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Run to another realm

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Mark, Will and two other sailors entered Regina's mansion with their weapons drawn and highly alert. They cautiously searched the house for any unwanted visitors and when they found none Mark ordered

''Try to find any lead that would lead us to her.'' then added ''Only Will and I are allowed to enter Her Majesty's bedroom and study.''

''Aye, captain.'' both men complied and started to search the house for directions or hints to where their Queen would be.

Mark and Will decided to check bedroom first and when they entered the mansion and as they entered Mark mentioned

''I'm surprised they didn't tear the house apart by now.''

''Well, that's because Gold had told the crowd that gathered on main street that our Queen had already left.'' he explained ''Since he is in Snow's grace at the moment, people listen to him and they took the party to the City Hall and not here.''

''Understandable.'' nodded Mark as he opened Regina's closet and started to dig through clothes ''It seems that that our Queen has found herself a man.'' he muttered and Will laughed ''What are you talking about?''

Mark just raised his hand, holding boxer shorts. Will laughed ''Those are Emma's, not some man's. You know our Queen doesn't take men in her bed.'' he rolled his eyes

''Who's Emma?'' asked Mark, his face hardened as he fell in his role as Queen's protector once again

''Emma is the Saviour. Her Majesty's lover and true love.'' Will explained as he searched through nightstand's drawers

''Savior?'' Mark questioned ''As in Snow White's daughter?!''

''Yes.'' Will nodded ''They ran off together, along with Prince Henry, Regina's adopted son.''

''Her son?'' he hummed ''Then we must hurry to find her and the heir of our kingdom. We must protect them.''

''I know Mark, I know.'' he nodded.

''Captain!'' came shout from downstairs ''We have an intruder!''

Both Mark and Will rad downstairs with their weapons in hands and their bodies ready to fight. Ruby saw two more men running down and she decided she had had enough, so she used all her increased strength and pushed two men yelling

''Who the hell are you and what are you doing in Regina's house?''

''Who are you?'' asked Mark as he raised his hand making his man stop approaching the feisty young woman

''I asked first!'' growled Ruby ''What the hell are you doing in Regina's house?''

''We are members of Royal Dark Guard and we are in search of our Queen.'' he explained ''Her life is in danger and since you seem to care about our Queen, can you tell us anything about her whereabouts?''

''Show me your wrists.'' Ruby demanded ''If you're Regina's guards then you have tattoo on your wrists.''

Men nodded and all of them pulled the sleeves up on their right hands and indeed there was a small crown tattoo. The mark of Regina's personal guards, Ruby recognised- they were most skilled killers and guardians Ruby has ever seen.

''Good. I'll take you to your Queen, but you need to help me.'' said Ruby

''What do you need?'' asked Mark

''Do you know about searchers?'' asked Ruby

''Yes, we do.'' nodded Will ''They took some sort of potion to track Queen down.''

''Not any potion, potion with my essence- I'm a werewolf.'' she sighed ''Their senses will be increased and they will track Regina, Henry and Emma in a day or so.''

''How did they get your essence?'' growled Mark

''Not willingly.'' Ruby barked back ''Now will you help me or what?''

''What do we need to do?'' Will asked as he saw Mark was making his judgement on whether to trust Ruby or not.

''We need to get Regina's clothes and scatter it over the forest, that should give Regina and Emma some time.'' she started and then added ''We need to get Jefferson's hat as well, Regina needs it.''

''Alright, I'll call the boys and pack clothes.'' said Will as he rushed upstairs to collect some of Regina's clothes

''I don't trust you.'' Mark stated looking at Ruby ''I will keep my eye on you. I'll watch your every move.''

''If I had a dollar every time man said that to me.'' Ruby smirked.

Emma walked inside the house once again, after finishing her round- nobody came their way yet. Grounds were clear and she sighed in relief, she hated being on unknown territory and this definitely was one. Fairytale creatures and characters, their medieval ways and tradition, all of that was unknown to her and she couldn't form attack plan in her mind. That meant she couldn't protect Regina and Henry and that ate her up- she would die without them. Well, she would die anyway, or maybe not if Regina could really heal her, but without the two of them she would die certainly.

''What are you doing?'' asked Emma as she watched Regina looking through books on the kitchen table

''Mom is trying to find out whether will we be able to go to Fairyland or not.'' said Henry, who sat at kitchen island happily crunching his cocoa Krispies, much to Regina's annoyance Emma was sure. Regina was a doctor and sight of Henry eating unhealthy food made sick as she remembered all the health problems Henry might have because of it.

''I know we can go there, I'm just trying to find out whether I'll have enough magic or not to go. How many people will be able to pass through and things like that.'' said Regina never looking up from her book

''And?'' Emma questioned

''I'm not sure in what state my powers are right now, this is land without magic, therefore my magic behaves differently. I think I'll be able to take the three of us, but I'm not sure about Ruby and that worries me- Snow will be mad if she finds out Ruby helped us.'' Regina explained and then added ''Then there are matters of consequences, as well.''

''What kind of consequences we're talking about?'' asked Emma seriously, pulling out chair next to Regina and sitting down. Henry stopped chewing on his chocolate cereals as well waiting for an answer.

''The thing is that the moment we enter the portal, the curse I had placed on Fairyland will break and that will trigger the clock.'' she paused ''That means that the people here will be sucked into a portal and transported back to whatever land they are from in Fairyland.''

''There are more then one country?'' asked Emma confused quite a bit

''Yeah, for example we're from Enchanted kingdom.'' nodded Regina

''Okay, so every cartoon has it's own universe and those universes are countries in Fairyland?'' Emma questioned with a little fear because she was sure Regina would be angry for Emma's comparison

''I'm not a bloody cartoon'' mumbled Regina rolling her eyes ''But yes, you are basically right.''

''That's awesome!'' Henry exclaimed from his seat at the kitchen island

''The people who are there, what is going on with them?'' Emma asked ''How many are there?''

''There are millions people there Emma, it's another realm, whole new universe so to speak.'' Regina said ''Nothing is happening to them, they are frozen in time. When the curse breaks they'll just continue to do whatever they were doing without any recollection of the curse.''

''Jesus Christ, just how powerful are you?'' asked Emma astonished

''Not that much, Rumple made the curse and we both casted it.'' Regina explained

''So we're going?'' asked Emma ''When Ruby brings the hat, we're going to open a portal?''

''There are no other ways out of this.'' Regina nodded ''That's the only chance we have.''

''Hello, Mad Hater.'' greeted Mark as he punched him right in the face, successfully knocking him out cold

''Which one is it?'' asked Ruby who entered the apartment and looked at many hats Jefferson made. Mark grinned as he spotted the one they needed, he wasn't captain for nothing- his job was to protect their Queen and to do that properly he had to took notice of everything around him.

''This one, little cub.'' said Mark as he took the right hat

''Stop calling me that'' Ruby gritted her teeth

Before Mark could respond Will appeared at the doors ''I called the boys, they are almost finished with placing the baits, they are waiting for us at the beginning of the forest. Did you find the hat?''

''It's here'' said Mark ''Let's move. I don't know how much time we have.''

''Rumple!'' Snow exclaimed as she entered the City Hall, James and her guards behind her. ''Is it finished?''

''Yes, your Majesty.'' Rumple nodded with grin on his face ''It's done and here it is.'' he hold up two bottles of potions, one green and one golden.

''There are two potions?'' questioned James with frown on his face

''Oh that, yes.'' smirked Rumple as he raised bottle with green potion ''This one is potion with Ruby's essence.'' then he held up bottle with golden potion ''This one is for better performance, I'm sure Regina placed baits and this will make sure they track the right sent.''

''This means they will be able to find them immediately?!'' Snow exclaimed exited

''Yes, your Majesty'' nodded Rumple ''We can prepare the people, we shall find the Queen within couple of hours.''

''Excellent!'' said Snow

''Wait a minute, I thought the search will last for couple of days?'' James asked again

''My mind is old, your Majesty'' Rumple apologised with fake sincerity ''I have forgotten about this particular potion.''

''James! Honestly, it doesn't matter, it will lead us to our baby girl'' Snow said ''We need to get our daughter back!''

''Snow...'' started James, but Snow didn't even hear him as she walked passed him and ordered her men ''Drink the potions! Find them!''

All of the guards jumped and did as she said, while Snow ordered to Grumpy who had entered the room ''Gather the people, we'll have Evil Queen in hour or so.''

Ruby, Mark, Will and other guards met at the beginning of forest.

''We're all here, captain.'' one of the guards said ''The ship is abandoned, locked and tied to the dock as you requested.''

''Excellent.'' nodded Mark

''Captain, captain.'' one of the guards was running towards them ''I just saw Snow White and other entering the City Hall, we don't have much time!''

''Ruby, lead the way!'' commanded Mark and added quietly ''If you screw us over, I shall torture you, let my men have a go at you and only when you'll beg me for death I'll think about maybe fulfilling your request, are we clear?''

''Sure we are.'' Ruby rolled her eyes as she started to run in direction of Regina's secret house.

''This waiting is killing me.'' Emma said as she put last dish in the cupboard

''I don't think we'll have to wait much longer.'' exclaimed Regina as she saw Ruby running towards the house and behind her what appeared to be her personal guards from Enchanted forest.

''What?'' asked Emma as she grabbed her shot gun once again and looked through the window ''Who the hell are they?''

''My men.'' Regina said with proud voice

''Excuse me?'' growled Emma, jealousy and anger sipping from her voice

''Emma, my personal guards, get your mind out of the gutter.'' Regina rolled her eyes as they exited the house to greet them

''Mark.'' smiled Regina as they approached the house ''Glad to see you again.''

''Your Majesty'' he exclaimed and dropped on his knees, along with all the others

''Wow'' exclaimed Henry who appeared behind his mothers ''Wicked!''

''Henry'' Regina scolded a bit ''Come in gentlemen.'' she ordered

Once they were all in the house Ruby started

''Regina, they are coming as we speak. One of the guys saw Snow entering City Hall with her guards, they were given the potions.''

''Did you have time to place the baits?'' Regina questioned

''Yes, your Majesty.'' Mark nodded

''That should give us some time.'' nodded Regina ''Now, did you bring the hat?''

''Yes, your Majesty.'' nodded Mark as he reached in his bag and pulled the hat.

''Excellent. Good work'' she smiled as she took the hat and then said ''I don't know how many people will be able to go through the portal, I think you should go before they come here, I don't want anything happening to you.''

''We will not leave you, your Majesty!'' exclaimed Will

''I know William, but portal will open again and everybody from Fairyland will be transported back in few days anyway. There is no reason for you to be here because we still have time, enough time for opening portal. If they come and see you here, I don't know what they'll do to you.'' Regina explained

''Your Majesty, with all respect, we can not do that. We shall wait for you to pass through the portal and then return back to the ship.'' said Mark

Regina got a grip over herself, remembering that she is the queen once again and that her life, along with Henry's and Emma's, is the most important. There are definitely perks of being a queen.

''Very well! Guards take your position'' she ordered and they started to surround the house from inside and out. Regina took the hat and placed it in the centre of the room and started to spin it.

''C'mon!'' she said

''Your Majesty!'' yelled Mark ''They are here!''

Regina, Emma and Ruby hurried to the window and noticed werewolf like creatures running towards them. Regina yelled ''Attack!'' Her guards ran towards the weird looking creatures and started to fight. Regina ran towards the hat and spun it again and again to no avail.

''Fuck!'' yelled Ruby ''Snow, James and the rest are here too!''

''Mom! I'm scared!'' said Henry as he came closer to Regina

''Regina! Hurry the fuck up!'' yelled Emma as she grabbed the shot gun and ran outside shooting one of the creatures right in the chest, yelling ''Get inside!'' to the guards, and the alive ones had limped away following her command. Only one of the creatures remained alive and he was struggling with Mark.

''Emma!'' yelled Snow and Emma looked at the crowd that was running towards them ''Run from Regina, Emma run!''

Emma shook her head and looked at struggling Mark, she took a rock and threw it at the creature. He turned around and started running towards her

''No!'' yelled Snow in background, but Emma shot the creature right in the head stopping him successfully. She then ran to Mark, helped him up and inside the house.

''Emma!'' Snow shouted, Emma could tell they were only two three minutes away and flat meadow was not that hard ground to ran on. ''Regina we need to go now!'' shouted Emma as she entered the house. Almost all of the guards were standing, weak from the battle but surrounding their Queen, ready to give their lives for her.

''Regina, please, you can do it.'' said Emma as she dropped to her knees next to Regina.

''I can't! I'm trying!'' shouted Regina, tears of frustration running down her face.

''Emma!'' Snow yelled as she, James entered the house, rest of town people right behind them. Emma looked at them, sword in James' hand

''Regina, please!'' Emma shouted hugging her, her back to Snow, James and rest of the town. Bright light appeared inside of the hat spreading around the room, sucking Emma, Henry, Ruby and 7 heavily wounded guards into the portal, while James, Snow and the rest of town who were standing in the hall got thrown on wall or on the porch as the wave of energy spread around the house.

Regina groaned as she looked up from the grass she was lying on and saw Emma and Henry next to her, also getting up slowly.

''We made it.'' smiled Regina as she looked around inner garden of her castle.

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