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''Emma'' breathed Regina, now sitting on the couch without her pants, in her underwear, while her shirt was unbuttoned, loosely hanging on her shoulders and her breasts bare for Emma to enjoy them.

''I need you to clear your mind'' Emma said as she kissed her neck, nibbled against her pulse making Regina gasp loudly ''Forget about everything'' ordered Emma against Regina's ear as she massaged brunette's full breasts ''You are not a doctor, a queen, a mother, you're just woman in need.'' blonde took Regina's ear lobe between her white teeth, sucking lightly, making Regina moan ''Beautiful woman in need of a good, passionate, thorough...'' she cupped Regina's heat ''...Fucking.''

''Oh my gods'' gasped Regina as she grabbed Emma's shoulder

''No'' Emma softly commanded as she took dark haired beauty's hand and put it beside her head, successfully pinning both of them down. Regina let out disappointed sigh as Emma's hand was no longer providing beautiful friction between her legs.

''Keep your arms either beside your head or your body, I don't care.'' Emma growled ''But, if you touch me, I shall stop and make sure you don't help yourself either.'' she slammed her thigh between Regina's legs, making other woman arch up and moan

''Do you understand?'' she questioned

''Yes..'' Regina gasped as she for the first time in her life lost control, or better said, gave up the tight control which she had over everything that she was doing in her life

Emma looked at beauty under her and noticed that Regina's breathing was shallow and fast; that a faint sheen had begun to develop on her skin and she knew that Regina was finally starting to release her control. She took pity on the quaking body under her and with infinite tenderness she pulled back just a little and drew the pads of her fingers along Regina's jawline, following it up with the tip of her tongue, immediately retracing and suckling gently with her lips where her tongue had been. Regina had gasped as Emma's fingers had touched her and moaned deeply when her tongue and lips had moved in. Emma wanted to unwrap this woman from her self-imposed exile; she wanted to help her dismantle her walls and defences one by one. Mostly, Emma admitted to herself, she had a primitive drive to make her lose complete control and make her cum as many times as possible.

Regina could not believe how a few simple touches had her burning for more, her body felt super-heated, her breath staccato and she knew that somewhere along the line, her lower body had started to writhe. Then she felt those fingers again; they started on her face, tracing outlines, like Emma wanted to memorise everything about her. Then they moved to her neck, sweeping back the strands of hair which had fallen down, then moving down the sweep of her neck. Part of the queen inside of her tried to keep control, to imagine what she must look like and to track the progress of those fingers down her body, but a much bigger part of her had longed to give in the feeling, the heavenly sensations her lover was coaxing from her now increasingly willing body. The fingers continued their descent, skimming feather-light down her neck to her chest where they circled the orbs of her breasts, slowly, sensuously spiralling ever inwards. Before they reached her very swollen nipples, the fingers moved down her belly, despite the whimper of disbelief that tore her throat. She heard another husky chuckle in response.

''Be patient, love''

Those teasing fingers moved to the top of Regina's panties and traced the outline, once again spiralling inwards to her soft mound. Her hips rose involuntarily, but a hand held them down while the fingers continued their torturous journey just scraping past her very hot, liquid centre and down her inner things and legs. Next thing Regina felt were hot, passionate lips close over her own and she eagerly raised her head and kissed back, deeply. Regina swore that the feel of that sweet tongue wrapping around her own seemed like the only thing she ever wanted to care about again; so she couldn't have stopped the groan that flew from her throat if she tried.

Regina carried on kissing Emma back, immersing herself in the feel and smell of the woman she now knew without a doubt that she loved as well as desired more than anyone. The lips moved away from hers and once again a whimper was squeezed from her throat, but that quickly changed as Emma's hot mouth and tongue lapped and kissed their way down her throat and circled her breasts.

''Emma, please'' Regina arched her body, her hands gripping the soft cushions of the couch as she controlled the urge to tangle her fingers in long blonde wavy hair ''Stop torturing me...''

''I'm not torturing you, honey'' replied Emma

''Please...'' said Regina and Emma knew just hard it was for her to let go, to beg for pleasure

''I don't want you to beg, honey'' Emma said ''Just tell me what you want me to do...'' she said in-between sucking on the skin between Regina's gorgeous breasts.

"Please...suck my...uuhhh...nipples... Please Emma..."

"With pleasure, baby..." Emma muttered against her skin, feeling like she could cum just hearing those words. Her tongue curled around one nipple and fluttered against it and the effect was instantaneous. Regina's back arched once again, pushing her nipple completely into Emma's happy, obliging mouth.

"Yeeeeessssss..." Regina breathed, brokenly, feeling the ache of her tight nipples ease as Emma's talented tongue laved them, first one, then skipping over to the other. She gently moulded each neglected breast into the palm of her hand while she went to work on the other.

Emma's lips left her nipples, making her mewl in frustration, but then she realised just where those lips were heading. Soon Emma's lips started to move over the lace of Regina's panties making her breath become increasingly ragged. Ever so slowly, patterns were traced over lace with the point of a tongue until Regina was panting with need, her hips moving up and down, futilely as it turned out, because Emma simply flattened her every time.

"Not yet, baby, not yet..."

Regina felt her panties being hooked and drawn down her hips; felt them stick to her centre before pulling free and she blushed, knowing that her intense arousal was now fully on display for Emma to see. The queen knew that she could no longer hide any part of her from her intense young lover.

Emma was left breathless, she knew Regina would look hot losing control, hell, the woman was gorgeous all over, but the sight of her completely naked, legs parted so Emma could see her engorged lips and obvious arousal was too much for her to take. Saviour wanted to dive in, slide her fingers into this woman, suck her lips and clit until she came, screaming her name. She was hovering over Regina's mound, her breath hot on peeking clitoris when she pulled herself together and with supreme will, she pulled her face back. She could feel the uncertainty and embarrassment radiating out of Regina's every pore, so she whispered soothingly that the queen had the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen. Brunette could still feel Emma's breath on her intimate parts. She had never liked the word 'pussy', but the way Emma said it, it was an intimate caress and she wanted her to say it over and over again. Slowly, the sensation became more intense and she realised Emma was coming closer, finally moving to end her torture. Regina felt her legs being pushed apart wider and agonisingly slowly, she felt Emma's tongue come into contact with her pussy. Regina moaned as she felt the tongue probe between her swollen lips and swirl expertly around in a sensation she was sure would cause her to completely lose her mind. All sense of time and place ceased to exist as her existence became the tongue-tip rippling in her intimate flesh as it began to move up and down, side to side seemingly at the same time.

''Yes! Emma please, please!''

Regina moved her hips Emma's mouth, pushing her mound into her face. She felt Emma's hands move around to cup her buttocks and she clearly liked what she found, because Regina could feel the groan deep in her pussy. Once again, existence narrowed into that tongue which was now being used in flat sweeps which were making Regina nearly delirious with sensory overload, with the point still being used to gently probe at the top of her slit in small darting, tender stabs at her clit.

Emma knew that there was still a small part of Regina that was holding onto the control, a part of her that was still making her brain comprehend situation, a part that was not being used to just feel what was happening with her body.

''Tell me what you want.'' Emma demanded huskily

''Mmm, Emma...ahh''

''Tell me!'' barked blonde

Something indeed broke inside Regina as she moaned ''Make me cum...I need to cum...Ahhh, make me cum on your tongue.''

Emma clamped her mouth down over Regina's shuddering clit and she sucked for all she was worth, roughly inserting her fingers into the slick passage of Regina's pussy, crooking her finger to caress the nub of nerves deep inside to the same rhythm as her sucking. Regina felt time halt as her body seemed to realise what had just happened and suddenly caught up and then the intensity, the onslaught of physical sensation that assailed her, broke every last barrier that existed in her mind and body as her hips bucked into the face of the woman she loved. She felt her pussy clench as she screamed incoherently and she felt very much alive for the first time in decades. Regina broke the rule when orgasm hit her as she gripped Emma's head, making sure that young woman wouldn't stop. The Queen had let go and magic coursed through the whole house, before she lost consciousness.

Snow looked outside the bedroom window, musing where her Emma could be. She knew that Emma had only month or two to live, she remembered the day Emma told her vividly. She was going to kill Regina and spend remaining time of Emma's life with her, she will get to know her daughter better. Snow knew Emma fell in love with dr. Regina Mills, but she also knew that Emma was her and Charming's daughter and she was good and pure. She knew that Emma could not stand to be with murderer like Regina.

''Honey?'' questioned sleepy James as he got up from bed and moved next to Snow

''Tomorrow night, James, just one more night. Tomorrow the potion will be done and they will hunt down Regina.'' she looked at James with small smile

''I know, we'll get her this time.'' he nodded ''We'll have our family back.''

The blue light that ripped the black, cloudy sky made both James and Snow look out of the window.

''What was that?'' asked Snow concerned

''Just a falling star, probably.'' stated James as he led Snow back to their bed.

The sea was restless, waves crashed against the shore, slowly carving the grey stones just like they have been doing for centuries. Smell of coming rain filled the air as heavy boots jumped on wooden deck.

''Tie her up boys'' deep and rough voice ordered

''Ay, ay captain.'' said sailor as he and few others tied big, wooden ship that was visibly kept in great shape.

Captain then turned away from his boat and crew and looked towards the land, the city of Storybrooke. The wind picked up, making captain's long leather coat swirl a little; captain was tall man with wide shoulders and impressive built. His beard was not long, but it existed and its dark brown colour matched his hair, that made his dark blue eyes more striking. He was dressed in leather boots, black pants with white shirt and leather coat; the only real colour was shining necklace around his neck. Necklace was more of a little bottle, then a real necklace, in which blue sparkly matter moved as a some sort of fog would.

''Are the man ready?'' he questioned

''Ay, captain.'' sailor reported ''Only necessary people are staying behind, the rest is going with you captain.''

''Good, I have a feeling we shall have fun boys.'' he smiled showing his white teeth as he pulled the necklace over his head, pointed it towards the black sky and opened it, making the blue matter illuminate the sky.

Regina woke up as the sunlight peeked into her and Emma's bedroom. She turned around in search of Emma, but she wasn't in bed. Regina remembered the night before as she got up, took a shower and dressed. She quickly glanced to her nightstand and saw it was only 7.08 in the morning, so she went in search of Emma who was not usually up before 8 o'clock. On her way downstairs, she checked Henry who was asleep.

When Regina came downstairs and saw all the shattered glass, she gasped and her eyes widen in shock. Her body became stiff and she looked around anticipating the enemy.

''Honey, are you okay?'' questioned Emma making brunette jump, as she stood to Regina's left with broom in her hand

''Gods, Emma!'' exclaimed Regina ''Why did you scare me like that?! And, what happened here? Have they found us?!''

Emma chuckled and responded ''My apologise, your Majesty.'' she smiled at Regina ''Oh, no honey, sorry to tell you this, but all of this'' she pointed to the room ''was your doing.''

''What?!'' asked Regina shocked ''Emma don't be absurd, I would never destroy my own living room.''

''Well, you did, love.'' smiled Emma ''Granted, you didn't do it on purpose.'' she nodded leaning the broom against the wall and making her way to Regina ''But you couldn't help yourself '' she hugged Regina and pulled her into her own body ''while I fucked you unconscious.'' she finished with a smirk making Regina blush and adverted her glance.

''No, no'' said Emma as she cupped Regina's chin making older woman to look her in the eyes ''You look at me, you don't have anything to be ashamed of. Last night was one of the best nights of my life.''

''I really did all of this?'' asked Regina

''Yes, you did.'' Emma responded ''Thankfully, you produced some sort of shield around us when the glass shattered and we were safe.''

''Magic is emotion.'' Regina said

''Thank god for that honey, because after I put you in bed, I went to check on Henry and he had identical, protective blue bubble around him. On which I'm thankful, because I can guarantee you that we'd have to pay a lot of money to therapist if he came downstairs to see what was making his mother scream in the middle of the night.'' at that statement Regina blushed even harder.

''You're adorable.'' Emma chuckled

Regina's response was cut off as Ruby's voice called outside of the house. In alarming mode, Emma ran and grabbed the shotgun from the closet and Regina formed fireball in her hand.

''Emma! Regina!'' called Ruby again and caught a sight of two women exiting the house, one holding a shotgun and another a fireball. Ruby wasn't sure which one she was afraid of more, so she yelled ''I'm not here to harm you, please! I'm here to help you.''

''Why should we trust you?'' Emma asked

''Emma, please, I want to help you.'' said Ruby ''They're coming after you two, they have a plan and Snow won't stop until Regina is dead.'' she said and then looked to Regina ''This is me paying back. No matter how overdue it is.''

''Emma, put down the gun.'' said Regina, as she closed her fist, the fireball with her

''Regina, are you...'' questioned Emma

''Yes, I'm sure.'' nodded Regina with smile ''Come in Ruby, I guess we have things to talk about.''

''Thanks.'' smiled Ruby as she followed Regina inside the house, Emma right behind them as she glanced around once again.

''What on earth happened here?'' Ruby questioned when she saw the living room, but then strong smell of sex and magic hit her hypersensitive nose and she blushed ''Never mind.''

''Right, Ruby what the hell is going on?'' Emma asked, directing a topic to other, more important direction

''They are preparing few of Snow's old soldiers and guards to drink a potion with my essence.'' said Ruby ''They'll find you within a day when they do. I found you earlier because my senses are much stronger then theirs will be.''

''Shit.'' growled Regina

''Essance? What the hell is that?'' Emma asked, her confusion evident

''Emma, Ruby here is a werewolf.''

''A what now?''

''I'm a werewolf.'' said Ruby and Emma looked at her listening ''I turn every full moon, but what it means in this particular case is that even in my human form my senses are better. I can hear, see, smell and feel much better than any human. When they drink they that potion, their senses will also increase, which means they'll be able to smell you and track you down.''

''Like a dog or a wolf.'' Emma stated

''Yes, exactly.'' Ruby nodded

''What will we do?''

''We can buy some time by leaving our traces somewhere else.'' Regina said ''While we make plans; that should buy us a day or two.''

''Alright, but what about the real plan?'' asked Emma ''That's okay for diversion, but it's not good for anything else.''

''I know.'' said Regina ''We can't cross the border and we can't hide forever.'' sighed Regina

''Can we go to other land?'' asked Emma ''The one you all lived in?''

''Does it still exist?'' Ruby asked

''Of course it exist, the curse froze all that remained, Rumple picked the people who would come here and all the rest of them were frozen. When one of us comes back, the curse should as well break there.''

''Everything is exactly the same?'' Ruby asked, as hope filled her eyes

''Yes, Ruby.'' smiled Regina ''Everything is exactly the same.''

''How can we get there?'' Emma asked

''We need to create a portal.'' Regina said ''But the only thing that could open the portal is Jefferson's hat. Only for few people, five at the most.''

''Of course, Mad Hatter's hat.'' nodded Ruby

''Mad Ha...never mind.'' Emma shook her head ''Can you get it?'' she asked Ruby

''I'll get to it as soon as I come back.'' said Ruby

''Fine, you do that and we'll try and come up with some backup plan as well.'' stated Regina looking at Emma who nodded

A crowd of people gathered around the Mill's mausoleum; crowd made of sailor and their captain, of few people who were well dressed and those who were dressed casually. Most of them men, strong as axes and capable of protecting their queen.

''Mark, I mean, captain'' one well dressed man gasped and captain stepped forward with smile on his face

''Will, my old friend.'' he enveloped the man in strong hug

''You summoned us, sir.'' one voiced ''Do we know where is the Queen?''

''I wanted to ask you the same question. We just arrived, it took us longer then we thought to reach the shores because of the weather.''

''Sir,'' one said '' the White Queen has summoned her people and they'll start the search for our queen tomorrow when some sort of potion will be over.''

''We need to find her before she does.'' Mark ordered ''We'll go to her house and look for something that will lead us to her. Sailors, you shall sweep through woods, groups of four or five- do not separate, we don't know what kind of potion they were given. You will come back to the town, you are to be our eyes and our ears, do you understand?''

''Yes, sir.'' they nodded ''We will inform you of any news.''

''Excelent.'' he nodded ''Now, gentlemen.'' he put his hand on his and the rest did the same

''For our people! For our Queen!'' they all roared as Royal Dark Guard was once again in service of their queen Regina.

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