All these dying days

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Sam walked into Ops with Mike, Nell looked up expectantly. "How is he?" she asked gently biting her lower lip with worry.

"He's awake, but has some memory loss," He said. Nell bit her lip harder, some tears starting to form in her eyes, she turned away from them and back to her computer.

"What do you need?" She asked her voice betraying a slight waver, but again she was no nonsense and back to work.

"Eric caught Callen on camera at the corner of beach drive and Manhattan, I need to know where else he's been." Mike asked.

"He's been using the name Alec Boysyuk; See what you can dig up on that." Sam Said

"On it," Nell said secretly please she had something to occupy her mind.

Hetty was worried.

Nate was due to land in a few hours and having talked to the doctors no one could tell her how long this amnesia would last, nor how come he seemed to have a completely fabricated back history. Hetty knew all of Callen's past legends she knew about Alec Boysyuk and that he had been a past alias, but for some reason, he had taken this on fully and even added creations she hadn't known about.

All she could think was that Boris Ivanovitch had added the back story to mess with Callen's head.

But finding out that Callen had thought Boris was his adoptive father and that Sam had killed his parents, had really thrown her. Although she knew she couldn't let on, she did care about Callen more than the others.

She walked back into his room and Kensi straightened up in the chair she had been resting in.

"How's he doing?" She asked quietly.

"They had to sedate him," Kensi said with a wry smile, "He kept trying to hit the doctors, and they think its withdrawal symptoms."

Every once in a while G would stir and say something in his sleep in Russian, Mostly it was the name Sveta but other times it was words that Kensi just didn't know.

"Who's Sveta?" Kensi asked Hetty, Hetty sat in the chair opposite from Kensi, "According to Mr. Renko, Sveta was the woman he shot when they found Mr. Callen." She explained softly.

"Any idea when Nate'll get here?" Kensi asked.

"About an hour his plane just landed." Hetty told her.

Kensi sat back and closed her eyes just for a second before they had to start up again.

Then her phone rang, "Kensi." She said answering it before it woke Callen

"Hey Kensi, its Nell how is he?" She asked.

"Still sleeping, Nate'll be here soon and then we can find out where we stand." Kensi replied, She heard Nell sigh, "Don't worry I'll keep you updated"

"Thanks Kensi I...We appreciate it" Nell said

Kensi smiled to herself as she put the phone down. Poor Nell had been going out of her mind with worry since Callen had gone missing; she hadn't realized that she had taken his disappearance so personally until Kensi had caught her on the roof crying one day.

It had been her lunch break and she had made arrangements to meet Nell and try out the new Italian restaurant in town. She was nowhere to be seen, so Kensi had asked Eric, "I think she went to the roof for fresh air." Kensi nodded to Eric and hurried to the roof. She opened the door to the roof and found Nell sitting on a deckchair looking out over Los Angeles.

"Are you ok?" She had asked her.

"He's out there somewhere," She sniffed." Why can't we find him?"

"I'm sure when he wants to be found he will be or he will get in touch with us somehow"

Nell looked up at Kensi, her eyes were red like she had been crying for a long time. "I just wish I could find him." She said

Kensi looked at her she was amazed that Nell had taken it all to heart. "It's not your fault you know."

Nell gave a sad smile, and they had left for lunch together.

Nate met Hetty outside in the corridor; he still had his travelling clothes on and looked dusty and tanned. He had just met with the doctor who had given him an appraisal of Callen's situation.

"Ok Hetty, The doctors have agreed for me to go in and talk to him." Nate looked at her seriously worried, "The usual thing is to rebuild the subject's memories from what we know about their pasts. In the case of Callen it may be harder as we don't know a lot about his past."

"I have a file of what we know about his past, I hope it helps." Hetty said.

Nate took the file and scanned it. "Right I'll see if he's awake and get started."

Nate ushered Kensi out of the room and shut the door behind him.

Callen was awake and sitting up, as Nate walked in Callen gave him a hard look distrust rolling off him in waves.

"Hi," Nate smiled "My name is Nate Getz, I work with you sometimes as an Operational Physiologist,"

"I'm sorry, I don't..." Callen said Nate was surprised that Callen was speaking with a Russian accent, and he looked broken, as if all the fight had been taken out of him.

Nate smiled kindly at him, "That's ok, let's start by you telling me your name."

"Alec, but everyone here keeps calling me other names." He said sounding confused and tired.

"That's because you lost your memory, I'm here to help you get it back. We all know you as G. Callen, we have worked with you for 7 years"

"But I remember my parents and...Sveta?" he was confused and it hurt to say her name so he stopped and focused on the blanket that was covering him picking at it with his fingers.

Nate could see the pain behind his eyes but knew he needed to push, "This is what we know about you." Nate said and gave Callen his file.

Callen took it and read it.

"That's it?" he asked incredulously, "You expect me to believe this you haven't even put my first name on here, just an initial!"

Nate sighed he knew this was going to be hard. "And you expect me to believe I don't know who my parents are, I mean I know they are dead, but Boris and Olga took me in. I KNOW this!"

"Callen...I know..." Nate started.

"MY NAME IS ALEC!" Callen shouted.

"Fine Alec, for now we'll use that. I need you to meet the rest of your team one by one I'll introduce them to you"

"NO!" Callen realized that meant seeing him again. "Not Sam, I know him he killed my parents I WON'T see him"

"You remember Sam?" Nate asked confused.

"My Papa, told me about him." Callen snapped.

"Ok, "Nate said calming him down, "We will start with Hetty all you need to do is to listen to their memories of you."

Nate walked out as Hetty turned to him, "He won't see Sam," He said "Just tell him what you know of him, personal memories see if it jogs anything."

Nate sat down outside as Nell turned up, "Nell!" Nate exclaimed, he perked up as the red headed analyst walked over and hugged him.

"Welcome back." Nell smiled and hugged him. "Have you seen him yet?" she asked fearfully.

"Yes, It's not good, He really believes he is Alec, and we have to shake his foundations and remind him of who he is," Nate stated simply.

"Is that safe?" Nell's concern for Callen was overwhelming.

Nate went to reply but stopped as he was interrupted by Hetty walking out of the room.

"He's asleep again." She said, "He seemed to be responding though." she remarked hopefully

"Can I pop in?" Nell asked,

"Sure, don't wake him up though" Nate warned smiling in encouragement.

Nell walked in the room, Hetty had pulled the blinds so it was dimly lit in there, and she walked up to Callen's sleeping form and stroked his face.

"Nell?" He said in his sleep.

Nell ran out to Nate, "He said my name in his sleep!"

Nate nodded "The memories are there, we just need to get them. As you're the first one he has remembered would you stay until he wakes up?"

Nell glanced at Hetty her heart jumping up into her throat; she wanted nothing more than to be there.

"I think, Miss Jones that, that would be a good idea." Hetty stated simply.

Callen awoke as more memories started flooding through his brain, mostly of a petite, red-headed girl, with beautiful eyes and a smile to match. He smiled to himself as the memory of her warmth came back to him.

Suddenly there were lots of memories of Sam the fun times they had, had together and how much he had thought of him as family. Then it hit him, HE HAD SHOT HIS BEST FRIEND!

His face dropped in horror, the shock washing over him.

This scared him more than anything else had, that and the fact that he now had two sets of memories competing for space within his brain.

He had to get out of here, what if Sam wanted revenge? And that Renko guy had killed Sveta ,he had loved her, that wasn't a lie.

He unplugged the I.V. and put on some sweats that were on the chair.

He then walked over to the door and heard people talking; his eyes swept the room like a trapped animal searching for a way out.

There was a sound of breaking glass and Nate, Hetty and Nell rushed into Callen's room, but it was too late he had gone.

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