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ID (Purpose)

By Falco276



They left without him. Amnesia caused his crime. Unknown on the reason of stealing money from the grocery store and diagnosed with Paraplegia, Robin Delahaye faces numerous obstacles to escape from the police and seek help from his friends. Can our beloved tactician flee from AJRA and fly to freedom together with his friends?


- “He left before us. We left before him.“- Lucina Fukoro.

(Location: Dirt Road and farm field near Eggraben, Bionis.)

Sound was the first thing to come; muffled chirps and trills of various insects, louder than expected and almost unfamiliar in tone. They were close….oddly close. Soft rustling, both from the legs of those little insects clinging to long blades of grass and from the slightest breeze that swept overhead was the next thing to register in the darkness. That darkness began to soften, lighten and become redder in hue.

I’m asleep…

A ridiculous thought. If it really were unconsciousness that caused this strange state of confused listening, then the thought couldn’t occur, period. Unless this was a strangely realistic dream.

I’m waking up then.

It may have even been more ridiculous that he was now flatly coming to a compromise with himself on the earlier notion of being fully asleep and yet still thinking consciously.

♪ “You will get cold sleeping here” (FE Awakening) ♪

Soft blackness cracked open to harsh light and the sound he heard now became an uncomfortable grunt from the back of his own throat. Yes, he was indeed waking somewhere. The question was where in god’s name it was.

With a stiffness to his movement, he rose from where he’d lain, feeling quite sore and terribly dazed before taking the time to really observe his surroundings.

♪ Fade out track ♪

The expanse of the horizon was rich with thick patches of grass and wild flowers freckled about the field. The occasional overgrowth and an even more intermittent cluster of trees made up the majority of what he could observe before him until everything dissipated into the warm glow of the rising sun. Gray enclosed around him with several see through windows. He realized he woke up in a 2007 blizzard pearl Volkwagen Touran with *gasp uglee!* no rims on the rubber tires that long outlasted summer’s daring rays of light.

He pondered about the items that he brought with him. Levin sword and magic spell tomes. check. Wearing Tactician robe. Check. Red duffel bag rested on the foot floor greeting him with...... wads of 1,000 CHF wrapped in a brown paper strip? (Total 20,000 CHF)

Flashback: 1:30 pm, Migros, Allschwillerstrasse, Ylisse-stadt, AJRA. Hard to see black. Cuts off the security camera feed by melting the lens with Arcfire. As quick as the Lightning spell move, all cash registers are forced open with a click as 1,000 franks in a bunch are quickly stashed in the duffel and he dashes outside with a shaky swallow. Feelings of risk and guilt stabbed his heart as he lobbed the bag on the floor of a foreign Touran and screeched away in a hurry, being cautious to not get caught under the headlights of a VW Jetta police car.

Amnesia caused his crime. Two risky and successful crimes actually. One with the money, the other with a car. A Touran. Someone else’s Touran. Normally his Touran was black. Amnesia changed the color. How would he fly back to freedom now with the rest of the AweSomE cast waiting for him in Virginia Beach? Sighing, he laid down against the folded seats and let his mind wander back to what got his life turned completely around. What was the purpose of the money anyway?

Bizarre as it looked, the door light placed in the middle of the ceiling lit up, encouraging him to strike up a memory. His 2012 classic silver metallic Prius, his first present when he and Douche started their relationship before Shulk officially announced the ASC oath involving no Yaoi couples, just best friends. It had been completely dead since phase 3 of Smash Wars ended where the teams had to ally with team Aquila to get rid of the Oktagons, Risens, Faceless, and other nasty creatures that spurred the Land of the Free.

Brown almond eyes explored the rest of his “home” on 4 wheels. It was the same appearance as any usual first generation Touran. The needle speedometer on the dashboard. The center console bearing the usual radio/AC interface. The glove compartment holding any?

The mouth opened greeting him with dust and random bits of tiny change, paperclips, and handwritten notes that seemed to date back from 1775. The original Ylisse. The medieval style town where everybody seemed to enjoy their life- browsing through the marketplace, kids yelling happily around grown-ups, horses dunking their heads into water barrels, guards with spear like weapons marching with pace around the gate to the castle that towered the whole town of Ylisstol.

Sighing, that was the true meaning of life.

Now Ylisse and the rest of AJRA has been spoiled with a 21 century style living.

Bratty rich teenagers with smartphones, money, and the senseless mind to vote for crappy laws that entirely brought the whole country to a tilting point of true laziness.

Adults- young and old- with no sense of greeting each other in a jovial way, strangers go their own way.

Cars, planes, trucks, roads- It was just too much for the huge change!

Lost your job? Home? Need money? Go and seek help from the lovely socialistic Kanton Verwaltung (Fer-Wahl-toong) of Bern or any other state you live in.

Welfare. Stealing from the middle class and evenly distributing to people whom you don’t know. People who could be sitting on the couch, butt-cracked with a cig or partying late at night.

Back then, life in 1775 was more simple. People depended on their families whenever they needed help or were in deep trouble with a personal situation. Even with a horse, clueless but cute.

Gods damn this country. gritting his teeth, Robin laid down in confusion, blinking in thought. Peeking out of the window, night blue changed the field’s face from green to purple along with a repetitive wooden poles stretching the line of iron down the vast expanse of land.

Slowly opening the left passenger door, the white haired boy accidentally threw himself off from the edge of the folded seats, grimacing in pain as he forced himself to stand, regaining his balance to study more of the strange land.

It mainly a farm field, green expanded at all corners until it faded off into a small town/village nearby. Close to his sight, he spotted a rusted blue sign squeaking left thanks to the soft billowing wind supported on a rusted pole, tilting 10 degrees to the right.

Eggraben, Bionis?

He was born Plegian. Raised Ylissean. How in world of planet Mira did he appear in Bionis, the Xenoblade themed country that was supposed to be based off of Future Germany. And the country Shulk liked the most. Liked.

Perhaps it was the cause of his escape that caused him to stay for the night in the fields.

And yet he ended up here, resting his ever tired back against the “foreign” Touran, heaving a confused sigh. It restless to even continue his journey to wherever his heart desired although he knew he should never fall into his greatest obstacle yet.

Die Polizei.

Must stay away. Must stay away. Pacing back and forth, Robin repeated to himself- more like reminding himself not to get locked behind bars after such a foolish moment of swiping the colorful rainbow paper in which AJRAnians call it ‘money’.

Fixing his gaze ahead, his almond eyes locked onto an abandoned white tent, shadows of stacked wood revealed behind the white plastic.

Okay, he has all of the money with him.

But what to spend it on?

Food and water was the only thing on his ‘must get’ list so far, stealing would only make his record of being a snobby thief hit the newspaper headlines all over AJRA.

He would be fucked up if everyone got to know of the Migros thief now scattering throughout Future Europe, stealing for a living.

But Robin had to keep his identity a secret, from all prying eyes of those who were ready to report him to his dangerous enemies ever yet.


ID (Purpose).

Feeling tears trail down his reddened cheeks while pulling on his snow white hair in light agony, Robin placed his forehead against the side window, worries flooding his heavy sobbing.

Everybody in the AweSomE cast understood his feelings with concern even when he was nagged with worry about his horrible past, or just out of no reason at all. Douche and his wife, Cia showed a lot of sympathy for him, they decided to treat his depression by showing out love and the true meaning of friendship.

A small shadow of a car whooshed past on the tiny narrow road as his sobs faded to an end, silence bring up the curiosity and fear.

Sighing in relief at the sound of no sirens and flashing blue lights, his sense of sleep was due 10 minutes ago as he opened the side passanger door and slid onto the folded seats with comfort.

Racking his mind softly to where he should go next, (north of Bionis all the way to the tip of Seethen (Future Sweden), or south towards AJRA and way beyond IT Uh Lee?), Robin glanced back towards the red duffel bag, zipper opened with colorful gold. The sight of it brought him once again into tiny heaves of sobs as he drifted off into sleep, using his tactician robe as a blanket.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Snort.

The early morning disturbance brought him to enter a short panic of fear as alarmed brown eyes calmed down in relief as he glanced through the window to see a curious cow in brown and white staring back at him, nuzzling the window in greeting and leaving out drops of saliva running down like a rainy day.

“Oh thank Naga it’s only you.” he managed to talk, halting himself in surprise.

It was days since his crime that he didn’t spit out a word and yet he miraclously did with a farm animal.

The cow, now un-interested at the sight of the tactician curious to engage in a conversation even though there was no one else he could talk to, turned away with a swish of it’s tail and craned down to continue it’s graze on the grass.

It was merely impossible to reach one of his contacts through his phone. The AweSomE cast was miles west, where they were worried about him, and fishstick freak whom he knew as Chrom was probably too busy having lunch at Nordsee and swatting a swarm of bees with his FSB 3000 together with a facepalming Sumia.

Pressing all of the side buttons told him the clear message of loneliness: Dead Battery.

Lobbing the phone aside, Robin sat up and fit himself comfortably in the driver’s seat. Glancing around for the keys in alarm, he spotted the tool to continue his journey.

Stabbing the blade into the ignition, he wondered how much fuel it had. Once the beeping chime echoed throughout the interior, he excitedly nodded at the sight of the fuel needle pointing close to the letter F, his headstart into getting out of Eggraben, Bionis.

Only if he didn’t take the road south that led to Ylisse as a turning point to disaster.

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