Confessions (Katsuki Bakugou x M!Reader)


"You broke me... you break me time and time again because you know I'll always come back again." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Y/n L/n is the first student at U.A. High to have ever gotten in without a quirk. Having previously gone to Aldera Junior High along with Midoriya and Bakugou, he was close with both of the two. Y/n isn't exactly openly gay, but he wasn't 'in the closet' still, either. In the last year of junior high, Y/n confesses to Bakugou, only to get rejected. But he reminds Bakugou all the time, throwing comments like "That's one of the things I like about you." or "See? This is why I fell for you." Bakugou gets slightly flustered but still says he's straight and that he wouldn't date him even if he was a girl, bullying him more. But when Y/n gets accepted into U.A. as well, it's as if fate draws them together. Will Bakugou finally accept him or will he continue to never admit it? ~~This is a Bakugou x male reader~~

Drama / Fantasy
Boba Milk Tea Boy
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My plan miserably failed

I pressed my palms on the hem of my shirt, tugging it down and flattening it out as I made my way to the front doors. “O- oh hey Midoriya~kun,” I said, smiling at my friend.

“Oh hey, Y/n~kun! Are you waiting for someone?” He asked, looking up from his notebook. I nodded and glanced back at the entrance. “Maybe this was a bad idea though...” He looked at me, curiously.

“What do you mean?” I fidgeted with the hem of my uniform’s black shirt, flattening it out again nervously. “W- well it’s just that...” Then I looked up and saw the boy I was waiting for. I straightened my top and squared my shoulders.

“Nevermind, now or never. See you later, Midoriya!” I called back, waving behind me before running up to the familiar ash-blonde boy.

“The hell do you want?” he asked, noticing me approaching him. Suddenly I felt my nerves coming back after that short boost of adrenaline was gone.

“U- um I just wanted to, um, talk to you about something?” He looked at me, clearly not interested.

“Well? What’re you waiting for, a damn countdown?” He said, irritated.

“O-oh! Um, I just wanted to um say that I um really like you, like, like like you, like, um, I have a crush on you and uh... yeah,” I stuttered out, nervously fiddling with my shirt again on instinct.

He rolled his eyes in annoyance. “You done?” I nodded, shyly and he said, “Then I’m leaving.” I watched his retreating figure and just awkwardly stood there, not knowing what to do.

“Welp,” I watched his retreating figure, heart beating so loudly I didn't hear my green-haired friend come up to me, nervously asking me what’s wrong and if he should take me to see the nurse.

I laughed and shook my head. “My plan miserably failed.” He looked at me with a confused expression on his face.

“W-what plan, Y/n~kun?”

“Eh, I expected nothing less,” I said, smiling to myself a little. Sure, I was disappointed, but it would have been weird if he had said anything different. “I’ll try again next week,” I said mostly to myself, him still looking at me confused. I sighed and started walking home, Midoriya following me. He talked about the different quirks he learned about and a new video of All Might that got posted while we made our way home.

“You know Midoriya, I think I might try out for U.A., too.” I remembered in class a few days ago that Bakugou was trying out as well.

He looked at me, surprised. “Really? That’s great!” He beamed, me shrugging in response. He then proceeded to excitedly ramble on about how amazing U.A. was and how All Might went there.

I wonder if Katsuki will ever fall for me, too.

It all started on that day. I knew he existed, I'd seen him around, heard him yelling. I stood up for Midoriya a few times when I saw him bulling him, but other than that we never really talked much. I watched him quietly from my seat, never saying a word to him. He was so perfect and absolutely amazing at everything he did, I saw him as some godly figure or someone that was invincible. Someone who never got hurt and would never fail. But that day- that day I finally saw him as human.

I was walking down the street, humming along to my music blasting through my headphones. I skipped around, jumping randomly, singing along. The song ended and, in the small moment of silence between the two songs, that's when I heard it.

I froze, pulling my headphones down around my neck, looking up confused. I saw smoke rising from an area a few streets down, just barely out of sight followed by the screaming. My eyes widened and I ran down the street, dipping through an alleyway shortcut and reemerging on the other side to be faced with a large crowd.

I tried jumping to see over all the heads, but I couldn't see anything that was happening. The entire area was blurred with smoke, the scent of fire filling me. The crowd thinned out and, when I couldn't take the smoke anymore, I left too. I didn't know what had happened, but all I knew was if I stayed there any longer I'd probably pass out. The smoke was making my sight blurred, my head spinning but I didn't care once I finally saw what was happening.

My eyes widened and I ditched the idea of trying to get some fresh air, running and pushing through the people. I saw my friend clawing at some villain. But then I saw him. My idol, my crush, the person who barely knows I exist. My vision was hazy and I couldn't breathe but I kept running.

"Not you too!" A man's voice complained. "Get back here kid!" I ducked and swerved, maneuvering my way through the slightly less crowd. I made eye contact with a shriveled man in the back of the crowd, his golden hair in a familiar style. I squinted at him, glaring slightly. Is that...? Never mind, there were more important things right now to be worrying about.

"Bakugou! Midoriya!" I yelled, running up to the green-haired boy. "What are you doing?" I asked, quietly this time.

"I don't know I just... I can't watch Kacchan get hurt!" I nodded at him, throwing my bag at the villain's face. I saw Midoriya's back on the ground farther away so either he dropped it or he did the same before.

The villain was the color of sewage, its laugh vile as it suffocated Bakugou. "Let him go!" I screamed, kicking and hitting the sludge villain. But it was no use.

"None of our quirks work against him, we're going to need backup." Voices everywhere were yelling at them, but neither cared. All that was in their minds were saving Bakugou.

All Might finally showed up, punching the villain with his famous Detroit Smash. He hit the villain with so much strength that the weather changed.

I felt a vibration in my pocket and excused myself from Midoriya, stepping away from everyone else and towards an alleyway.

"Yes dad, I'm fine." I sighed into the phone. "Yes I'm sure. Yeah. Sorry I didn't call. Yeah, love you too. Bye."

I sighed, slipping the device back into my pocket. I turned and started walking in the direction of my house when I heard something.

I paused, saying my choices. I could go see what the noise was and possibly die or get kidnapped or I could go home and ignore it.

Me being me, naturally, I decided to go into the dark alleyway.

"Um, hello?" I called, looking around. I dropped my bag at the sight and gasped.

I walked carefully up and crouched down next to him. The sound of his crying was echoing in the narrow area and a nearby cat scrambled behind a dumpster.

His head was down, his hand over his eyes but I could still see the tears slipping down.

"Hey, are you," I sat down, looking at him with concern. "okay?"

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