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Saying goodbye to old friends

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Regina opened her eyes and was immediately hit with familiar environment: smell of cherry and peach blossoms that grew under her balcony in her inner garden- the same one in which they all landed only yesterday; the bright but kind rays of sun that entered her chambers and warmed her toned skin. All those old and familiar things now intertwined with the smell of honey and vanilla, sight of blonde curls that were sprawled on the pillow next to her that belonged to her Emma. Her Emma. Her Emma who was now healthy again, who wouldn't die in a short period of time; her happy ending, her true love.

True love. She had always firmly believed that Daniel was her true love; she has killed and cursed the entire realm because she thought Daniel was her true love. 'Daniel. I need to...'

She got up and conjured herself clothes that she put on in hurry; she glanced at blonde's sleeping form and kissed her gently before exiting her, 'not mine anymore', their bedroom. She marched down the hall, then down the stairs, straight towards the kitchen.

''I heard she brought her wife and son back with her.'' one of the voices, that belong to one of her maids, said

''I didn't even know she did it with women.''said another one

''You should all be quiet.'' said the voice that Regina knew belonged to her personal maid Victoria ''Who she sleeps with and who she marries is not our concern. Besides, we now have a child in the castle and he doesn't need to hear you blabbering about his mother.''

''Oh Victoria!'' male voice of Regina's chief now spoke ''We're just curious. I mean, the appeared out of the blue, like they fell out of the sky...''

''Quite literary.'' one of the maids nodded her head.

''How do we know he's really Her Majesties son?'' cook continued ''Maybe the blonde got pregnant and is now using our Majesty!''

Regina rolled her eyes, but to be truthful, Emma did get pregnant and Regina was not Henry's birth mother. In fact, she was his mother in every other way but by blood; and Regina knew very well that by the rules of this realm that meant Henry was not her son. He could never become the king, unless she would lie to either entire kingdom and world or would change the rules in the way he could become the king. Regina knew better than anyone how risky changing the rules could be for the future of her kingdom and she knew how she couldn't lie forever. Sighing, Regina shook her head knowing there will be plenty time to think about that and entered the kitchen.

''Your Majesty'' all of the occupants got up and bowed.

''Victoria,'' started Regina in her regal voice '' Please make sure Emma and Henry get their breakfast in normal time and tell Emma I will return to her before the meeting with advisers.''

''Yes, Your Majesty.'' Victoria bowed and Regina exited the room.

Regina held tight on the reins as Applejack II, the son of her beloved Applejack, ran through the meadow in the direction of Daniel's grave. It was path that dark horse knew very well, so he was secure enough to ran very fast without paying attention to his surrounding.

As they approached Daniel's grave, Applejack slowed down and few feet away he stopped; Regina hopped down and moved through the grass towards the tree under which Daniel was buried.

''Hello, Daniel.'' said Regina softly, with tears in her eyes. ''It's been a while'' she smiled ''Well, for me at least, but it's been a week or two for you. A lot of things happened while I was gone; I had found out that I have true love Daniel. My true love is alive Daniel, I still have a chance to have my happy ending. It's tearing me apart Daniel, to know that you died for me and you weren't my true love, to know you sacrificed yourself for me when we weren't destined to be. I mourned for so long Daniel, so very long.'' tears were rolling down her cheeks ''I'm sorry you had to die because of me. I...'' she touched the bark of a tree where they used to lean on and laughed ''I can't be sorry for being happy for the first time in my life, even though I feel guilty because of it, I just can't be sorry for it.''

''I have never wanted you to be sad.'' a voice said, voice she recognized even after so many years. Regina spun around but there was no one behind her, there was no one in distance either.

''Daniel?'' Regina's shaky voice asked

''Destiny has its ways Regina, never doubt that. I have made my peace very long time ago; when I found out you would find your true love and be happy.''

Regina started to shake ''How can you be happy for me, when, when...''

''What happened wasn't your fault, Regina. She killed me, not you.'' Daniel's voice echoed

''I missed you so very much.'' said Regina

''Well, I've known this for a long time now so it's old news for me, but Regina: Emma and you were soul mates and she is your true love. You were always destined to find her and fall in love with her. The only thing I regret is amount of pain and sorrow I caused you.''

''I love you Daniel'' said Regina ''Thank you for being my first love, you'll always be cherished in my heart.''

''I love you too, kind heart. Have a happy life, fight for it, Regina. You deserve it. I'll see you and Emma in few decades, I can't wait to talk to her.''

Regina didn't know how or what happened, but she smiled as she felt a big weight was lifted from her tortured soul. She mounted Applejack II and started riding back towards the castle.

Emma woke up when gentle arm lightly shook her '' Miss Emma, wake up.'' Emma opened her eyes to see woman in her 40's looking down at her. She had dark brown hair and kind light brown eyes, the lines on her face revealed she smiled a lot and frequently and Emma could imagine her voice sang a lot of lullabies.

''Good morning, I'm Victoria. Her Majesties personal maid and well, now, yours as well .'' she smiled gently. Emma smiled back ''Good morning, Victoria. I'm Emma Swan.''

''Pleased to meet you, Madame.'' Victoria bowed as she moved away from the bed. ''Your breakfast is waiting for you on the table next to balcony. Her Majesty has exited for a short while, she would be back soon, before the meeting with advisers will begin.''

Emma was little confused ''Where did she go?''

''She had not said, Miss Emma.'' said Victoria

''Alright, thank you none the less.'' said Emma, getting up ''Victoria, could you just call me Emma?''

''I don't think that is appropriate, Miss Emma.'' Victoria responded, her head still bowed.

''Please?'' asked Emma ''Only when there's no one around. I have difficulties with people addressing me like I'm some royalty.''

Victoria immediately looked up, confused a bit but at Emma's honest look she just said ''Very well, Emma. But only when we're alone.''

''Thank you Victoria.'' smiled Emma

''Is there anything else you require, Emma?'' asked Victoria

''Could you please wake up Henry and bring him here so we can eat our breakfast together?'' Victoria was a bit surprised at the request, it was unusual for monarchs to spend much time with their children. Nannies and tutors existed for that purpose; but never the less she nodded her head ''Of course, Emma.''

She moved towards the doors, but they opened abruptly, making Victoria jump away a bit to avoid the collision. A boy, Henry, Victoria presumed entered the room and saw Victoria's startled look ''I'm sorry if I scared you. I didn't know you were behind the door.'' he said

''Victoria, I'm sorry, I couldn't stop him..'' said younger maid who appeared behind Henry, her heavy breathing suggested she ran after Henry.

''It is alright, I was just going to pick him up.'' responded Victoria, surprising younger maid.

''Ma!'' exclaimed Henry and jumped on his parents bed ''They didn't let me come here! What do we have for breakfast? Where's mom?''

''One question at the time, kid.'' Emma rolled her eyes ''Eggs and bacon, fruit and milk are on the table. I don't know, but she should be home soon.'' then she looked at Victoria and asked ''Why wasn't he allowed to come here?''

''I'm sorry, Miss Emma, but it's not usual for children and monarchs to eat breakfast together. They usually meet for dinner, if there is time.'' responded Victoria, making Henry gasp and look at Emma in fear.

''Henry, that is out of the question, don't worry.'' said Emma trying to insure Henry believed her.

Before Henry could ask another question, he spotted dark figure entering the room and yelled ''Mom!'' He sprinted towards Regina who passed two maids and looked at Henry in silent wonder as he jumped on her and locked his hands around her neck and his legs around her waist. He was beginning to be a little too heavy for that kind of exercise on her back.

''Honey, what's wrong?'' she questioned as she sat down on the chair nearest to her and started caress his back trying to comfort him, while looking at Emma for some answers.

''They said I won't see you!'' exclaimed Henry, tears falling down his cheeks. ''I want to go home! I don't want to see you only at dinner and if you have time! Please, mom!'' he sobbed hysterically. Emma moved towards them kissed Henry's temple ''Henry, it'll be alright, we won't leave you.''

Regina quickly realised what was the problem, being well acquainted with the laws and ways of this realm, and her anger on both of her maids raised. She knew it wasn't their fault and her anger subsided a bit, just enough not to yell at them in front of Emma and Henry.

''Honey, listen to me.'' said Regina ''I will not leave you, nor me nor Emma, we won't see each other only at dinner time, our days will be exactly the same as they always were, alright?'' Henry didn't respond, even though his sobbing stopped. ''Nothing will change, except the house we live in and few people. I will make sure our days don't change, if it means I'll change rules on the way, it will be so. Emma and you are much more important to me than the throne.'' Regina explained, not noticing her maid's wide open eyes and shocked expression.

''You promise too, Emma?'' Henry asked

''Of course, honey.'' said Emma kissing his temple once again ''You and Regina will always be my top priority, no matter what. I love you Henry and your mom as well, nothing will ever change that.''

''Okay.'' he nodded looking at his parents and smiling, feeling safe in their embrace.

Storybrooke was under big changes, the citizens were packing their things and, at Snow's order, were putting protection on their houses, if they would ever have to come back. As Rumple explained, Storybrooke will remain standing even after they are gone, it will still be protected from the Human world and if they ever need to come back- it will be there.

''Only three more days.'' said Snow as she laid her head on James' shoulder ''Only three more days and we will have our kingdom back, our daughter back and our family will be complete.''

James smiled, even though he had a deep feeling that things will play out differently that Snow imagined. Even though he didn't want to believe it, Whale's and Ruby's words left a trace on his mind- if Emma was truly in love with Regina and is Henry's mother, she will not come back. He got to know Emma a little bit when the curse was still intact, and he found that his daughter was very similar to him when it came down to family and protecting them. He knew Snow would dismiss every attempt at conversation about this subject, so he kept quiet and let things happen in their own time.

Emma and Regina entered the Situation room, which was filled with Regina's advisers, Helena, Victoria, two of her Generals, as well as banged up Will and Mark.

They all stood and bowed as Regina and Emma entered and sat down at the head of long wooden table ''Please, be seated.'' said Regina and they all sat down in their chairs looking at their Queen.

''We shall go down to business, and if that is alright with you, no one is to interrupt me while I speak.'' she said with glint in her eyes, that everybody know what it meant and just how deadly it was ''28 years ago I had casted a curse, with help of Rumple, that froze everybody in time.'' people gasped at hearing this ''You were all frozen in time, while, a certain amount of people were transported into another realm, including myself, Snow, James and so on. For us who were transported, time didn't pass, but we weren't frozen. We have lived for 28 years, but we haven't aged a day, except for Emma and Henry. Now, as curse had broken, we found our way back to our realm and by doing so we had started a timer of sorts- in 5 days the rest of people who were transported will be brought back. That will include the rulers of White Kingdom and we are to expect a confrontation, even war.'' said Regina as the people in the room started to process the things that were said to them.

''You can ask questions, but mind your place.'' Regina stated

''Your Majesty'' Helena started ''Why did Emma and Henry aged?''

''Emma was sent to the realm before curse was casted, when she was only few days old. Henry was born outside of Storybrooke- a place in Human realm where we all lived, where time didn't pass.'' explained Regina

''Does that mean that...'' Helena started, but gulped and without courage to finish the question, Regina said ''Yes, Emma is my wife, but she is also the daughter of Snow White and Prince James.''

That caused people around to table to gasp in utter shock and chatter spread among them, but Regina just slammed her hand on the wooden table ''Enough!''

''How can we know she's not a traitor?'' questioned one of the Generals

''You forget that she did not know Snow and James are here parents and she hadn't met them until few months ago, while they as well didn't know who they really are.'' said Regina

''Most importantly, she is to be respected- she is my wife and your Queen as well. Just as Henry is my son and your Prince. Is that clear?''

People gulped and nodded ''Yes, Your Majesty.''

''Excellent.'' smiled Regina, grasping Emma's hand under the table ''Now, I thank you for your attention, but only War Council is to stay and discuss our possibilities for White Kingdom.''

As unnecessary people got up, bowed and left the room, Emma leaned and whispered to Regina ''Please, lets try with talking, before we start a war.''

''Alright darling, I want to avoid it as well, I don't want Henry to see it.'' as she offered a smile to Emma gently.

''We have few more days, then we'll see where to go from there.'' Emma said squeezing Regina's hand between hers.

After three hours of planning and talking about possible war, that Regina and Emma were clear they want to avoid, they came back to their bedroom.

Henry and Ruby were playing in the garden and when Regina stood in her balcony she saw them clearly. She waved at them and they nodded, making their way back indoor; Regina and Emma exited the room and met Henry and Ruby in the hallway.

''Let's go to living room.'' said Regina and led them two doors down and Ruby chuckled as they entered into a room that was very homey and very Regina like

''I though you would bring us to a too big room with many expensive stuff no one is allowed to touch.''

''No, those rooms are only for diplomats and official business. Second floor is home- my home and now, my families home. Emma's, Henry's and yours.'' said Regina as she sat down on the couch, Emma sitting down on one side of her and Henry on other side. Ruby smiled at the thought of being a part of Swan-Mills family.

''I miss TV here.'' Henry said smiling

''Me too, kid. Me too.'' Emma nodded in understanding

''You'll live.'' commented Regina as she and Ruby laughed at two of them.

''Mom, what will happen next?'' asked Henry

''Well, your grandparents and the rest of Storybrooke will be here in three and half days I presume.'' started Regina ''Then, your ma and I, but mostly your ma will try and dissolve any problems with talking.''

''What if you don't succeed?'' asked Henry

''Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.'' said Regina hugging Henry and kissing his head. Henry looked at her, but decided not to ask further and Regina was thankful for it because she has never been so uncertain of what will future bring.

Emma suddenly threw her arms around Regina, finding her lips in an instant. Regina stumbled a bit, not expecting Emma jumping her the moment she closed the door of their bedroom. There was hunger in the kiss as their tongues collided and twisted against each other over and over again until the two women became lost in each other.

It wasn't long before Emma's hands descended on her queen's breasts. It was hard to feel all that much through the restrictive corset, but the growing firmness of Regina's nipples was unmistakable. Now taking the weight of both breasts in her hands, Emma began squeezing gently, grazing her thumbs across Regina's nipples and enjoying the familiar sensation.

Suddenly having enough of the restrictions of clothing, Emma reached down to the hemline of the dark beauty's dress and began pulling it up slowly, marveling at each new millimeter of skin that was revealed. Regina Mills had a body to die for and Emma growled at the sight in front of her. When the dress had been rolled to an obscene position somewhere around her waist, Regina took over, untying bottom part from the corset, lifting it over her head and throwing it to one side.

"Now you..." she whispered, her breathing slightly ragged, "I want to see you."

Emma began unbuttoning her blouse, but was simply too slow for her queen. Pushing Emma's hands out of the way, Regina caught hold of the garment and ripped it down the center, sending buttons flying like confetti to the ground. Her lips were upon Emma's nipples in an instant, kissing, sucking, licking and devouring until the younger woman felt that she'd pass out from pleasure.

For a few moments, she simply held Regina's head to her breasts, willing to keep working her spell and drive her into a slow deep orgasm with her tongue. But Emma wasn't one to be submissive for long and queen would just have to deal with it. Regina's corset was beginning to annoy her. She wanted to be touching that beautiful body before her and enjoying it with no restriction. Daunted but far from beaten, Emma reached behind Regina's back and began untying the stubborn fastenings.

As though prompted by her blonde's boldness, Regina caught hold of the waistband of Emma's trousers and pulled them down. Now naked, both women stopped and admired one another. Without saying a word, Emma reached forwards once again to take one of Regina's breasts. Her lips wrapped themselves around the dusky nipples breathing another sigh as she did so. This was what she'd wanted to do from the moment she set eyes on Regina's sample chest evening before, when she was denied sexy times. Not that she mind Regina casting a spell that saved her life.

After a short while Regina's fingers came to rest on Emma's head, but instead of drawing her in closer, they started to force her head down. Slowly but surely, Emma sank to her knees, allowing her tongue to trail its way down over the dark beauty's tan skin. She paused for a moment on Regina's navel, allowing her tongue to sink into the small groove. It was blindingly obvious where this one was going, and both women knew it would only be a matter of time before Emma's tongue was buried in a much sweeter place.

Emma acknowledged that she had never in her life eaten pussy with this degree of intensity or lust. As Emma glanced down she was able to see the outline of her engorged lips, glistening and more tempting than any she'd ever seen. She dipped her tongue between them and withdrew it just as quickly. She knew her queen was on the edge and wanted to make the moment last as long as possible. She slid her tongue in again, and this time Regina moaned loudly. Emma was amazed at how wet the woman had become in such shirt period of time. Hungry for more of the sensuous juices, she began to lick along the center of Regina's slit, allowing her tongue to go everywhere apart from the one place her lover desired it most.

"Please... Emma..."

Regina's voice was beginning to falter. Emma drew back again and then plunged her tongue deep inside and the force of it caused Regina to take a step back, her body full against the wall, and Emma delighted in the fact that her queen's pussy was now open even wider. She thrust her tongue in again, this time allowing to linger inside the softness of Regina's pussy, drinking in her wetness and the musky smell of arousal that was all around her. As she glanced up, she saw Regina looking down at her, watching in lust as her cunt was being invaded by an expert tongue.

Slowly, Emma withdrew, allowing only the tip of her tongue to stay in contact. She couldn't get enough of the sweetness that was coating her lips. She needed more and that was precisely what she was going to get. Moving her hands between Regina's legs, Emma caught hold of her lips and spread them apart. She held them in that position for a while, teasing Regina by blowing lightly against her clit and watching it throb.

Until this point Regina's hands had been resting limply on Emma's head, but as her desire grew she began drawing the girl in to her, desperate to find her release. She found it the second Emma's lips clamped around her clit. True to form, Emma sucked her to one orgasm after another, her tongue moving wildly over the swollen nub until it felt like the older woman would collapse. Repositioning her hands to stabilize her partner, Emma then drove her tongue with force deep into the entrance of her queen's pussy. Regina's back arched as her body was wracked by a final earth-shattering orgasm. Her juices flowed past Emma's tongue directly into her mouth and blonde moaned loudly at the taste.

''Emma!'' Regina yelled as her last orgasm hit and her legs gave away. Luckily Emma was there to catch her and take her to bed.

''I hope you know, I will you back for this. Ambushing your queen, before she even closed the door of her bedroom.'' Regina said laughing into Emma's neck

''You gonna have my head for that?'' joked the blonde

''I thought you just gave me head.'' Regina grinned while Emma laughed

''That joke is so lame...'' laughed Emma

''I know.'' Regina said through her laugh. Emma covered them both as she spooned the smaller woman.

''Emma...'' started Regina wanting to make love to Emma, even though she was evidently exhausted after long day with her advisers and generals.

''You can repay me in the morning, I got what I wanted from this evening.'' winked Emma

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