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Our Secret (MingPha)


A MingPha Fanfic Plot: Everything seems normal. Phana being the perfect student like always. Ming being a flirt like always. No one suspects a thing. Until one of their closest friend stumbled upon a situation. The investigation begin. Cast: Kimmon Varodom Khemmonta as Mingkwan Godt Ittipat Thanit as Phana A random story appeared at a random time. I needed to write it, so here we are. DISCLAMINER: I DO NOT OWN ANY VISUALS!

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - A Normal Day

“Ming! Ming!”

Wayo Panitchayasawad screams over a crowd of girls flirting with his best friend. He rolls his eyes and pushes his way through. The world’s biggest flirter, Mingkwan Daichapanya, continues to blind his fangirls with his dazzling smile and gentleman charm.

“Thank you to everyone who came to congratulate me.” Ming flashes his smile once more, rewarding a bunch of “awwws” from his fangirls.

Wayo groans and finally stands behind his best friend. His shirt glistening with sweat from running around a frantic search to find Ming. The hot weather in Thailand just encourages more sweat to drip down his usually crisp and neat uniform.

He looks at Ming, his glowing face and perfect hair. Droplets of sweat appearing around his temples just added the word “manliness” to his description. Wayo scowls in anger and smacks Ming’s head hard.

“Thank- OUCH!” Ming shouts and turns around. “Ai Yo. Why are you hitting? And why are you standing behind me?”

“It’s 5 pm. You promised dinner.” Yo glares in anger at the group of girls whining sadly. “So stop your flirts and come with me.”

“Okay okay.” Ming turns back to the girls and smiles politely. “Sorry. I need to have dinner with my best friend. I’ll chat with everyone next time na?”

A chorus of high pitch voices answers him with phrases like, “We will wait for you”, “Missing you na”, “Remember us na.” Yo rolls his eyes once more and pulls Ming away.

Ming keeps up with Wayo and apologizes. “Sorry for the hold-up. And thank you for pulling me away. Those girls wouldn’t let me leave.”

“Yeah yeah. They would leave you alone if you stop being so flirtatious. Everyone is waiting for you!” Wayo scolds.

Ming just shrugs. He does not flirt. He is just being nice.

“The star is finally here.” An annoying voice greets Ming and Yo. Their high school upperclassman, Mongkol Intochar (widely known as Kit or Kitty) laughs sarcastically, while his best friend Beam Baramee passes a ฿1000 note to him.

“Damn it Ming! Why did you come!” Beam pouts angrily. Forth Jaturapoom chuckles as he holds Beam’s waist in place so his boyfriend doesn’t kill his junior.

“Sorry Phi. I didn’t mean to be late.” Ming wais Forth. Wayo laughs and sits down next to Kit. He sneaks a glance at Kit and nods.

“Now that our birthday star is here, let’s dig in and celebrate!” Wayo announces. He had rented a penthouse for the night, making sure there’s enough room for everyone to stay in. Aside from their usual group, Ming had invited his other engineering seniors: Park, Lam, Max, and Tul. Since there are several couples, he had to make sure there are no collisions.

Kit stands up and holds up a can of beer. “Pha will be a little late but he asks us to start without him. So let’s start this celebration! Chon!!!”

Everyone cheers loudly and clink cans against each other before chugging down their long-awaited taste of alcohol. Tonight is gonna be wild.

Park appears and presents a tray of grilled meat. “The best griller in da house!” The rest of the group roars in laughter and happiness. Lam chuckles lightly and cuts off one piece of meat.

He holds it in front of Park. “Open up! Ahhh.” Park grins and slurps the meat down to Lam’s fingers, sucking them lightly as he gazes at his love. “Delicious. Yummy.” A glint of lust sparkles in his eyes.

Lam blushes red before spanking his head. “Not here! Idiot.”

The unfiltered words and gestures just add oil to their night. Letting go of their stress and worries, everyone releases their inner beasts and let go.

“Seems like I’m very late.” A deep but gentle voice interrupts in amusement. Phana Kongthanin stands at the entrance with his backpack hanging on his shoulders.

“P’Pha! You’re here!” Wayo sprints over drunkenly and giggles. “Finally I can let go of my secret.”

“Huh? What secret?” Phana looks at Wayo in confusion. This Nong is definitely drunk, and it has only been an hour since the party started.

Wayo pulls Phana to the center and clangs his ceramic plate with a metal fork.


Wayo hollers over the music, noise, and laughter. Everyone turns silent and looks at the disturbance. Kit turns off the blasting music.

“Now that P’Pha is here. I wanted to say something.” Wayo stops a while before he starts giggling. Phana looks at him worriedly. Is Wayo okay?

“P’Pha. Everyone knows that you’re my first crush. I liked you in high school to the point I was stalking you with Ming. I even followed you to the same university.” Wayo lowers his head in embarrassment. Wayo pauses for several seconds before continuing.

“I’m not proud of my actions. But I do not regret liking you. Because I now know what it means to love someone. And it’s different from like. Love is something simple and pure, to accept and to cherish. But love is also something to be understood. Like how I understood I’m not in love with you, but with someone else.”

Ming widens his eyes. Yo is in love with someone?!

“I have found the person I’m in love with. He makes me a better person and accepts me for who I am. I want to be the best person for him. And wants him to be the best person for me.” Wayo beams in happiness. There’s the sparkle in his eyes.

“P’Pha. I’m here to ask for your permission... to date P’Kit.” Wayo finishes.

Phana’s mouth drops open in shock, along with everyone’s gasps. Kit walks over to Yo and pecks his lips lightly. He looks to Phana.

“Pha, I’m dating Wayo.” Kit looks around everyone and blushes. “It happened unexpectedly and we didn’t know how to... well.. tell everyone.”

Wayo is now totally sober as he wraps his arms around his P’Kit. He looks around the room and makes eye contact with Ming, who has a distant look in his eyes.

In that split moment, Wayo and Ming are the only ones in the room. The bond they have is close, closer than any best friends or family. It is a bond of brothers.

“Ming. Are you mad at me?” Wayo’s subconscious mind calls out.

“I-I don’t know. Why did you keep this from me?” Ming sends a brain signal back.

“Because you used to like P’Kit. You even chased after him. And even though I wasn’t the reason why he rejected you, I still feel guilty.” Wayo’s internal brain brims with tears only Ming could see.

Ming stares back in silence, watching Wayo’s internal dialogue playing out with his. He understands. He knows Yo should not be guilty because of his harmless flirt with P’Kit. Although he became serious, he was not the one.

Ming finally smiles. And nods at Yo, watching his shoulders relax and his grip loosens. No words needed. All was understood.

“-yo. Wayo.” P’Kit calls out worriedly. Wayo has been frozen for several minutes and he could not hear anyone calling his name.

“Huh? Yes, P’Kit?” Wayo finally breaks his trance and smiles at his lover. Kit signs in relief and hugs Wayo.

“Wayo. Ai Kit.” Phana calls out. “I... allow you guys to date. I mean it’s okay for you to date. You don’t need my permission.”

Kit smiles softly at Phana. “Thanks, Pha.”




The whole time Park is holding his tongue whilst staring at his friends. Every time he’s dying to speak out, Forth and Lam would send an elbow or a smack towards his stomach and head.

Seeing the play is heading towards the end, Park jumps up before Lam could grab his hand and shouts, “FINALLY!! Let’s party!!”

Lam slaps his forehead and Forth signs. Beam just laughs. These engineering boys are hilarious.

Phana smiles brightly and retorts, “Park, pass me a beer. I need to get drunk tonight.”

The group springs back into chaos and noise, partying for the rest of the night.

The room arrangements change abruptly. Wayo and Kit take the master bedroom, Forth and Beam take the second bedroom, Park and Lam take another bedroom at the corner (to prevent nightmares), and finally; Max and Tul take the smallest bedroom.

Phana offers to use the L-shaped couch while Ming lays out the sleeping bag he uses for camping. Well, since they’re the only ones that are single.

Wayo finally stops at the sixth round and removes a part of himself from Kit. Kit is panting hard, exhausted from holding in his voice during sex. Wayo leans over and kisses Kit’s cheek.

“I’ll go get some wet towels to wipe you down. Do you need water P’Kit?” Wayo asks softly, he had realized he loves taking care of Kit and pampering his lover.

“I already finished the water from last round.” Kit breathes out tiredly, he can still feel his legs shaking and something in between his legs.

“Then I’ll grab a glass from the kitchen. Wait for me na Phi.” Wayo kisses Kit passionately, exploring his tongue in Kit’s heated mouth. P’Kit always tastes sweet to him.

“Yo.. enough.” Kit breaks the kiss. “Go get me water.”

“Krup Phi.” Yo laughs and gets out of bed.

He tiptoes to the living room, trying not to wake anyone up. Just before he turns on the tap for water, he hears someone crying.





“Mingkwan... I can’t take it anymore. It’s too tiring.” Phana sobs softly.

“Phi... I’m sorry. It’s my fault.” Ming whispers in pain as if he’s suffering from turmoil.

“How long do we need to hide this... How long?!” Phana wails louder, but not loud enough to wake anyone.

“Soon Phi. I promise. I’ll take care of everything.” Ming reassures softly.

“Thank you Mingkwan.”

“Kiss me again... Phana.”




Wayo nearly screams and cups his mouth with one hand.



Kiss me again?


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