Phoenix' transformation

Gather the men, hunt is about to begin

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It was beautiful sunny,chilly morning and Emma admired the view- sea was calm unlike the day before, sky was almost without a cloud, just few white chubby ones were sliding in the distance. Emma sighed, thinking on how everything became too complicated too quickly- Henry was shocked as Regina and Emma told him what happened. They were met with resistance and disbelief, which both of them were ready for, or at least they tried to brace themselves for. Even though Emma wanted to explain Henry more last night, Regina concluded that it was best to be left for morning or afternoon, after they all had chance to come to terms with situation. After they put Henry to bed in his new room, both Emma and Regina decided to rest for a while and after half an hour just lying in the bed, tossing and turning they finally relaxed in each other hands enough to sleep. Morning, or noon more precisely, came too soon for both blonde and dark beauty and they were worried about Henry's reaction about the whole situation .

''I have a book.'' stated Regina, her voice cutting the silence and musing of both women

''What book?'' asked Emma as she turned around from the window and sat on the couch next to Regina

''There is a book, a history book if you like, that explains history of our world.'' Regina said, then added ''It's actually the last in series of history books- the book about White Queen and Evil Queen.'' finished Regina with frown and sadness present on her face

''Regina.'' Emma started slowly, putting her cup on the coffee table, and taking Regina's hands in her own ''Evil is not born. It's made. People manipulated you your whole life and guided your emotions where it suited them.'' she paused ''I'm not going to let that happen again and you'll be safe, but you need to trust me.''

''I trust you.'' said Regina, pulling Emma on top of her, hugging her strongly and nuzzling in her neck

''I'm going to keep you safe. Both, you and Henry.'' finished Emma kissing Regina's forehead

The sound of small feet running echoed through the living room as Henry sprinted towards Regina and Emma, jumping on the couch with them. Both Emma and Regina embraced the small body.

''Mom, will you tell me more about Enchanted forest?'' he asked ''Will you explain to me what happened?''

''I'll do my best to answer your questions Henry, but there are things that may not be appropriate for your ears just yet, honey.'' Regina calmly explained

''Okay, I just want to know who you are.'' Henry said in small voice

''You already know who she is Henry'' said Emma ''She's your mom, she's the same person you know and love. She's just have few parts of herself she didn't reveal and that does not make other parts of her that you know well fake or unreal.''

''I know.'' Henry said uncertainly while Regina just hugged him closer

Snow and James drove to Regina's house and on their way they passed many people who were obviously on their way to Regina as well. People had sticks and bats in their hands, revealing their primitive minds to the world once again.

James and Snow hurriedly exited the car and ran into the house

''Regina!'' Snow screamed as she and James looked for Evil Queen, their daughter and grandson ''Where is Emma?''

''Upstairs.'' said James and they both ran upstairs, going through every room they found- but there wasn't anyone there and that only made Snow angrier.

''I'm going to kill her this time James.'' Snow said ''This stops now! Once and for all.''

''You're right.'' nodded James ''We'll find them Snow and we'll have our family back.''

''It was a good call to collect weapons from station.'' said Regina as she sat at the kitchen counter, while Emma was pouring them coffee

''Why do you say that?'' blonde asked confused

''Magic is different here and I'm have not regained my full strength.'' Regina sighed

''It's okay.'' said Emma ''I'll protect us.''

''But I have to save you.'' said Regina ''That's way I broke the curse- I need you in my life, I can't loose you.'' breathed Regina, tears in her eyes ''I need to make sure you'll be okay.''

''We'll be fine.'' Emma said certainly while she walked behind Regina and embraced her ''Everything will be alright, you'll save me, I know it.''

''It's only a matter of time before they find us.'' replied Regina

''I don't know when and I don't know how'' Emma paused ''But we'll be fine and together.''

Rumple was many things and among those- patience was one of his most prised qualities, but he has found himself lacking it as he stood in front of magical barrier. They couldn't cross the damn thing, not even him. Bea was on other side and he needed to get him back, at any cost necessary. He growled as he turned around and made his way towards the City Hall.

Saviour was supposed to break through goddamn barrier. It should have crumbled down along with the curse.

City Hall was filled with angry peasants demanding the blood of Evil Queen. The noise made Rumple sigh as he made his way through follower of false goody two shoes and her idiotic husband.

''She took the Saviour!''

''We have to kill her''

''She must die''

''Your Majesty we must do something''

''Enough!'' Rumple roared, tired of them all ''May I suggest something?'' he asked in sweet voice

''Of course you can, Rumple, you were good adviser to us in the past.'' James said firmly

''Yelling will get us nowhere.'' said Rumple ''The magical barrier is still intact, which means they couldn't get through it. That means they are still within barrier and we can find them. There is a lot ground to cover, but I am certain that with wright plan we shall catch Evil Queen within weeks.''


''We want her dead now!'' voices again started

''Enough!'' James yelled this time ''If anybody has a better idea, speak.'' he commanded

The hall was quiet and the roaring voices were now silent.

''Very well'' James nodded ''Now, the council will retire, along with Rumple and we shall come up with best plan to catch Evil Queen.'' he then looked over the crowd ''They you can have her blood.'' crowed voiced their approval.

Away from now silent crowd in the main hall- James, Snow, Ruby and Grumpy were pacing or standing in the mayor's office looking at Rumple who made himself comfortable at the couch.

''Do you have a plan, Rumple?'' asked Snow looking at the man ''Do you really think we can track them down within weeks?''

''I believe that would be possible, Your Majesty.'' Rumple said in his sweet, fake voice ''With little magic and few volontiers'' he glared at Ruby ''we'll be ready to go.''

''What did you have in mind?'' James voiced

''Well, there are plenty of man who used to serve in your army, strong and capable man. Blue and I need only need to put small charms on them, so they can be aware of their environment a little bit better. For example'' he paused looking at Ruby ''Red already has those ability, being a cub she is, she is faster, her sense of smell and hearing is much better than those in humans. That's why we'll need a little bit of her essence.''

''My essence?'' Ruby questioned, her body stiffing and the wolf inside her preparing for the battle. Ruby was beautiful woman, but when wolf in her voiced its opinion or showed itself, she truly became 'magnificent' as Regina once described her.

''What are you playing at?'' James growled

''Is that all?'' asked Snow in the same time

''Snow!'' yelled James ''Pull yourself together! You can't give him permission to take Ruby's essence just like that- it's not yours to give.''

''Dearies!'' said Rumple ''Let's not be hasty! Her essence is merely a hair plucked from her head. That should be enough for Blue and me to do a potion.'' he finished

''Potion?'' asked Snow ''You said you'll use magic!'' she frowned as she moved towards him on the couch ''Explain yourself.'' she commanded

''Certainly, your Majesty!'' he said quickly in mock respect for the throne ''Magic here is different and it's not easy to control her, it'll take us some time to regain our full capability, however, for making a potion only a small dose of magic is needed. That both Blue and me can do.'' he paused, getting up and walking to Snow ''When little cub gives us her essence, we'll make a potion and your good old boys will drink it and they will have better hearing, better sense of smell, they'll be faster and stronger as well.''

''Will it hurt them?'' James interrupted

''Of course not'' grinned Rumple ''The potion will wore off in few days and they'll be back to being themselves.''

''How long will it take for you to make that potion?'' Snow questioned

''Day or two maximum.'' Rumple responded rubbing his palms in sign of victory

''Snow!'' Ruby growled ''Can I have a word with you?''

''Red give him what he wants, please.'' responded Snow, ignoring her friend who was now only few steps behind her

''Snow! Will they be able to control themselves?'' questioned Ruby ''What if they won't be able to control the urge to kill?''

''Well, it doesn't matter!'' yelled Snow ''They can kill Regina, I do not care!''

''How about Emma?! And Henry?!'' Ruby screamed, trying to go through those thick idiotic brain of her best friend

''They'll be fine! We'll command them to kill Regina, but not to hurt them!'' Snow defended herself

''It doesn't matter!'' replied Ruby ''Once the urge takes over, it won't matter to them what you said!''

''Can we control them?'' asked Snow turning to Rumple once again

''Yes, the potion will keep them in order.'' Rumple nodded

Snow turned around and marched few steps to Ruby and plucked hair from her head without any notice, shocking both Ruby and James in the same time. She gave hair to Rumple with order

''Start making potion immediately.'' with that both Blue who was unexpectedly quiet through whole meeting and Rumple made their way out of the office

''Grumpy, explain the plan to others in main hall.''

''Okay.'' nodded Grumpy and went on his way

''Red...'' started Snow

''My name is Ruby!'' yelled Ruby, her face red with anger

''It's for the best!'' said Snow ''We need to get rid of her once and for all.'' she shook her head

''Emma is in love with her!'' Ruby yelled ''She'll put herself between Regina and those man and she will lose! And die!''

''Emma is not in love with Evil Queen!'' roared Snow ''She now knows who Regina is!'' she screamed, her body shaking with rage ''She knows that she's the reason why she grew up without us! Regina kidnapped her and I will rescue my daughter!''

''You keep telling yourself that!'' Ruby spat back

Snow was angry and wanted to continue to yell at Ruby, but she managed to grasp her control and said

''Start looking.''

''What?'' asked Ruby, confused at the command

''You heard the plan, they need the potion.'' said Snow ''You don't. So start looking for them Red'' she paused looking Ruby in the eye ''That's an order.''

Regina was tired from trying to collect her magic and do something productive with it, but she fail. She was getting frustrated and angry at herself, as she pushed the stupid candle away from her and she slumped back on the couch.

''Why won't you do as I say?'' growled Regina. She remembered every magic lesson with Rumple and Maleficent later, but nothing helped.

''Magic is emotion! I have Emma and Henry to protect and I love them with all I, why aren't you working?!'' she yelled at the candle who was on the middle of glass coffee table

''Because you're tired, nervous and frustrated.'' said voice behind her. After putting Henry to bed, Emma went downstairs where she found agitated Evil Queen growling at the unlit candle.

''Of course I am!'' Regina said, despair evident in her voice ''If I can't lit a bloody candle, I can assure you I'm no good for protecting you and Henry.''

''What you need to do'' stated Emma as she walked further into the room and towards the couch ''Is relax'' Emma said as she walked around the couch and in front of Regina ''You said it yourself- magic is emotion. It feeds of your emotional energy and when you're nervous and frustrated it doesn't work.'' she moved a step forwards standing between Regina's legs ''You need to clear your mind and feel.'' she said and dropped to her knees in front of the former queen

''Let me help you clear your emotions.'' said Emma putting her hands on Regina's knees, successfully parting her thighs. She looked up at Regina and smiled in her own wicked way while she said

''Now, I want you to understand three things- first: I'm here to make you feel good and relaxed, second: I'm in charge, you listen my voice, it's your only command and finally: if you fail to listen we stop.'' She paused, slowly running her hands up Regina's thighs ''Do you understand, your Majesty?'' she asked while she pressed her hand against Regina's centre

''Yes..''breathed Regina ''I understand.''

''Good,now lets get you relaxed.'' Emma smiled, looking predatory and Regina knew her only option is to let go of her control, no matter how difficult it might be.

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