least could go back to ops and help Eric dig up what they could about what had happened.

"I'll come with, "Mike said, he figured G wouldn't want him around right now either.

But G was safe and now they had to start helping rebuild his life.

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