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Mary Margaret was a simple school teacher. A lot of people had addressed her as plain and mouse-like and she always agreed with them. She was easily scared, quiet in large groups of people and easily intimidated by strong and stubborn people like doctor Mills. She had good friendship with Ruby and Emma and she was unfortunately deeply in love with a married man. She was once caught glancing at David by an older women in the story and she was deeply ashamed when she heard her mutter 'always the quiet and weird ones'.

She always firmly believed that she was kind and generous in nature and that that was the reason she was so good with kids. In all honesty, those children made her life much better, they made her happier and more satisfied with her life. She had always wanted a family, it was her secret desire and lately she seriously considered about accepting Whale's preposition and move onto serious relationship. He wasn't as good as David was in her eyes, but he was proper gentleman and when they were together he made her feel cared for. David on other hand was not available and devoted husband, no matter what he promised her during their meetings.

She was also an addicted to her habits and time line, so it was no wonder that cashier was already expecting her on her usual Wednesday shopping. She always bought the same things as well- meat, milk, veggies and cocoa in last few months when Emma moved in. After finishing with her shopping, she went back to her apartment thinking about coffee she had with Emma that afternoon and how blonde looked happy to be with Regina. As she was making her dinner, Mary Margaret wondered would she carry the same smile with David as Emma is when she's with Regina. 'Happiness is so rare to find. I'm glad Emma did, even if it's with Ice Queen.'

She proceeded to do her nightly tasks and was sitting on her couch sipping tea when this unusual force struck her body making her gasp out loud and drop her tea cup. Mary Margaret grabbed her chest as she tried to catch her breath while her mind was invaded with memories.

'The Curse. James. Wardrobe. Emma is the saviour. Emma, EMMA!'

After a few deep breaths, she looked around herself. She got up and ran to her room to change her clothes- Snow was back and she was going to get her husband and daughter back. Her daughter fell into Evil Queen's trap and she'll get her back, even if she had to rip her away from Regina's dead clutches.

Emma never felt anything like when Regina kissed her, so much raw energy hit her body and memories of her parents putting her into wardrobe and when Regina casted the curse entered her mind. But then after those memories, Regina's personal ones entered her mind and she gasped at flood of emotions that coursed through her body. She started to shake as she grabbed Regina's shoulders and pulled regal woman closer to her.

After few moments, she finally came back to her senses and looked up at Regina

''Are you alright, my love?'' Regina asked uncertainly

''I saw everything.'' responded Emma still slightly breathless ''They put me in wardrobe when you casted the curse. They wanted to ensure I would save them.''

''I know, I'm sorry.'' a tear rolled down Regina's cheek. ''I'm so sorry.''

''Regina, it's alright, my love.'' Emma hugged her and kissed her forehead ''I saw it, Regina. I saw everything.''

''What?'' whispered Regina confused

''I saw your memories, everything you went through, every emotion and every moment that had happened to you.'' Emma told her and that made Regina jump slightly and when she tried to pull away from Emma's arms, blonde hugged her tighter making sure she wouldn't move.

''I understand and I love you.'' Emma said ''I promised you won't lose me and trust me, you never will. I understand and I love you more than anything.''

''You're not leaving?'' questioned Regina

''Never.'' Emma smiled kissing her

''They will be here soon.'' said Regina ''They'll be here to kill me.''

''Then we'll get going right away.'' said Emma immediately tensing up ''We'll pack things and go west.''

''We can't.'' said Regina ''We can't cross the border, you and Henry can, but I...I can't. It would either kill me or erased my complete memory.''

''There is nowhere we can go?'' Emma asked

''We can go to my ranch.'' Regina answered getting up ''Nobody knows I have it and nobody knows where it is. I made sure there are enough supplies for three of us for quite some time.'' she finished biting her lip

''Let's go.'' Emma kissed Regina and got up. They dressed quickly, throwing on the things they wore before getting into bed.

''There is bag on the floor of the wardrobe, pack whatever you need. Just hurry, I'll wake Henry up and then we'll go.'' said Regina as she moved out of the room.

Emma hurried and started to shove her things into a bag, while Regina ran to Henry's room.

''Henry, sweety, wake up. We have to go.'' Regina said as she turned on the lights

''Mom? What's going on?'' asked sleepy Henry

''We have to go, baby. We don't have much time, we'll explain you on the way.'' said Regina as she pulled covers off of him and then went to the wardrobe to pull some clothes for him to wear.

''Baby, hurry up and get dressed. We have to go, in matter of minutes.'' she urged the sleepy boy who then snapped out of his dreamland hearing his mother's desperate voice and dressed fairly quickly.

''I'm ready.'' came voice from the door

''Good'' Regina made her way to the door frame where Emma was ''Go to the garage, the jeep is covered, just place your bag in it and start it. We'll be down in two minutes.'' she said as she glanced at Henry who was already dressed and in process of tying his shoelaces

''You don't need to pack?'' Emma questioned

''No, I already have our things there.'' responded Regina, Emma nodded and hurried downstairs

''Mom, can I take my comic books?'' Henry questioned as he pulled his jacket on.

''Hurry, Henry.'' was dark haired's response and Henry just grabbed his favourite pile under his arm and went out of his room. They made their way downstairs and to the garage where Emma just started the engine and the doors of the garage were already opened. They quickly entered the car and Emma took off. Both the doors of the garage and main gate closed automatically after them.

''Just head towards the town border.'' said Regina

''We have to get to station first.'' Emma said

''What?!'' yelled Regina ''Emma, they'll find us.''

''No, they won't trust me.'' responded Emma ''I'm in this search-find business for a long time, they'll need at least an hour and half to make a group and decide to get to the mansion. By then, we'll be long gone.''

''What do you want to get at the station anyway?'' asked Regina as fear started to raise inside her

''Guns.'' simply stated Emma ''How else would I protect you, for heaven's sake?''

''I have magic, Emma!'' said Regina, frustrated

''Magic?!'' asked confused Henry

''Regina, please, trust me. We need something as a backup!'' Emma said as she parked behind the sheriff's station ''Wait here.''

''No, I'm coming with you.'' said Regina

''Fine, hurry then.'' said Emma and rolled her eyes ''Henry, c'mon, we're not leaving you here.''

All three of them ran through the back doors of the station and into Emma's office, while Regina formed a fireball in her hand, just in case somebody was already there. But no one was, except for Graham who was still in his cell, waiting for a trail.

''Emma!'' he yelled ''Evil Queen! She's behind you!''

Emma grabbed him through the bars and pulled him until he collided with cold, metal bars ''She's my wife, not an Evil Queen, you ass.'' she growled and showed him away. She made her way to the cabinet and typed the password; the doors unlocked and she pulled them, revealing the guns, three shotguns and two M16 rifles. She grabbed duffle bag and put three guns and a shotguns into the bag, along with a lot of ammunition.

''Emma, do you think, we'll need all of that?!'' asked Regina

''I don't know.'' responded Emma ''I hope we won't need anything. I won't take rifle, but I have to have something to protect you two with. I'm sure we'll be able to talk things through with Mary Margaret, but other, I don't know them Regina and I will not take any chances.'' she finished, zipped the bag, closed the cabinet and started typing.

''What are you doing?'' asked Henry, for first time questioning something about this situation

''I'm changing password. When I ended in hospital, Ruby took over my duties and she knows the password.'' said Emma as she finished ''This way, it'll take them much more time, if they want to reach weapons.''

''You're making a mistake, princess.'' Graham yelled in his cell ''You and your whore won't get away that easy. They'll find her and rip her apart! You won't get through any better.''

Henry froze at that, but Regina crossed the room and went straight to Graham and plunged her hand into his chest through bars.

''Regina!'' Emma yelled

''Mom!'' Henry gasped

''Nobody and I mean, nobody, will hurt Emma or Henry.'' Regina growled, her eyes purple as Graham fell on his knees, grabbed bars in front of him and started screaming in pain.

Emma snapped out of it and went to Regina ''Regina, what are you doing? Let him go, we don't have time.'' she said ''Baby, you don't want to do this.'' she said gently

''He wants to hurt you.'' said Regina

''Look at me.'' and Regina did. Emma cupped her cheek gently ''Baby, come back. Come back to me.''

Regina snapped out of her magic haze and put Graham's heart back into his chest. Emma pulled her up, grabbed Henry's arm and dragged them out of the station and into the car. After placing the bag into the trunk, she started the car and pulled on main street.

''Turn right on next crossroad.'' said Regina ''If they'll start gather somewhere, I'm sure that will be here.''

''All right.'' Emma responded and listened to Regina's instructions to get them to the ranch.

Snow ran towards the James' house, or better said David's, when she spotted his truck going her way.

''James!'' she yelled as she made herself visible by waving her hands and standing on the edge of sidewalk. Truck stopped few feet in front of her and exciting James jump out of it

''Snow!'' he ran to her and kissed her ''Snow! You're here. Emma broke the curse, she made it.''

''She's with Regina!'' yelped Snow ''She has her!''

''What?!'' James asked in shock ''How?!''

''She tricked her, she casted a spell on her and she took my baby away again!'' Snow cried

James held her and promised ''We'll find her, I promise. We'll defeat Regina once and for all and we'll be family again. Don't worry, Snow, we'll always find each other.''

After an hour of driving through almost none-existing roads through the woods, Regina, Emma and Henry finally made her way to the ranch. House was situated near the beach and view of ocean from living room was magnificent. House was smaller than the mansion, but it had more than enough room for the three of them, with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen/dining room. Basement was a big storage house which guaranteed that they won't go hungry. The living room was equipped with tv, dvd and various equipment that guaranteed that you'll have fun watching movies, but the watch list was limited to the dvd's in the house, because there was no reception in the house.

''We'll be okay.'' Emma said after few minutes of silence when they entered the house

''What is going on?'' asked Henry ''I know you said you will explain and I waited to come here, so tell me now, what is going on?!''

''Sit down, honey'' Regina said ''This will be a long story.''

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