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Dark castle

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Enchanted Forest, a home to millions of people ruled by two Queens- White Queen and Evil Queen, started to wake up after a long, long time. From Dark Castle on West to White Castle on East, from Paravel mountains on North down the Great River and to Southern ocean millions of people and animals unfroze from their stone postures. Laughing cook continued to laugh to the joke told by one of servants as he finally caught the bread that lingered in the air for decades and started to knead it before putting it into an oven. Little boy started to run again towards his mother who waited him with opened arms, without her knowledge, for many years. He laughed with a sparkle in his eyes when he reached his safe destination, when his mother picked him up and carried him inside their house. A man standing at the middle of town's square finally gave a single white rose to the most beautiful girl he saw in his life as the noises of shoppers and farmers bargaining; men in the tavern nearby celebrating the birth of a son increased in volume again. Birds started chirping, wolves started to howl, dogs started to bark and cats stayed asleep because they didn't feel like getting up yet.

Water began to flow again gently moving from many creeks to Tela river who magnificently started to descend the Ular, highest cliff in Dark Kingdom, through dozens of waterfalls. Three highest and biggest waterfalls were known as 'Just', 'Strong' and 'Wise'; those names were chosen by people many summers ago to remind the future generations of the qualities their leaders should have. Lake of Grace with its waterfalls were a sight of astonishment and wonder to many people who travelled to see it and to hear the many stories about it.

Small ships once again moved towards their destination down the Great River, which divided Dark and White kingdom for most part.

The wind carried the sounds as the breath of life came into the Enchanted Forest.

''Guards!'' yelled Queen Regina as she got up from the ground they landed on. Dozens of guards surrounded them as they entered inner garden.

''Your Majesty!'' one exclaimed shocked as he took in the sight in front of him: Queen's best solders severely wounded, a blonde and brunette women and a boy he couldn't recognise and her Majesty herself who should be in her private bedchambers or so he was told. Not to mention, they were all dressed in very unusual attire that additionally confused the guard.

''Don't just stand there, help them to infirmary, hurry!'' Regina ordered as she stood high in front of her men. They rushed towards the wounded members of Royal Dark Guard, while one of the guards boldly asked ''Should we throw those women and boy into the dungeons?'' he quickly found himself on the knees while the invisible force bound him.

''Did you just suggest I throw my wife and son into the dungeons? As well as one of my friends?'' Regina asked darkly as the guards eyes went wide, or rather, wider as they were already pretty wide out of fear.

''No...please, I...'' he breathed ''..didn't know...'' he was released and he quickly jumped to his feet.

''I know, that's why you won't be punished.'' Regina stated ''Notify my advisers that there will be a meeting first thing tomorrow morning.''

''Yes, Your Majesty'' he saluted and scampered away in the same direction as other guards who were carrying or supporting wounded Guards.

''That was a little scary, mom.'' Henry said looking at his mom. He wanted to seek comfort, but after the display of her power in this world, he was unsure what to do.

'' I know, honey. I'm sorry.'' said Regina as she pulled Henry into a warm and strong hug. ''I know this is confusing for you honey, I really do. This is a different world, where I have to be very though to others to keep my crown. Only thing I can promise you is that, while I may be the Queen and a ruler of Dark Kingdom and a general to my troops; the first thing I am is your mom and Emma's girlfriend. Nothing will ever come between you and me, Henry. Never.''

''Promise?'' he asked burying his head in her neck, holding her tighter.

''I promise.'' Regina said and kissed his head.

''What now?'' asked Ruby, taking in the surroundings she wished to see for many years. ''I did not expect it to look like this.'' commented Ruby as she took into walls of castle that were in shades of grey, but no more then 15 shades, or in dark blue that resembled the colour of deep sea. Inner garden was rich with apple trees, cherry trees and many flowers in full blossom and Ruby criticised herself for thinking it would look like anything else, she saw garden behind Dr. Mills' house and how Regina took care of it.

''No, there aren't thorns growing on the black stones of my castle as Snow so beautifully described many years ago.'' Regina rolled her eyes ''Let's go, we need to change into normal clothes.''

''Normal clothes?'' Henry asked as he followed his mom who was already few feet away from the rest of the group.

''We do not wear jeans here Henry.'' Regina smiled as she put her arm around her son who caught up with her. ''But do not worry, you'll look nice. I'll conjure some clothes for you, since I didn't have children and do not have anything in your size.''

''You can conjure things?'' exclaimed Henry, excited with this new information ''Awesome!''

''Does this mean I'll have to wear dress?'' Emma asked as her and Ruby followed Regina and Henry

''No, honey.'' laughed Regina ''I have more than enough pants that should suit you.''

''Leather pants.'' Ruby giggled ''Very snug leather pants.''

''You wore leather?!'' Emma questioned, shock evident in her voice as well as drool on the corner of her mouth. ''I can't wait to see that.'' she murmured

''No! Emmaa!'' screamed Snow as the group in front of her disappeared and she found herself on the ground from the force magic radiated.

''No, no, no...''' she started to chant as she got on her knees and looked at now empty living room.

''We'll find her, Snow, we'll find her.'' James said hugging her

''Our little girl...our grandson...'' she sobbed while James helped her on her feet and outside the house where many were looking at them

''Regina opened the portal and they are gone.'' exclaimed James and the group started to voice their discontent. ''She has kidnapped our Saviour and Red!''

While the crowd's complaints filled the air, Whale came closer to Snow and James and stated ''Emma went willingly. Your daughter, your Majesty, whored herself to Evil Queen.'' he spat. He was right behind the royal couple when they barged into the house and he saw the whole scene.

Snow's eyes filled with rage while James backhanded the doctor standing in front of them ''I don't want you to ever repeat that filthy and disgusting lie.''

Snow looked at crowd who was too busy chanting against Evil Queen that they haven't noticed the argument between the royal couple and Whale.

''If you ever say that again, I will have your head.'' Snow made herself clear, voice filled with determination and promise which made Whale pale.

''Your Majesty!'' Gold called standing just a little ahead of the chanting crowd. Snow looked at him and ordered the crowd ''Silence!''

The noise of demands, complaints and discontent quiet down as the crowed looked at their White Queen, awaiting for future orders.

''Rumple!'' Snow called looking him straight into the eyes, trying to intimidate him ''Explain what is going on! How were they able to open the portal and where have they gone?''

''Of course, your Majesty.'' he bowed in fake respect. He held his cane with both of his hands in front of him, looking like he's leaning against him. ''Since I wasn't in the room when opening of portal happened, I can only presume what happened. Was there a hat on the floor, perhaps?'' he asked

''Yes, there was a hat on the floor. They were gathered around it.'' nodded James as he tried to remember the details.

''That was Mad Hatters hat and Regina opened portal with it.'' he stated ''They've returned to the Enchanted Forest.''

Crowed began to ask many questions, voice after a voice yelling in hope to find out what happened to their home land.

''Enough!'' Snow once again ordered, her voice little shaky at the possibility that their land was still there and they could go back home. ''Rumple! Is our Enchanted Forest still there?''

''Yes, your Majesty.'' he confirmed ''When Evil Queen casted the curse she designed'' he lied ''She moved only a handful of people here. Everybody else stayed frozen in our realm, time did not pass. People were frozen in time till the moment one of us would return back and that already happened when they opened a portal. Everything is as is was when the curse has been casted.''

''Their families are there?'' asked Snow pointing at the crowd

''Yes, they are and I'm sure they are awaiting our return.'' Rumple confirmed with a smirk.

''How are we going to go back?'' questioned James ''What do we have to do?''

''Nothing your Majesty. The curse is designed to bring us back home after the first person enters the Enchanted Forest. When Regina and the rest of them appeared in Enchanted Forest, time begun again and so did the countdown to our return.'''

''When will we return back home?'' asked Snow

''In five days, your Majesty.'' Rumple grinned ''We'll all come back in five days.''

Rumple knew that everybody who were originally from Enchanted Forest and were in this realm would be transported back to Enchanted Forest. Including his Bea.

Regina, Emma, Henry and Ruby stood in Regina's bedchambers.

''That's a very large room.'' commented Emma looking around the elegant room. Her eyes resting on the massive, wooden bed making a mental pictures of how many thing she could do to Regina in it.

''Pull your mind out of the gutter, will you Saviour?'' smirked Regina as she startled Emma, while Ruby and Henry already found their way to the balcony.

''You can not really be serious.'' chuckled Emma ''First I learn you wore leather outfits, now I see large bed with a beautifully practical wooden frame. Tell me your Majesty, could you see yourself tied up to it while begging for release?'' she questioned moving to Regina who backed up a little out of fear that Ruby or Henry might come back inside. Unfortunately for Regina, she found herself pressed against her dresser ''Because I can.'' whispered Emma against her ear making her shudder.

''Emma stop it'' Regina groaned as she squeezed Emma's shoulder ''Ruby and Henry are just on the balcony.''

''I know, your Majesty.'' Emma chuckled ''But you are mine later.''

''I promise.'' Regina smiled as she pushed Emma away ''Henry, Ruby come back inside. We have things to do.'' she ordered

After they all redressed, Ruby and Henry went down to the kitchens as Regina ordered the two guards to follow them and protect them while they ate and explored the grounds later. Emma and Regina made their way down to infirmary where the members of Royal Dark Guard were taken away when they came back.

''Your Majesty'' a nurse bowed

''Helena'' Regina greeted ''This is my wife, Emma.''

''Wife?!'' spluttered Helena ''I...but...I mean when...I...''

''Helena? Are you alright?'' questioned Regina with her eyebrow raised, which Helena clearly understood. She closed her mouth and nodded to her queen and her wife.

''I'm fine, your Majesty.'' she turned around and moved down the hall ''I presume you're here to see your Guards. They took quite a beating, but all of them will live I assure you.'' she explained as she led them towards the room where Guards were resting.

''Here we are, your Majesty.'' she said as she opened the door, revealing brightly lighted room as the sun shone through the windows. ''Most of the Guards will be up and fit to battle within 7 days of rest, only two will need more then 15 days they were severely bitten by some creatures.''

''Creatures were Snow's guards who took potion with essence of a werewolf.'' said Regina, alerting Helena of possibility that they could turn into werewolves.

''I shall take extra steps to ensure safety.'' nodded Helena ''Your Majesty'' she started looking at Emma ''May I look at your wound?'' she gestured at the gash on Emma's left side of a forehead. The gash stopped bleeding, but Helena knew Regina would be mad if the wound would infect, especially since the wound belong to the woman her queen called her wife only few moments ago.

''Sure.'' Emma nodded and sat down on a chair Helena pointed at. While Helena took care of Emma's small gash, Regina walked to the bed where Mark lied.

''Your Majesty'' he tried to get up, but Regina held her hand

''Lie down Mark, we don't want to make Helena mad, do we?''

''No, we don't your Majesty.'' Mark chuckled

''I have a task for you.'' said Regina

''Anything, your Majesty.'' he nodded ready to take the order.

''Rest for as long as Helena says.'' said Regina ''Rough times are before us and I need you and the rest of Guards in your best shape, do you understand?''

''Yes, your Majesty.'' he nodded against his will.

''Thank you Mark, I know how difficult it must be for you to just lie down.'' she said patting his shoulder lightly ''I'll see you when you get better.''

''Of course, your Majesty.'' he nodded while Regina smiled and moved to the other side of the room when Helena was just finishing with Emma.

''Good as new.'' commented Helena as she looked at Emma's wound, now cleaned and properly dressed.

''Thank you Helena for taking care of Emma and Guards.'' said Regina

''It's my pleasure, your Majesty.'' Helena bowed

''One more thing, there is chance that our son- Henry along with his guardian Ruby might come around here. They have decided to explore the castle, so make sure they see things without disrupting their rest.'' Regina finished

Helena looked baffled at the information and could not came up with an answer, so Regina said to her ''You know there is a meeting tomorrow morning, I promise you, I will explain everything.''

''Of course, your Majesty.'' Helena nodded knowing quite well that Regina being the queen doesn't have to explain herself to anyone.

As the day finally ended, Regina and Emma found themselves in bed talking and snuggling.

''What will happen in the morning?'' asked Emma, thinking about the meeting.

''Nothing'' replied Regina ''I, unlike Snow, do not have a council which means I rule alone and no one can over rule me. I merely have advisers I picked and keep a close eye to, they are excellent in their jobs so I take their advises seriously. However, whenever I see that they are making suggestions or advises base on their own profit, they are immediately thrown from their positions and punished for trying to take advantage of the crown and the people in it.''

''I'm sure your system works better then US'. '' Emma commented

''Well, it does for most part.'' Regina rolled her eyes ''Except when I'm in a bad mood.'' she joked

''What will you tell them tomorrow?'' Emma questioned, looking at brunette lying next to her, gently moving her hand through dark hair.

''I will tell them the truth, then I will tell them about the danger we'll be facing in few days.'' she paused, moving away from Emma a bit as she sat up ''There is one more thing I'd love to say to them, but that really depends on you.''

''What is it?'' asked Emma, sitting up and moving closer to Regina, placing her hand on Regina's cheek making older woman look into her eyes

''When I introduced you to Helena and the guards as my wife...'' Regina started ''I meant it.'' she squeezed Emma's hand ''I want you to be my wife, I want to be yours.''

''Are you asking me to marry you Regina?'' chuckled Emma kissing Regina's palm ''Beause, if you are, then the answer is yes.'' she smiled ''There is nothing more I want more.'' she finished and kissed Regina passionately.

After few moment of kissing, Regina pulled back with a smile ''There is one thing I want more, though.''

''Well, I'm sure that can be arranged.'' winked Emma moving closer to Emma, but Regina stopped her once again.

''Calm down, Romeo.'' Regina chuckled ''My magic is normal here Emma, I can heal your heart.''

''Are you serious?'' asked Emma ''Shouldn't you wait for your magic to be stronger? I don't want you to harm yourself.'' stated Emma, her voice full of concern.

''Your magic will help me, just like it did when I tried to open the portal.'' smiled Regina

''I have magic?'' Emma gulped, looking at Regina for some answers.

''Oh yes, you do.'' Regina smiled ''The purest form there is- you are product of True love and you have the purest white magic that could exist.''

''I...'' started Emma unsure what to say ''If you heal me know, I won't die? And you won't be harmed?''

''Yes, Emma. You will be fine and I will be fine. Nothing bad can happen, trust me.'' Regina smiled kissing Emma chastely on the lips.

''Alright.'' Emma nodded and Regina got up and opened the first drawer in her desk, pulling out the book of spells. She moved towards Emma and sat in the middle of the bed, in front of blonde. She put the opened book next to them ''Take my hand.'' Regina said as she reached out with her left hand which Emma took. She placed other hand above Emma's heart ''Are you ready?'' asked Regina, her eyes full of love for the blonde.

''Of course.'' Emma smiled and Regina started to read the spell in the language Emma couldn't understand while bright, golden light started to radiate around them. Regina looked into Emma's eyes as she spoke last two words and powerful, warm force overtook Emma's body making her gasp as her was body healed by the magic of True love.

As Emma opened her eyes, she found herself lying down in the candle lit bedroom and she suddenly remembered where she was and tried to sat up, but hand on her shoulder stopped her. Regina looked down at her

''You're alright.'' she smiled ''You lost your consciousness for half an hour.''

''Am I healed?'' Emma questioned

''Yes, you are.'' smiled Regina ''We have a long life before us.'' she said as she caressed the blonde curls

''Good, because I want to grow old with my wife and see my grandchildren.'' murmured Emma, sleepy.

''That's my plan as well.'' chuckled Regina as she curled next to Emma, covering their bodies with duvet.

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