Phoenix' transformation

The kiss of life

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Regina found herself once again sitting on Emma's bed, to the right of blonde's sleeping form. She put her bare feet under a spare pillow, bent her knees and put her chin on them, carefully examining Emma. It was fifth night since Emma's arrival to her house and it was fifth night she found her way next to Emma in the middle of the night.

She's so beautiful. Emma's everything I wanted, why on Earth can't I keep this, us? How will I ever be able to live without her?! I need to find a way, I need to save her. I couldn't save my first love, but I'll save my true love, even if it kills me! Regina growled internally

She looked at the alarm clock- 1.15 am. She had more than enough time and it was time for her to face her demons once again. She stood up, quietly exited the room and then rushed down the stairs magically changing her silk nightgown with riding pants, shirt and coat. Silently she stepped out in the cold of the night, gently closing the front door behind her.

Regina stood in the secret room- thousands small compartments in the wall in front of her. She didn't need to opened them to know what it's in there, hearts of people in Storybrook. A shiver traveled across her body and settled in her stomach making her nauseated. She moved on other end of the room and spotted very old bookcase, filled with very old books that didn't come from this world.

There has to be something to help us in here. Regina mused as she went through the books in front of her. Out of, at least, 30 books only four of them were about healing.

Why did I expect? I always inflicted pain, not cured it. thought Regina as she looked at four books in her hands

''There better be something in there for my Emma.'' whispered Regina.

''Good morning.'' greeted Emma as she sat down at the kitchen counter

''Morning'' Regina smiled slightly making them breakfast

''Where is my kiss?'' asked Emma hopefully

''Not yet.'' Regina responded moving her index finger in 'no-no' motion

''Regina, I'll die before you decide it's safe enough to kiss me again.'' Emma whined

''Don't. Say. That.'' Regina gritted through her teeth, her eyes suddenly full of tears

''Regina...'' started Emma, but before she could finish Henry rushed in the kitchen

''What's for breakfast?'' he asked as he seated himself on a stool next to Emma

''Pancakes.'' Regina smiled and handed him his plate. He dive in the food Regina made as deliciously as always and he completely missed tension between two grown ups in the room.

''I'm sorry.'' mouthed Emma ''I'm idiot.''

''I know.'' Regina mouthed back ''I know you are.'' she gave Emma small smile that once again made Emma's day better.

''I'm done!'' exclaimed Henry

''Get your backpack and meet me at hallway in five minutes.'' with that order Henry rushed upstairs once again.

''He should really start taking breath between bites.'' chuckled Emma

''I wonder who he got it from.'' Regina teased looking at Emma's empty plate

''I'm innocent! You raised him, it must be your fault.'' Emma defended with a grin ''It's one of those nurture things that not even my perfect genes can do anything about.'' she winked

''Well, well I'll remember what you said.'' smiled Regina ''If I were you I'd be careful today. Revenge is best served cold, dear.'' she said as she pushed the plates into the sink

Regina didn't hear or sense Emma moving behind her, but she was painfully aware when Emma pressed against her back, pining her to the sink and pushing against her backside.

''Oh God...'' Regina moaned

''Yes, baby?'' Emma chuckled ''You need me, don't you? It's been too long, wasn't it? You want me to fuck you, right here, bent over this sink, baby?'' at Regina's panted yelp Emma continued as she grinded against Regina's firm ass ''You don't understand what you do to me, babe. You don't understand that I want you every minute of my day.'' Emma whispered against regal woman's ear ''I want you writhing underneath me, moaning on top of me, filling me.'' she gripped Regina's hips and Regina gasped at the strength that blonde had ''These last few days were torture for me...God Regina'' she licked dark haired woman's neck ''All I wanted to do was throw you on your bed, tear your clothes and fuck you hard and deep. Would you like that babe?''

''Yes, yes...god'' Regina moaned as Emma continued to thrust her hips making Regina absolutely crazy, her fingers turning white from the force she gripped the sink in front of her

''If I'd bend you over this sink right now, pulled down your pants and underwear would you be wet?'' asked Emma as her left hand made her way to Regina's breast while her right one made circles around Regina's bellybutton.

''Dripping'' Regina mumbled as she started to move her hips back into Emma, parting her legs slightly

''I like when you spread your legs for me'' Emma moaned at the sight and pushed her right hand lower, cupping Regina's heat

''God!'' exclaimed Regina ''Yes, yes.''

''I can't wait to make you scream.'' Emma said and pressed against Regina's core

''Mom!'' yelled could be heard as well as heavy footsteps coming down the stairs making Emma jump away from Regina

''We'll be late'' he yelled again as he moved towards the front door

''I'm coming, we won't be late'' she called after him then added ''And no yelling in the house!''

She grabbed her purse and looked at Emma ''We'll finish this later.''

''I know.'' Emma smiled

After dropping Henry at school, Regina made her way to Gold's shop.

''Rumple!'' she called

''What can I do for you, Your Majesty?'' asked Rumple as he appeared behind one of the curtains that led to some back room

''This'' said Regina and tossed the book on the counter, the page opened for Rumple to see ''Will it help Emma? Will it cure her?''

''Most definitely.'' said Rumple ''You are, after all, her True love'' he grinned ''By this bond, your heart will give her heart enough strength to recover completely.''

''Good.'' Regina said relieved and smiled

''However, there is a certain condition must be fulfilled.'' he said

''What?'' Regina asked not understanding

''This book and its spells reply only on magical world, or a place where there is magic.'' said Rumple ''It won't work unless the curse breaks.'' he explained

Regina closed her eyes, her heart loudly pumping in her chest and her hands began to shake as she snatched the book back and made her way out of the shop.

Emma laughed as she sat at her usual table at Granny's and talked with Mary Margaret, she was such innocent little soul.

''And then she snatched bags and went out of door.''Mary Margaret said laughing ''Just when she reached the stairs, she turned around and said 'Burn those slippers, I beg of you.'''

''I knew it!'' Emma exclaimed ''Oh, she's so getting it when I come back.''

Mary Margaret smiled and said ''I'm glad to see you happy Emma. I really am, for some reason it really makes my heart warmer.''

''She makes me really happy MM'' Emma said ''I've never been this happy in my life. I'm glad it happened before..''she paused ''You know. Before I go.''

''Emma...'' said Mary Margaret and squeezes Emma's hand

''It's okay'' smiled Emma ''It really is, you don't have to say anything.'' she paused ''I don't even know what I would say and I am in this bloody mess, you know?''

''I know Emma.'' Mary Margaret responded ''Enjoy in it, love with all of your heart.''

''I already do.'' grinned Emma

After dinner, Emma and Henry went to living room to watch some movie while Regina retired upstairs 'to do some things' as she put it. Emma was not watching the movie, wondering what was Regina up to. Regina left the house in the morning and came back after Emma had come back from her coffee with Mary Margaret and it was all very suspicious in Emma's mind.

Henry is Emma's biological son, not mine, they won't hurt him. Emma will protect him and in extreme case, there is secure room in the basement and he can exit the house grounds by emergency tunnel.

I have to this, I want to do this- I need her. I need Emma by my side, until the day I die.

Regina made her way downstairs and saw that the credits just begun. ''Henry go brush your teeth and to bed.'' sensing his complaints she said ''It's school night, young man and that's my final. I'll come tuck you in a few minutes.''

He rolled his eyes and kissed Emma on cheek ''Goodnight ma'' he said surprising Emma with the term

''Night mom'' he kissed Regina's cheek and sprinted upstairs

''Did he just..''Emma looked at Regina

''Yes, he did baby.'' smiled Regina caressing Emma's cheek gently and then added ''You, Miss Swan, you shall put those glasses in the sink and then go to your room and wait for me there.'' she winked and made her way upstairs to tuck Henry in.

Emma jumped from the couch with glasses in her hands and rushed into kitchen to put them in the sink. She practically ran upstairs knowing Regina would scold her for doing so, but she couldn't care less.

Regina sat on Henry's bed tucking the boy in.

''Henry, some things will change around here and I don't want you to be frightened.'' said Regina as she stroke his hair

''What's going on?'' he asked

''You'll see soon enough, baby'' she smiled ''I need to save Emma, she's not feeling well anymore. To help her, I'll have to do some things and during all of that will happen; I want you to remember that we'll always protect you.'' she paused ''I love you so much Henry, never forget that.''

''I know mom, I love you too.'' he smiled

''I'll always be here for you.'' she smiled and kissed his forehead.

''Goodnight mom.''

''Night, baby.''

Emma was sitting on the bed in her room when she heard opening of the door and looked to her right noticing raven haired beauty standing in the doorway.

''Come with me.'' smiled Regina as Emma jumped on her feet and moved to Regina. Regal woman took her hand and led her to her room and Emma finally got to see what Regina was doing upstairs for two hours. Whole room was lit in vanilla scent candles, the curtains were drawn making sure nobody could see inside. Regina closed the door and thanked her mind for making her bedroom soundproof, she sure did not want to scare Henry for the rest of his life.

''I want you to let me take care of you tonight.'' whispered Regina as she wrapped her arms around Emma's waist ''Will you let me?''

''I'm yours, love.'' breathed Emma

Regina walked around Emma and pulled on blonde's shirt, then on her pants and leaving her in only her underwear. She took blonde's hand and led her to the bed and when Emma wanted to kiss her, Regina placed her hand firmly on Emma's chest and said

''Not yet.'' with that she pushed Emma onto a bed. ''Do you trust me?'' asked Regina as she circled around the bed and moved on it behind now half seated Emma

''I do.'' gulped Emma

''Excellent.'' Regina purred as she put a blindfold on Emma's green eyes ''I want you to lay down and relax.'' said Regina slowly ''Let me love you.''

Emma did as Regina asked and laid down on fluffy and soft pillows that Regina so carefully laid down before.

''Regina...'' breathed Emma as Regina moved her right hand on blonde's belly ''Make love to me please.''

Regina got up and Emma could hear the sound of clothing falling down on the floor. She didn't have to wait long before she felt bed dip next to her. Regina moved and straddled Emma, kissing her neck and shoulders.

''You are so beautiful, Emma.'' she whispered as she spread small kisses all across her chest while she undone Emma's bra and tossed it to side. Regina took the opportunity to explore her flat stomach and enjoyed feeling the quivers and tension in Emma's muscles. She but slid her hands up higher, and cupped Emma's breasts. They were soft and silky smooth, and their weight felt perfect in raven woman's hands.

At the first touch Emma gasped, arching against Regina's hands, and when dark haired queen drew her hands back, moving to exploring her torso once again, Emma moaned her disapproval. Regina kissed and licked Emma's flat stomach, pressing her hand against Emma's core; her tongue soon encouraged Emma to writhe against her hands and lips. Regina returned to blonde's sensitive breasts, gently massaging them and already close, Emma arched, whimpering loudly. When Regina tugged softly at her nipples, it was enough to push blonde woman over the edge, and Regina luxuriated in the feel of Emma's bare body bucking under her hands.

''Jesus, Regina, what are you doing to me?'' Emma breathed hard not believing she actually came simply because Regina played with her breasts and barely pressed against her core for a moment or two.

''Loving you.'' Regina laughed softly as she hooked her index fingers and pulled Emma's soaked panties down. She smiled as Emma eagerly lifted her hips to help Regina get rid of last piece of clothes that separated her from gorgeous raven haired woman.

The moment Emma's soft, trimmed blonde mound came into view- Regina growled loudly, settled between Emma's spread legs and ran her mouth over it, whimpering loudly at the sweet taste. Regina was surprised at how wet she really was – Emma's slit glistened openly, her hips lifting slightly even at that gentle touch. Regina couldn't help looking up at Emma with her mouth poised over the blonde. She was trembling with desire, her hands were gripping the sheets tightly.

Regina was ,once again, drinking in the sight of Emma's beautiful naked body: creamy shoulders, high, firm, smooth breasts with tight, dark pink nipples, the tips of her breasts just slightly crinkled around those hard points. Her stomach was flat and very smooth. Regina trailed her gaze down to her mound, and trailed her mouth over it again. Emma's fingers loosened their hold on the sheet, and found new destination- sliding into Regina's black hair making the queen lost what little control she had.

Regina growled and moved to kiss Emma's soaked slit cutting the teasing part short. She ate Emma slowly, lingeringly, her greedy eyes took into Emma's nakedness as she began to writhe underneath her. Regina's hands slid up that pale stomach, feeling the quiver and rhythmic tensing of the muscles beneath her touch, Regina then filled her hands with Emma's full breasts, feeling Emma arch up to her hands with a gasp. Regina's palms grazed her tight nipples, making Emma shudder, and then made her hands explored Emma's breasts fully- caressing and grazing every curve, Regina's thumbs teasing and toying with those nipples, her hands delighting in having complete access to the blonde.

Regina's hands roamed and touched Emma everywhere – her back, her stomach, her legs. Emma writhed through one deep, slow orgasm as Regina held her thrusting hips against the bed. Regina never ceased her actions and Emma was building to a third orgasm when Regina lightly stroked a fingertip over Emma's slit, lightly teasing the opening as her tongue traced lazy circles around her clit. Regina's eyes watched her body now, testing her reaction, making memories just in case.

Regina slurped at Emma's clit slightly, the finger dipping into her, and Emma bit her lip whimpering loudly. This time, the whimper was different – lower, more throaty. Regina loved the sound, and sank her finger into Emma completly, hoping to coax it out of Emma's mouth again.

Emma gasped and breathed "Oh, god."

Her moan was that same throaty sound, and Regina purred at success. Emma's hips twisted and Regina slid finger out, slowly sucked it into her mouth, tasting Emma and then eased her slippery finger back inside, exploring Emma's pussy. Her finger gently probed and teased at Emma's inner walls, feeling their slick softness, pressing and wiggling to find the sensitive spots.

Emma groaned softly at Regina's teasing, wriggling as Regina's finger made a firmer push, making Emma throw her head back.

Regina moaned in pleasure as she slid her finger back out making Emma whine ''Regina, please!''

Regina eased finger back inside Emma, loving the way Emma gripped the finger inside herself, her head lolling back and forth on the pillow as she shuddered, moaning with each stroke of the digit.

Those moans grew louder when Regina slipped a second finger into her and began massaging the fingers along the inside her body, twisting and spreading them, stirring Emma's wet, slick pussy, giving her new pleasures, purring loudly at Emma's throaty growls of pleasure.

"God, Regina...please...make me come.'' Emma begged "I need you, Regina...'' Emma shuddered and released Regina's hair, raising her hands over her head to grip the headboard, opening herself to Regina completely. Regina ran her free hand over Emma's breasts caressing her nipple, her tongue sucked Emma's clit as she slammed two fingers roughly into Emma. Emma screamed in pleasure, her legs kicking slightly, her pussy fluttering and gripping two fingers still buried inside her, coating Regina's hand with her sweetness.

Regina kissed Emma's thighs, and moved her finger slowly making Emma's pleasure last longer

''God, Regina.'' Emma breathed as she pulled at her blindfold and looked to Regina, who was still resting between her legs

''I love you Emma.'' whispered Regina

''I love you too baby.'' Emma said

''Emma, we'll be together forever.'' started Regina ''I'll cure you.''

''Regina...'' started Emma

''No.'' Regina cut in ''I found a way, I'll save you. But everybody will know who I am after it.''

''Regina, what are you talking about?'' asked Emma as she caressed Regina's cheek

''They'll find out who I am, Emma.'' she said ''But you'll live, your disease will be gone.''

Emma was speechless.

''Promise me, you won't leave me.'' Regina pleaded ''Even when they come after me.''

''I'll be here to protect you.'' Emma swore ''Always.''

''Good, then I better cure you.'' smiled Regina and joked ''You'll be a poor saviour if you keep having heart attacks every 10 minutes.''

Emma laughed ''Well, how do you plan to cure me doctor?''

''Well'' Regina started moving up Emma's body, looking at bright green eyes beneath her ''It all starts with a kiss.''

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